We?ve downloaded all the Internet on floppies and brought it to SLOT! But seriously, it is the Internet that have come to us as our inspiring guests. Do you want to create online? Would you like to meet people from the other side of the screen? Come to Blogosphere, let?s make good commotion together!

11.07 (Wednesday)  

Ms. Snapchat:

UniWroc knows how to do it well! Ms. Snapchat, or Agata Sałamaj, reduced the distance between the uni and students. Official descriptions of studies, suits and boredom? ever!  A better side of the university served in a current and prospective student-friendly way. We?ll ask her what is the key to engaging story, whether Snapchat will last long and how to party for Snap money? You can?t miss it! Create a story with Ms. Snapchat!

12.07 (Thursday)

We?re making a movie!  

Szymon Chałupka, camera operator and editor, head of the Black Sun Studio. In his YouTube channel, he shares his precious knowledge useful for all movie creators.  Want to begin your adventure with YouTube? Do you like to film and want to improve your skills in the creative field? Meet with Szymon, find out how it all begun and get some insight into filmmaking techniques ? and ask the questions that you?ve long wanted to ask.

13.07 (Friday)

Ania Piwowarczyk

Stories straight from the head and right to the blog ? and mostly real ones.  Excellent sense of observation and assessment of reality. Energetic, doing many things at the same time and doing them with a great swing ? she says, she?s very patient.  Come and see if it?s true. After all, her blog footer states: This is Little Blond All the texts are true or made up.  

14.07 (Saturday)  

Mateusz Budyń

How to disappear online? Is anonymity in the Internet truly possible? We often thoughtlessly give our consent, share data, live online and accept the risk that follows. But are we fully aware of it?  What danger lurks behind this carelessness? Mateusz Budyń, IT teacher and TOR Project volunteer, will tell you about it in a way digestible even for lusers, lamers and newbies.

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