A1 20:00–21:00

In the evenings the Sphere transforms to welcome all fans of natural sounds.


Tuesday 4.07

Francis Tuan

Francis Tuan

is a musician with Polish-Vietnamese roots. He is guided by the principle, that some things cannot be played on a computer. That's why he engages in a musical recycling of sorts – using contemporary looping technology, he plays on dusty instruments from the 60's and 70's and Vietnamese ethnic marvels.


Wednesday 5.07

Martijn Krale

Martijn Krale

takes his fans on a journey into smoke-filled pubs, boxes dusty with sentiment full of bric-a-brack and shabby armchairs somewhere in the old cinemas. Intimate spaces, dim lighting and touching narration – what will Martijn Krale surprise us with next?


Thursday 6.07

Charles Pakowsky

Not all has been already said in the pop-rock style. Charles Pakowsky is a non-stereotypical power-trio oscillating somewhere between Radiohead and Michaelem Jacksonem. During the concerts the stage is home to both emotion and rock-and-roll power. Lyrical vocal of Kasia sometimes tinged with traditional, Slavic "white voice" – her great fascination. At these moments you can see the thrill and goosebumps among the audience.


Friday 7.07

Magda Kosterkiewicz


I compose at home, with my guitar. I spill all of the emotions that I experience during the day on paper. My songs are about love, friendship, sorrow, they are motivating despite adversities.


Klaudia Borczyk


Her lyrics smell of elderberries in May. They have experienced some summer rains, but many blizzards as well. Many truths are covered by frost. The last words are always hope. She speaks about herself in Polish, in a matte, melismatic manner. Vocalist, composer, lyricist, a student of Jazz and Popular Music department at the Academy of Music in Katowice.


Saturday 8.07


Go on, speak. Don't joke around. Speak!

About joys.

About problems.

About what you experience.

About the simple things that just happen.

And so we do speak. With music. What kind? Come and listen.