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Special Guests 2018

Wednesday, 11.07 17:15 Wojciech Jagielski It’s a difficult world Our guest at the meeting will tell us about his experiences as a correspondent and how to talk about difficult things and how can we influence the reality around us. Wojciech Jagielski ? reporter and writer. His interests are split into two paths ?Africa on one […]

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Special Guests 2017

SPECIAL GUEST | A10 | 17:30 Wednesday 5.07 17:30 Jasiek Mela i Włodek Markowicz Comfort zone? What’s that supposed to be? You can reach the North and the South Pole, but you can also reach your own poles of development by overcoming physical and mental limitations. Jaś Mela – the youngest person to reach both […]

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Special Guests 2016

SPECIAL GUESTS A2, 17.30 – Festival’s Special Guests are people with unique experience, knowledge and life wisdom. Some of them are well-known, some less. They are here not to invite us to just nod in agreement but to inspire reflection, discussion and broadening of horizons. WEDNESDAY 06.07 Edwin Bendyk – The end of future. Where […]

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