What does being a volunteer include?

  • Taking part in the preparation days prior to the festival
  • Working in a team setting
  • Gaining new experiences
  • Free entrance to SAF
  • Signing a volunteer contract
  • Unforgettable friends and memories


  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • Those who are not yet 18 years of age and are accepted to be volunteers must bring written permission to take part as a volunteer from a parent/guardian to the festival- Volunteers must adhere to all the rules of SAF just like any other participant. Any offenses will be dealt with in the same way as participants.
  • Final acceptance to be a volunteer will occur only after we receive a signed volunteer contract from you, and in some cases after we receive a refundable deposit assuring us that you will be part of a given team- You are required to attend the two day preparation time (July 8th,9th) before the SLOT festival. In the case of the installation team the preparation is 6 days, starting July 4th; In the case of the perm technical team the preparation is 4 days, starting July 6th.
  • You will be removed from the list of volunteers and will not receive free entrance to the festival if you do not arrive on time for the preparation days- by 17.00 July 4th for the installation team; by 17.00 July 6th for the perm technical team; all others by 11.00 July 8th -All volunteers are required to stay on the festival grounds until 20.00 on July 15th to help with clean-up. The  installation team must stay until July 17th, 20.00
  • The average work requirement for volunteers will be 4-6 hours daily- Volunteers may take part in all parts of the program when not working


For this group we need people who can offer practical help to other teams during the festival – such as carrying equipment, help with workshops, etc. These people will work with the installation team during the preparation days (from July 9th).To be accepted on this team you MUST pay a deposit of 30zl that will be returned to you July 15th if you have worked to the end according to the volunteer agreement. 


 These people will be responsible for the backline, meaning:

  • help transporting equipment to Lubiaz before the festival
  • help transporting equipment from Lubiaz after the festival
  • get the appropriate equipment to the right stage before the concert (there will be a list of what is needed where and when)
  • help with equipment during the concert ( set-up, sound-check, making sure performers are respecting the equipment)
  • taking down the equipment after the concert and taking it back to the storage room

We need people on this team who have a good understanding of computers and radio telephones as well as knowledge of musical equipment such as bass and guitar amps, microphones, percussion, etc.


For this group we need really “technical” people who are able to be in Lubiąż by 17.00 on July 4nd and stay until the evening of July 17th for set-up and tear-down. These people must be able to work in a team, coordinate work for others, and have a good knowledge of technical work needed in running a festival, such as setting up the stages, tents, toilets, showers, etc. Manual skills are greatly appreciated as well as the ability to build something from nothing! During the 4 days of the actual festival this team mostly helps the permanent technical group.


For this team we need people who are secure and safe behind the wheel of a car, bus or truck. Interpersonal skills are also important for cooperation with other teams. You must be available the entire time during the preparation days and during specific hours during the festival. Priority will be given to those who can use their own car/bus/truck. SLOT will pay you back for fuel used for festival work.


We have a group of professionals available at all times at SLOT, but we need more people to help them who have experience in medicine/first-aid/rescue. Do you know how to quickly react in a medical emergency and do you know when the situation is beyond your ability and will ask for help? Before being accepted in this team you must show proof of your qualifications – for instance a diploma from medical/nursing school or rescue course.

To be accepted on this team you MUST pay a deposit of 30zl that will be returned to you July 15th if you have worked to the end according to the volunteer agreement.

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