Cauliflower-Kalafior 2018

A trip to the Kalafior (Cauliflower) café is always quite an adventure. The path that leads to us is one of the longest at SLOT, but it’s certainly worth travelling.. During the day you can relax on comfy sofas with a cup of hot coffee and a book. If you forgot to bring your own ? don’t worry, a rich library is waiting for you together with lots of pillows and chances to meet exceptional people. It’s always right hour for the Cauliflower!

Socrates Café

Wednesday?Saturday / 17:00?19:00

Note: Kalafior is only a meet-up point, we will go to one of the rooms next to it for discussion. P5, P2 or P3.

open discussion, that allows to share your thoughts or listen to others, notice, how we can understand some ideas differently, ideas that day-to-day we see as obvious. Rules: everyone can join, we avoid referencing the works of culture and arguments from authority.

We will pick the topic together.

Jakub Kocikowski ? he learned about the Sokrates Café formula 6 years ago in discussions hosted by Zapytliwy Tomasz. He hosted meetings in Gdynia, a year ago he started a group in Kraków.

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