Slot DNA

This text is an attempt to capture what is crucial for the people who make SLOTs.

It is a hologram that was created from the imposition of many, often different, perspectives. It describes reality in part, dreams and aspirations in part.


We are interested in creating. Change, movement and development are parts of the art of life we want to master. If we decide that we already have mastered it, it is a sign that we got lost. We do not want to just react. In reaction there is no passion, energy, lightness and beauty we find when we are creative. We need and look for inspiration. We also want to inspire others.


Freedom to truly be yourself. And clear invitation – here you can be yourself, exactly who you are. There is great richness in our diversity. Next to the word freedom we see another, very important – responsibility. For people and other creatures that live with me or even next to me. And for the space we inhabit.


You can go by or meet one another. We choose the latter. One can either want to understand or want to be understood. From those we begin with choosing the first. Slot is a mountain shelter in which travelers meet. Their meeting is important, regardless of the way they walk and the goal they have chosen.


Relationships, friendship and community – we base our actions on them. This constant attempt to step beyond “me” as an individual and “us” as a group – that is the most important thing. That is what gives our actions meaning. Love is very pragmatic. It is mindfulness and wish to stop for somebody else, when we are pushed forward. If any total evaluation awaits us, we will surely be asked about that.


We believe in Jesus. Simply but not always the same. That is where our roots are. The deeper it goes, the more we get from it – inspiration to be creative, to be fair, to be free, to be ourselves, to be together and not only for ourselves. Many things come from here for those of us who think and believe differently. Things get complicated when we forget, that “important is only what is important”, that this is a way, not a relig

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