18.02 open calls

18.02.2022 Open enrollment for the three tracks under which you can participate in the Slot:

Participant / Attendee

You buy a ticket and you come! The atmosphere and what will happen depends on all of us. Slot Art Festival is at the same time a giant crowdfunding, because we finance most of the events just thanks to ticket buyers. Your presence matters!

Please note that ticket pools will be limited in quantity and time.

Buy a ticket


Want to see the township being built? Decorate the café, assemble basic installations or help with the service of people? Are you a professional, want to learn something, or maybe just collaborate? There are over a thousand of us. We arrive earlier, see more and meet new people easier ? Working together is about building relationships and creatively grappling with limitations. Do slots with us!



Do you have an idea for a Slot? Do you want to share your knowledge, experience or skills? Do you feel that you infect with passion and you can give something from yourself? Submit a workshop proposal or a band for the competitive and spontaneous stage. You can play in the slot Orchestra or work in the SloTV crew. Or maybe you have a brand new proposal? Write to us!


Write to us

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