And the double rainbow…

The last buses and cars full of people, metal works, painted glass, original jewelry, musical instruments and juggling sticks have left Lubiaz along with all the energy and ideas of the participants of the 20th SLOT Art Festival who sometimes only dreamed of another hour of sleep and a decent shower.

 Each of us have a different set of memories, art work, photos, reflections, telephone numbers and assorted cuts and bruises. Each person had their own strategy for the festival. For some it was ?a week without chemicals and violence? for others it was ?a week of ramen noodles?. Some of us didn?t sleep a single night and remember the electrifying sounds from Cauliflower, karaoke in Gaffa and each sunrise over the reggae tent. We stayed on our feet thanks to coffee from the Kiwi, Blackberry and Cinnamon and chai from the Eastern tent. Some had deep conversations, prayed, listened, read the Bible. Others rested from their daily routine by dancing, skateboarding, juggling or sculpting. Some felt that no fire, storm or accident could keep us from enjoying the coffee, prayer and dance.

 The festival had its own rhythm, not only the hourly one but also the one provided by the drums,  spontaneous jam sessions in the palace halls, non-singing choir, concerts in the Laundry, small courtyard and main stage where on one stage we greeted Dikanda, Gooral, Lao Che, Frustuck and Luxtorpeda. For the first time there was competition for the workshops and lectures from special guests who spoke to full crowds in the Carriage House. Jacka Żakowskiego, Krzysztofa Zanussi and Tomasa Sedlacka left no doubt that the new idea is a hit and should be continued next year.

 There isn?t room to mention all the points of the program.  We wouldn?t all agree anyway as to what we saw and heard. The most important thing, though, is the relationships that happened between people and what remains in our heads. Everything that happened at SLOT was for a reason. Each thing, activity and word meant something, someone wanted to ?do it before I die?. We can?t name everyone who was involved in making the festival happen since there were over 5,000! Each person,regardless of the color of their tag, had a part in creating the atmosphere and filling the program. We thank you all for that and look forward to the next SLOT!

 One word that was hanging in the ArtCathedral sums it all up: UNREAL

And the double rainbow.


fot. Tomasz Kiliszek

luxy bilski

 fot. Mateusz Bilski


fot. Marika Graczyk

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