Music conveys emotions and gives us a way to express ourself and protest against the evils of the world and that is the essence of what we call 'hardcore/punk'. Lyrics and music full of passion and energy…

Tuesday 4.07

Lie After Lie


Emotional hardcore, full of dynamics and suspense, played with passion and spirit. Overdrives and hoarse voice echoing suggestively so to create a lyrical image of the world where there's a lot of sadness but a faint hope for a smile as well. The poetry of noise with a dazzling firepower.



Sounds like an a-bomb shockwave turning everything to ash. Smoke and fire, a gloomy yet nourishing to senses and imagination atmosphere. Crusty rage entwined with sludge'y tempo beats the ears like hell. Unconventional approach to composition, powerful sound, a great deal of experimenting and even more of dirt and rubble. There is no way to clean this up.

Saturday 8.07



Climatic, carefully perfected scores that are best listened to during a thunderstorm. Because there is a lot of darkness and expression in these sounds, which can overwhelm with their weight, hypnotize, even put to sleep only to boom out like a bolt out of the cloudy sky. You will feel as if you are on a boat, slowly rocking with a steady rhythm unaware of the upcoming storm.



Deftly-played hardcore with no maundering or unnecessary embellishments and jibber-jabber. They deal blow after blow with and unimaginable strength and speed. The Ratrace's four contenders move more niftily and freely on stage than many of Polish oldschool hardcore boys. They can still achieve much and stir things up a little in their weight class. Considering their technical skills, we can expect a knock-out in first round.