TUESDAY / 16.00 – 20.00 // WEDNESDAY – SATURDAY / 10.00 – 20.00
Place: G13

ArtRoom is a creative room immersed in silence. Here you can be, just as you are.
Come to us to relax, to exist for a while just like that, without hurry, without agenda.

Maybe in this being-not-being you will find space for the most important meeting – that with yourself? Maybe in the moment of pause you will see something worth seeing, feel something you haven’t felt for a long time and follow it?

Come when you have no idea, come when you are looking for peace of mind.

Look around you, can you see that there are secrets hiding in these old walls? Hiding there are ideas and inspirations, random plays of light, but also deliberately collected and arranged creative artifacts.

Yes, though quietly and very calmly – we also sow inspiration here.
Visit our micro-exhibitions – touch them, feel them, give yourself a sensory experience. Get caught up in the colorful weaves of threads at a meeting with mending, or move your body at a meeting with voice. Maybe you’ll also meet Gosia, who as part of an artistic residency, touches the slot ground.

It’s all here, so close, so simply-unusual, so quietly, without pomp. Because the little things, the closest and smallest encounters and glances, are sometimes the most important.

The caretakers of the Artroom have been Joanna and Mery for years – devotees of natural flavors and colors, slowlife, traveling spiritually and on the map. Women, friends, artists who seek inspiration among the mountains and forests, in the silence of the morning and the touch of dew.

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