Club-GAFA 2014



The spontaneous Stage in Gafa Cafe invites everyone who feels like performing there. It unites musicians and vocalists delighted in various genres and styles, creating an unique atmosphere. Thanks to openness of the participants this stage is unpredictable and brings more and more new impressions. Here is where the beginners can meet the artists that know the stage for years and together create something cool. Therefore we invite everyone who feels connected to music to join them and help us create our spontaneous gafa-stage.

Tuesday, 8.07

21.00, Jaq Merner

Jaq Merner is a vocal and sound experiment. Voice is movement, electronics is space, the background of the whole artwork. Sounds of the future for the present time. Jaq Merner. regime brigade.

00:00 – 3:00 , Karaoke

Wednesday, 9.07

21:00, KARLLA

Karrla (Karolina Trałka) is a vocalist and author of compositions embedded in acoustic and melancholic sounds. Inspired by minimalism and scandinavian music. Last year she debuted in Gafa Cafe with Holidave music group. This year she invites everyone to join the journey further than far.

00:00- 3:00, Night Jam Session

Thursday, 10.07


Aleksandra Turoń – vocalist, laureate of several competitions and vocal festivals. She took part in many music projects. Currently she?s creating a wratislavian duet Acoustic Cookies. Tymek Śnieżek – guitarist and vocalist, song-writer. Participant of the X-Factor 2013 and Poland?s Got Talent 2014. These musicians collaborate together in the wratislavian music group – Lime. During the concert on the Spontaneous Stage we?ll hear their works in their own arrangement.

00:00-3:00, Karaoke

Friday, 11.07

21:00, Headboat!

Headboat! The group creates music from the borderland of rock and pop. The music genre that the group follows and it?s authenticity in music helps it distinguish itself from standard rock music. In 2012 the Headboat! group released their first EP. Headboat! members are: Artur Widawski, Filip „Baran” Barański, Karol Wiśniewski i Tomek Kantor.

00:00 – 3:00, Karaoke

Saturday, 12.07

from 23 till 4:00 a.m. – CONCERT/party Regime Brigade

Regime Brigade is a collective gathering people with passion that takes ? of their lifes. And this passion is? music. Is it only music? During few years they managed to build it from nothing and inspire other activists so the brigade grows stronger and stronger. We want to promote talented youth that deserves support and publicity. This way we want to bring people closer to broadly defined art and show that the young generation knows what a creative thought really is. Music, street art, photography and lifestyle. Does anyone here forces anything? Join the regime.


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