Cinema 2018

Series of little known, but beautiful and wise movies aboutcomplicated times and human complexity. Let them be an opportunity to reflect and talk. Nowadays we need them to avoid getting lost.


?The Wave?

?Die Welle?, Germany, 2008, 107 min

Dir. by Dennis Gansel

A film referring to an experiment conducted in 1967 by Ron Jones, in one of Cubberley High School’s classrooms, in Palo Alto, California. Bitter truths about people and about mechanisms of satisfying our needs in the context of social life. We’ll look closely on how the experiment looked like and talk about our remarks.


?A Good Wife?

?Dobra žena?, Croatia/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Serbia 2016, 90 min

Dir. by Mirjana Karanović

Women’s world and men’s world. How much in common do they have when it’s time to settle the war scores? What is happening on their junction? Who or what should we stay faithful to? Complicated questions find reflection in human relationships of this intimate piece.  



France, Germany 2016, 113 min

Dir. by Francois Ozon

A world after the World War I. Losses, grief, questions without answers and people who try to find themselves in this reality. Do we have more in common or dividing us in the torn world? How to rebuild your life on the ruins of old reality? 2017 Cesar Award for the best cinematography!

FRIDAY 13.07


?Mandariinid?, Georgia, Estonia, 2013, 90 min

Dir. by Zaza Urushadze

A film about wisdom in tough times. About people who try to build a better tomorrow.  About hard decisions, which must be taken and about the price that has to be paid for them.  The exceptionally wise and humane movie.



?Human?, France, 2015, 139 min

Dir. by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Each one of us is a story. An amazing documentary, beautiful cinematography and stories, each of which could be a bas for a movie script.   

What stories have you met during this festival?  What have they revealed to you? What have we learned from each other?  A good movie to summarize the festival.

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