Stage workshops 2017


turn 1 / G9 / 30 people / level 1

This workshop consists in an actor's warm-up and body relaxation by various relaxation techniques. It also aims at meeting with our own voice and trying to set it free so that it would be full and well projected. Stanislavski system, Chekhov and Meissner techiques and Meyerhold's acting method will be applied.

Agnieszka Nowakowska – actress of the Katarynka Theatre, student of the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Kraków, graduate of the Lart StudiO in Kraków. She has run many theatrical workshops, i.a. in the Grotowski Institute.


turn 3 / F1 / 40 people / level 1

A dance technique popular all over the world and a genre of Latino music with rich rhythms. We will present the basics as well as some tricks and complicated steps for more advanced dancers. Come even if you don’t have a partner.

Michał Szefliński – for many years a Slottish electrician, for the past 5 years bachata dancer and teacher

Maria ‘Mary’ Stępień – dance instructor who has danced burlesque dance, salsa, zouk, bachata and many others since her childhood.

Soap bubbles

turn 3, / Z1 / 15 people / level 1

We will learn how to amuse ourselves and others with soap bubbles made with various techniques. We will discover how to quiet out and coordinate with wind and things fleeting, seemingly meaningless. Every evening we will make soap bubbles for kids and at the end of our workshops we will prepare a bubble show.

Henryk Tereszczak – founder and manager of Sztuka Tworzenia (Art of Creation) specializing in soap bubbles workshops and jugglery.

What moves us?

turn 3 / Z6 / 16 people / level 1

We will be searching for motion in our own bodies, in other people, in space, in nature, in objects, in experience of deprivation of one of our senses. We will also find inspiration in movement which is usually not associated with dancing but with everyday life,

Daria Szczecińska – graduate of cultural studies, student of choreography and dance techniques at the Academy of Music in Łódź. She teaches modern dance and body awareness classes.


turn 1 / D1 / 30 people / level 1

Every class will begin with a warm-up, followed by learning of basic steps and choreography to be ended with playing with a new dance routine. Every day you will discover a new part of dancehall's nature – it may be slow and sensual but also furious and full of energy.

Dominik Węglarz – member of Silesianie Dance and Song Ensemble in Katowice, participant of many dance courses and workshops.


turn 1 / B9 alt. G2 / 25 people / level 1

Diabolo – a skill toy originating from China from 2nd century BC, consists in moving “diabolically crazy” hourglass using two sticks joined with a cord. Seemingly small, inconspicuous, and yet has so many secrets. From basic level up.

Bartosz Krawczyk – lawyer and musician (double bass player), diabolo enthusiast, for many years leading workshops at SAF.

Two staffs in space

turn 2 / B10 alt. G11 / 30 people / level 1

We will learn how to use two staffs as nouveau cirque props. We will try to separate their moves, study their relation and mutual influence, so that the participants will be able to come up with new, unusual tracks for staffs' movement in space.

Emilia Górnisiewicz – performer (The Gentle Flames, Spin Machine), animator, clown. Participant in SKAK (pantomime), ChSTR and many circus workshops.

Artistic jam

turn 2 / Z1, alt. F3 / 25 people / level 1

We will create a space for musical and choreographic improvisation, devoting a lot of attention to cooperation, mutual comprehension and intuition in creative activity. On the last day of SAF we will organize a great Slot-Jam under the plane tree.

Gabriela Cybuch – student of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music, graduate of Dolnośląska Akademia Realizacji Dźwięku (Wroclaw Academy of Sound Engineering).

Anna Świątkowska – high school graduate (specialization: theatre), dancing and performance are her passions.

Slot Stories Festival

turn 3 / E10 / 40 people / level 1

Come and let others discover a fascinating story of your life or passion. Learn how to tell it in a way that makes everyone want to hear another one. Each day a different kind of a story.

Maciej Strzyżewski – teacher, writer, story-teller and photographer. Vice-president of Wszystko jest Możliwe (Everything Is Possible) Foundation, which helps to discover creative potential and use it in practice.


turn 2 / B6 alt. G3 / 20 people / level 1

Playing with flowerstick makes you pump your biceps, exercise your mind and develop your creativity. The best way of getting everyone's attention, improving physical condition and having great fun. Beginners will learn how to keep the stick in the air, and the more advanced will be introduced to more complicated tricks.

