GREEN SLOT – D2, D6, D7, P5, G2

Wednesday 5.07

13:00, D7

Intimate hygiene ecologically, traditionally and progressively.

Małgorzata Jackowska-Poloch

How did the women of yesterday and today experience their periods? How to change the approach toward menstruation, how to appreciate it and give it a different view?

BetterLand is an ecological druggist's, a progressive store with tested eco-products and those that help live in an eco-friendly, healthy and cost-effective way.

Thursday 6.07

13:00, D7

How did the business idea came to be?

Alicja Koszutska (Pepperminta food truck)

At the meeting you will learn how our business idea came to be; an idea for a business that strives to be as neutral to the environment as it possibly can be. We will tell you about our path from vege-catering through a restaurant to the food-truck adventure.

Friday 7.07

13:00, D7

About the "Eco-book on eco-God”

Michał Olszewski

Come to the meeting with the author of the interview with father Stanisław Jaromi, a Franciscan, head of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Commission. About the book: “It's an argumentative, dynamic dialogue full of new information about ecology, understood as proper earthly resources management".

Michał Olszewski – journalist, reporter, former editor of the reporting column of the Christian weekly Tygodnik Powszechny. Chief of the Kraków's branch of „Gazeta Wyborcza” daily newspaper.

Saturday 8.07

13:00, D7

Contemporary challenges of nature preservation

Jarek Kasprzyk (Gaja Club)

On the current activity of the Gaja Club and other plans for the future and possibilities of getting involved.


Wednesday–Saturday, 15:00, P5

Land art (link tot he manual workshops)

Wednesday–Saturday, 11:00, G2 (meeting at the Gaja Club exhibition)

Building a shelter for pollinating insects (link to the various workshops)

Tuesday, 15:00, D6

Painting and decorating plant pots with Ola and Wera (link to the Artroom description)


(Sing up at info next to D2 between 15:15 and 15:45)

Psychonutritionist consultations

Main topics: How can you permanently change your nutritional habits? When a diet is good for you and when can it harm you? Which diets are effective and which aren't? Why can't I lose weight?

Katarzyna Ślawska-Wlizło – psychologist and psychonutritionist.

Masseur consultations

Main topics: The influence of often assumed body positions on the future osteoarticular problems. what does my body say, when my muscles, bones, joints hurt? How can help myself?

Paweł Wlizło – masseur technician, medical caretaker.


An exhibition presenting the "Collect waste paper – save the horses" action by the Gaja Club.

MINI GAME | Frutopia stall

By our fruits shall ye know us”

Come play our mini game about the conscious and healthy nutrition and a fruit-and-vegetable diet. The game consists of 6 stands located on the SAF grounds. The game manual you can find at the FRUTOPIA stall and you can begin at any moment of the festival.