22:00 – 23:45

Hip-hop stage is a place and time of fat beats and fiery raps. If you like rhyming words, black wax music and lots of bass and scratches, you're welcome. This year we'll have a lot of Boom Bap as well as freestyle and beatbox kicks.

Thursday 6.07

Vixen + support

Polish rapper, vocalist and record producer. After coming out of so-called Underground associated mainly with Rysiu Peja, who released his 3 solo albums. Since 2016 and official representative of the MaxFloRec Agency. Vixen started new year with a release of another single "Romantic love ("Romantyczna miłość”) – the second after „Falala” most popular track of his new album, enjoying undying popularity since the release date.

Friday 7.07

Dusty Vibes Crew + support

A project by three hip-hop-heads from Kolokos crew basing on dusty samples, strong drum-set pieces with unclichéd flow and verse-spitting technique plus naturally some ballsy cuts and scratches. In short – BOOM BAP SHIT!!

Prykone tha GUOD – responsible for the lyrical and rapped layer,

Smokin Productions – musical layer,

Dj Bulb – responsible for cuts and scratches.


Tuesday 4.07 – Friday 7.07

00:30 – 02:30

Nocturnal party continuation of the hip-hop stage and café. Funk, electrofunk, Hip Hop, trap, R&B. Lead by dj ChedeRac.

DjChedeRac – On stage for 2 years now. Performed together with DIOX HIFI, Proceente, Mosad, Kolah, Łapa TWM, Miejskie Fascynacje and others. Conquers the Warsaw clubs (resident of the Zamieszanie cocktail bar). His sets are characterised by a large number of scratches and other elements of the art of turntablism accompanied by fat hip-hop classics as well as by new trap sounds between which he is able to smuggle some funky vibe too!