Krzysztof Czarski – for many years a workshop conductor at SAF in Kraków, leads workshops at many circus festivals all around Poland

Hip hop dance

turn 2 / Z6 / 30 people / level 1

Hip hop is a street dance where coordination, isolation and groove are essential. Though there are many codified steps, the most important thing is improvisation. We will learn how to dance to the beat, develop our body awareness, learn basic steps, repeat dance routines and freestyle.

Katarzyna Kipiel – dancer with great experience, hip hop instructor, for five years teaching in a dance school in Kraków.

Stage improvisation

turn 1 / A10 / 24 people / level 1

The aim of this workshop is to show the participants the basics of stage improvisation. Various techniques will be taught through practical exercises and improvised scenes. A permanent group of participants is required.

Łukasz Pławiak – founder of Teatr Jesiotr (the Sturgeon Theatre), Flow Impro festival organizer. Graduate of pantomime course in Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre and Tomasz Janiewicz's improvisation workshop.


turn 2 / B9 alt. G2 / 25 people / level 1

Kendama is an old Japanese dexterity game where the main prop is a wooden toy consisting of a handle imitating a hammer with an elongated claw and a ball with a hole. It seems very easy to use it but it actually demands dexterity and ability to cope with gravity.

Marcin Dziopa – Kendama practitioner, runs workshops on various events and festivals

Contact improvisation

turn 1 / Z6 / 24 people / level 1

Dance technique originating from primordial forms of movement and modern dance. It is based on a specific kind of bodywork, resulting from comprehension of the anatomy of an effective movement. This dance consists in mutual listening, leading, giving and receiving weight.

Artur Papp – dancer, graduate of stage choreography and contact improvisation technique courses; he has trained martial arts for many years.

Juggler on a stage like a lion out of cage

turn 3 / B9 alt. G2 / 16 people / level 1

The workshop is about learning how to build a character and a spectacle, an opportunity to find your own individual style of work with the equipment and with the public, to break the barriers of fear and shyness, eventually turning into stage beasts! If you have your favorite props – take them with you.

Adam Banach – law and culture animation student, performer in juggling, theatre and fireshow groups.


turn 3 / B6 alt. G3 / 20 people / level 1

How can this simple and yet extremely charming object – which a stick is – help us discover a bit of magic? We will be searching for deposits of creativity, balance and spontaneity present in our body to amaze both ourselves and the audience with an ordinary stick.

Sandra Grzeszczyk – student, dancer, workshop conductor and fireshow organizer, participant in many jugglery courses.

Staff manipulation

turn 1 / B10 alt. G11 / 35 people / level 1

We will learn some techniques of staff manipulation and prepare a fireshow. We'll have an explanation of the basics, lots of exercises, choosing of a theme for the show and team games.

Kornel Matusiak – juggler with a nine-year experience, performance artist and engineer by vocation. For many years a part of SLOT shows.

Pantomime and physical theatre

turn 1 / D7 / 20 people / level 1

How to create objects and space around ourselves with only one tool which a human body is? The aim of the workshop is to develop imagination and acting skills as well as body awareness and expressiveness which are extremely important in mime's job. We will act and observe each other!

Beata Tyrcha – performer and street artist working with various theatrical and artistic groups.


turn 2 / P4 / 15 people / level 1

We will try to listen to another person's body in the theatrical activity and decode signals coming from it. Through contact with others we will discover our limits and barriers and try to overcome them.

Rafał Bilicki, Anna Koźlińska, Karolina Sosińska – students and actors of the Hieronim Konieczka Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz. Ania and Rafał are founders and managers of the student AlboAlbo (OrOr) Theatre in Poznań

PASSING – shared juggling,

turn 3 / C4 alt. H7 / 60 people / level 1

Passing is a combination of coordination skills and communicating with another person which is taught by games with passing one and more objects in pairs and larger groups. You're not required to have the juggling skills. Both amateurs and experienced jugglers will have lots of fun.

Marcin Kościelny – have run numerous workshops and performed live on many jugglery shows; he has been working for “Kuglarstwo” (Jugglery) magazine.

Poi – advanced level

turn 1 / C7 / 40 people / level 2

Spinning. With POI, without POI, around POI and around others. We discover space, both the space around our body and the stage space, while learning the most advanced techniques of POI spinning. Workshop for those who have at least some basic experience with POI.

Łukasz Krawiec – graduate of circus pedagogy course, animator, fireshow performer.

