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Lubiąż is a very small town 50 km to the north-west of Wrocław which is the largest city in South-West Poland.

If you are arriving by bus or train it’s most convenient to get to Wrocław first and then take a busor a train to Malczyce.

A bus connection to Lubiąż leaves from Malczyce.

We encourage you to come by train to Malczyce.
From Malczyce, we launch special lines from the railway station.

You can also arrange individual groups – a bus – at the number: 691410019

Malczyce – Lubiąż – Arrivals on: 8-9-10-11 July (saturday to tuesday) 

The bus will be departing from Malczyce, matched under incoming trains from Wroclaw Central.

Arrival of the train10:1210:5112:2113:5314:2215:4817:2219:21
Departure of the bus10:2011:0012:3014:0014:3016:0017:3019:30

Lubiąż – Malczyce – Returns on: 14-15-16 July (friday to sunday)*

Departure of the bus8:009:0015:2016:2018:3019:30
Departure of the train15:5116:5619:0420:00

*Please sign up for returns at the INFO desk at the festival grounds. Entering the records for the given departure times will help us plan the right transportation to the right number of people. We will forward the data later to the subcontractor.

Check for different means of transportation:

There is a Facebook group created for communication about transport.

You can also check the time of arrival (e.g. to Malczyce) on a website like:

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