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SLOT Boomerang

Slot Boomerang is an individual discount of the ticket price based on our history together..

Most frequently asked questions:

Who is the SLOT Boomerang offer for?

The SLOT Boomerang offer is a discount for people who come back to the festival and used the prepayment system before (bought the festival pass before the end of the III prepayment turn) or were voulteers at the festival (signed volunteer agreement). This information must be validated by the system.

How big is the discount?

The discount is 10 zł for every year of coming to the festival, but not more than 50 złotys for one pass. The discount is counted for taking part in the festival after 2009.

If you bought a reduced-price ticket in that time (for participants younger than 12 years) the discount for this year will be 5 zł.

What years add up to the discount?

SLOT Boomerang is calculated for festivals since SAF 2009. There is no possibility to add the years before that to the SLOT Boomerang discount.

How do we verify that you were at the SAF before?

The prepayments system has an option to search the history of bought passes and volunteering agreements after 2009. The variable it uses is the e-mail adress given in the form. After filling the prepayment form and entering your data, including the e-mail address, the “price” field wiill display the price calculated for you taking your discount into account.

Can the system make a mistake? And give me to small of a discount?

Of course, it is just a mechanism. If you fill the form, save it and realize the suggested discount (multiplication of 10 zł) does not match your festival participation history, fill the complaint field in the form. Wait for the answer from SAF office, what the decision in your case is, and only after that pay the ticket price.

What are the reason for system mistakes?

Veryfication of a person uses the e-mail address. If you have been entered into the system as a part of a group or somebody else bought the pass for you, sometimes the e-mail field was left empty. In that case the system will not calculate the right discount and the complait has to be made. Fixing the “empties” is a one-time operation and in the next years the verification will be full and without errors.

The system won’t verify the data right if you have been using different or various e-mail addresses in the years before. In that case you have to fill the complaint field in the form..

How much do I have to pay if the complaint is not resolved before the given turn ends?

If you miss the chance to pay a pass price for the given turn beacause of lack of response from the office, you will be able to pay the price of that turn after being replied to by the office. Although we reserve the right to deviate from that rule if the complaint you make is completely unsubstantiated (for instance there will be no trace of your participation in the festival before in the system at all).

Can I transfer my discount to somebody else?

No. The pass bought for the festival is assigned to your name, it can be only bought by using personal data and picked up after validating them with an appropriate ID.The discount is also calculated individually for every person, based on their data from previous years.

Can I get a refund for the pass I didn’t use?

The price prepayed for the pass is non-refundable and non-transferable. In case of resignation from the festival or not using the pass issued to a particular name the organizer does not refund the paid price.

Can I buy passes for more people (family, friends) in one form, like in years before?

Yes, it is possible. However if those poeple would like to use the SLOT Boomerang offer, their forms have to be filled with their own e-mail address.

Up to when is it possible to use the SLOT Boomerang offer?

The special offer applies to passes paid until the end of the III turn, which is until 23rd June in 2019. SLOT Boomerang is not available for people who fill the registration form or pay the pass price after the last, 3rd turn of the prepayments ends.

Additional information can be found in the rules and regulations. If you have other questions send them

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