1 percent

1% for SLOT

SLOT is something we all create together.
Thet is why we do not hesitate to ask you for
1% of your taxes for what SLOT does.

Name and KRS:

Stowarzyszenie Lokalnych Ośrodków Twórczych: 0000163877

1% for SLOT – why is it worth it?

If you ever were at the Slot Art Festival – you know how it looks: dozens of workshops several musical scenes, cafes in atmoshperic interiors of the old monastery.

But have you ever wondered why do we organize the Slot Art Festival?

There are lots of reasons:

We do it, because we like watching how people learn things from one another, how they pass on their skills and infect with passion.

We do it because we believe in the ‘handmade’ culture, not the mass produced one. In Slottish culture you are the creator.

We do it for satisfaction of working together – a sight of one thousand voulunteers who engage their time and skills to create a festival together makes us happier than a bar of chocolate.

We do it, because there are important things that need to be said. We want to talk to you about responsibility for our planet and people who live here; about art and values it serves.

The means we receive as the 1% will be used to continue developing the cultural activities of the Association and the „Slot for Everyone” fund that allows to cover the travel, board and stay at the Slot Art Festival for young people from family children homes, care and nurture institutions or wychowawczych or adoption and care centers.


The procedure is simple. You enter the name of our organization (Stowarzyszenie Lokalnych Ośrodków Twórczych) and the KRS number (0000163877) in the right box of your tax declaration.

That’s how it should look like:

If you tick the “I agree” box, the tax office will give us your name and adress and we will be able to thank you!

More detailed information below.

FILL YOUR PIT FORM VIA INTENET – click the banner below:

1% dla OPP


Share the idea of SLOT! Recommend it to your parents and friends and ask them to donate 1% of their taxes to the Stowarzyszenie Lokalnych Ośrodków Twórczych. Show or share with them the video below and help them understand what SLOT is:

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