Slot Art Festival began 25 years ago as an initiative of Christians who sought to live out the truth that humans are created in the image of God to create, not consume. It has since grown into the largest alternative culture festival in Poland.

For six days a year, the grounds of an enormous ruined monastery in Poland come to life with over 5000 young people aged 16-26. 1500 volunteers create a "village" with its own theaters, cafes, food trucks, a school and a mini-university.

The festival is a visible sign of a different reality - a taste and an embassy of the Kingdom of God. In this setting, hundreds of people’s lives have been changed - they have believed the Good News and found their unique calling. Slot generates a powerful light in Poland - and now as the SLOT community, we need help in bringing that light out into the open.

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The Community

Over time SLOT has become much more than a festival - it is a movement of people whose Christian faith drives them not to hide in a cave from the world or try to fix it with our own efforts.

Our mission as a registered organization is to create spaces all around Poland where a different kind of world is imaginable. Central to our movement are over 120 young leaders all around the country - in need of linking, support, and mentorship.

We also have an untapped community of people whose lives have been changed by the festival who would gladly give their time, skills and money to support the young generation.

What we lack are the skills and the know-how in linking these two groups together. In our young democracy, charitable giving is in its adolescence - but seeing the enormous potential of our young leaders, we would like to give our entire 25-year-old community an impulse to grow up.

The need

Our activities are funded almost entirely from ticket sales. Since the festival generates revenue, the festival takes precedence, while leadership development work lags behind. There is only one person employed full-time as an administrator. With a lack of capacity to care for our volunteers and leaders, it has become harder to recruit and retain them.

In 2017, we have the opportunity to develop and pilot a fundraising strategy to help us take the next step. To employ one person as fundraiser for the period of one year, develop a fundraising strategy, and train the SLOT leadership board on the basics of fundraising, SLOT is looking to raise $31,500.

We are looking for a visionary donor willing to invest in what we have already built for the sake of multiplying fruit that will last.

Are you the one we are looking for?

If you are moved to join what God is doing through SLOT and help us cross a bridge we cannot cross on our own, we would love your partnership.

Tax-deductible gifts can be made through our US partner, Leading Edge International, which is a registered 501(3)c organization:

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Tel: (317) 490-6536 • Fax: (317) 495-9892

To make a donation online or to select other options for giving, go to

To find out more information about SLOT, please contact Krzysztof Slabon, President of the Board at