Reggaeton dance

turn 2 / Z5 / 25 people / level 1

Reggaeton was born in Puerto Rico but it also developed in Cuba. This unusually dynamic dance style combines Latino and street dances elements. We will learn how to make quick, strong moves, we'll work on our body isolation, learn a short sequence of steps, strenghten our confidence and improve our constitution.

Maja Goździk – dancer, currently hones her skills in the Urban Dance Zone School and Salsa Project in Łódź.


turn 1 / Z3 / 30 people / level 1

Outdoor play, finding ourselves in group activity and experiencing brotherhood among people fighting side by side. We divide into fractions. After getting to know the code of safe play we’ll conduct small battles in different forms. We’ll fight with cold steel props made from bamboo and soft covering.

Przemek Tereszczak – graduate of high school, part of Sztuka Tworzenia group

Salsa cubana – partner dancing

turn 3 / P4 / 40 people / level 1

The workshop consists in learning the reliable basics of Cuban salsa in a simple and pleasant way. Acquired skills will allow you use the steps and figures on a number of occasions when you will be dancing to popular music. Adults only.

Rafał Petryja – dancer and instructor in Salsa Bielsko, Corazon and Salsa Pszczyna schools; Cuban culture promoter, choreographer.


turn 3 / B10 alt. G11 / 40 people / level 1

Minimum of theory, maximum of practice. Short briefing and the first steps. We will master walking on stilts, have fun and try to overcome our fears that keep us form lifting off the ground. Experienced stilters are welcome too.

Mateusz Dąbkowski – stilter, used to run an artistic advertising agency and workshops; cooperates with theatres all over Poland, graduate of the BODY SNATCHERS Acting Studio.

Irish dance

turn 3 / D1 / 15 people / level 1

Irish dance is an extremely dynamic form of dance. Anyone who'd like to feel the mood of Erin's Isle is welcome! We will learn the basic steps and correct positions of Irish dance, improve our stamina and stretch our bodies.

Katarzyna Hyckowska – student, for 3 years a dancer in the Irish dance group, conducts workshops on Irish dance technique.

Flag dancing

turn 2 / D1 / 15 people / level 1

The foundation of flag dancing is an intention to worship God. In this dance a flag should be an extension of a dancer's heart and that is what we will focus on. We will discover joy and freedom coming from movement and learn the basics of modern dance and jazz.

Mateusz Zaremba – graduate in tourism studies, guide in Israel, foreign languages teacher and dance instructor, choreographer; conductor of numerous dance workshops and show organizer.

Jewish and Israeli dances

turn 2 / F1 / 150 people / level 1

This is not only a lesson of technical steps, it's also a prayer and expression of joy. Hasidim say that when someone is dancing it's like he's praying twice. Anyone who wants to experience joy in dance is welcome.

Dorota Herok – graduate of the Christian School of Mime Drama and Dance, she leads Jewish, Israeli and modern dance workshops. Founder and choreographer of the “Klezmer” group.

Form theatre: rock-paper-scissors

turn 2 / G9 / 20 people / level 1

A workshop based on object theatre, aimed at showing that materials such as paper, foil, string or rocks may be used to create theatrical worlds. We will learn some techniques that will allow us to reach a completely different level of expression while developing creativity and imagination.

Daniel Lasecki – graduate of The Puppetry Art Department in Bialystok, actor of Szalone Kopyto (Mad Hoof) Theatre, Flug Actor Cooperation, Łaźnia Nowa Theatre and Białystok Puppet Theatre.

Dance yourself – choreotherapy

turn 3 / G9 / 30 people / level 1

We will use intuitive dance and various forms of motion and artistic expression to express ourselves, our emotions and to search for sources of our beauty and power. How do I move, what leads me? Do I feel at home in my body?

Elżbieta Dudziak – actress in the Artenes Theatre and in the Polish Theatre in Wrocław, conductor of theatrical and choreotherapeutic classes; for 10 years involved in physical theatre.

Ball jugling

turn 2 / C4 alt. H7 / 30 people / level 1

Starting from the basics through more difficult tricks we will be discovering the essence of juggling which is inextricably linked with coordination. It allows synchronization of both brain hemispheres, improves memory and reflex and broadens the field of vision. It is also great fun and physical activity.

Jakub Wojtylak – technical university student, juggler. He has run workshops within social projects, for two years – also at SLOT.


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