Jacek Żakowski is one of the main figures in Polish journalism and is a winner of several prestigious awards. His interviews with leading intellectuals through the years have gathered a perspective and interpretation of the changing reality in Poland. These articles are always stimulating, inspiring and cause for reflection. They have become fuel for refection for many of us on the mechanism of our world that is becoming less and less understandable.

Żakowski finished Journalism and Social Studies at Warsaw University. In the ‘80’s he was active in the information office for Solidarity. Currently he is a commentator for the weekly magazine, “Polityka”, and is the author of numerous interviews and publications.


“… in the case of ACTA it’s about establishing a change in international law in the relationship between the creator and the receivers in transactions of supply and purchase. According to the logic of ACTA, the point of creation ceases to be inspiration and becomes transaction.

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Director, producer, screenwriter and lecturer are only a few of the many roles filled by Zanussi. He is one of Poland’s most famous directors and he’ll be coming to Lubiąż, to us, only at the SLOT Art festival!

Krzysztof Zanussi studied physics at Warsaw University (1955-59) and philosophy at Jagiellonian University (1959-62). Since 1980 he has been group artistic director and currently director of the Polish Film Studio “TOR”. From 1971-83 he was vice-president of the Society of Polish Film-Makers and from 1975-77 head of the Polish Federation of Film Discussion Clubs. He has lectured at many film schools including PWSTiF in Łódz and the National Film School in Great Britain. He is also a theater director, having worked in Milan, Palermo, Bonn, and Krakow among other cities.

The films of  Krzysztof Zanussi are valued by the public worldwide. They have won awards at Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno, Chicago and Pusan.
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Along with Krzystof Zanussi, SLOT will host another special guest this summer - Czech economist and author Tomas Sedlacek. He is one of the most thought provoking economists in Central Europe, combining an academic knowledge of economics with life experience and a gift of story-telling. He’s the author of the best-seller, “Economics of Good and Evil” which has been translated into many languages.

What is economics? What is its meaning? Where does this new religion, as it is sometimes called, come from? What are its possibilities and its limitations and borders, if there are any? Why are we so dependent on permanent growing of growth and growth of growing of growth? Where did the idea of progress come from, and where is it leading us? (...)

The author’s questioning breaks down stereotypes. He tries to break free of narrow specialization and cross the boundaries between scientific disciplines. Expeditions beyond economics’ borders and its connection to history, philosophy, psychology, and ancient myths are not only refreshing, but necessary for understanding the world of the twenty-first century.

Economics of Good and Evil - foreword by Vaclav Havel, Oxford University Press 2011

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