Bob One & Bas Tajpan on Main Stage

Bob One and Bas Tajpan on the SAF 2015 Main Stage

Bob One is one of the most characteristic vocalists of Polish hip-hop and reggae scene. Before starting his solo career the artist was involved in bands such as Rainbow Hi-Fi and Rub Pulse. During several years of concertizing he had an opportunity to perform opening acts for artists such as Gentleman, Sizzla, Tippa Irie and many others.

In 2008 Bob One released a solo album entitled ?Jeden” (One). In the next years he recorded songs together with performers like Hemp Gru, Firma, Onar, Tabu or Junior Stress. The artist regularly cooperates with Bas Tajpan. At the beginning of 2012 they recorded their EP album ?Wszystko na sprzedaż” (Everything for sale) and then went on a tour together.
In June 2013 his another solo album entitled ?Twój ruch” (Your move) was released by the Silesian record label, MaxFloRec.

BAS TAJPAN briefly speaking, is a pioneer of Polish reggae rap scene. Composing music for far longer than a decade, he is now considered to be the author of the best known, classical pieces of the first wave of rap music in Poland. He is also known by millions of reggae fans for his songs of this genre.

Bas Tajpan’s career began in the first half of the 90s when he participated in recording the legendary mixtapes of DJ 600V and IGS and many others associated with the beginnings of Polish hip-hop culture. Well-received, in these early years he captured most of a huge faithful audience present on his concerts today. Around 1999 he started working closely with Gutek (currently Indios Bravos). The results of this cooperation are many popular songs and EP of their joint formation ? MUSTAFARAI.

No one can count how many concerts he gave but performing in clubs and on stages all over the country, he worked with artists such as Love Sen-C Music, Marika, DJ Feel-X, Grubson, Hajdas, Bakshish, East West Rockers, Jamal and many, many others…


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