Contest stage 2017


Place A10

18:00 – 20:00

Wed-Sat 15:00 – 17:00

Contest Stage is a place, where young, ambitious bands have the opportunity of confronting their music with broader audience. Contest Stage is the most diverse one at Slot Art Festival – here you can hear climates from metal, rock, alternative through reggae, ska to blues and jazz. Everyone will find something for himself.

Come, listen and cast you vote for the best band – the winner will perform next day as an opening act at the Main Stage.

Tuesday 4.07


18:00, synth-rock

When they started the band in 2014 everything looked like they are going to be another indie-rock group. Luckily for the real men important is not how they begin. Search for their identity made the group record three EP’s that formed their current synthrock sound and the uniqueness of Futurelight’s music.

Need More Clouds

18:45, indie rock / alternative

A group of four teenagers from Tarnów. They play together in the same line-up since 2013. From the beginning they write their own music and lyrics. For 4 intense years they achieved pretty much on local and Polish stages but for them the most important is the fact that they are finishing mixing their debut album now, that they hope will make them visible on the professional music market.


19:30, rock / metal / alternative

Headwind is a band from Poznań with a 10-year experience, drawing inspiration from such legends as A Perfect Circle, Tool or Deftones. Finalist of Antyradio’s 2016 Jarocin Antyfest.

Wednesday 5.07

Joa Bird

15:00, electro pop

Joa Bird refers sincerely to melancholy and nostalgia, but speaks also about extreme emotions and hides in the moorlands or flees to Scandinavia. It’s a project meant to clear the head and soul and ventilate the days. His first concert, a pre-premiere, was performed during the famous Spring Break festival.

Cukier Puder

15:45, jazz / rock / blues

Cukier Puder („powdered sugar”) was strewn over the world in 2015. Every piece is our sounds suspended in the sugary dust, a little understated, broken in rhythm, a little surprising, a little hovering in the air, but with a flavor so saturated, that it has its own spicy character. Brain is breathing, foott is tapping.


16:30, indie rock / art pop

We don’t think we have to convince anyone that things happening in life are not coincidences. 4 friends that by coincidence were connected by a common goal. We love people and its them that create us. We give them ourselves and we make our music for them, music like an ordinary day. Ordinary, but still not coincidental. There’s the happiness of everyday life, that makes you dance and space that makes you want to stop and ascend into the clouds.

Thursday 6.07


15:00, Alternative / Stoner Rock / Funk

Oink is a Warsaw-Łódź formation created in 2015. Oink’s music is based on a groove rhythm section, schizophrenic sounds of guitars and melodic vocal parts. Oink means going back to the guitar sounds of the 90’s. Their compositions on one hand come close to the Faith No More/Primus aesthetics and on the other refer to the grunge heritage of Seattle.


15:45, alternative funk

A band from Warsaw serving their listeners a mix of alternative rock, energetic funk and groove. Their music is an explosive mixture.. Guys don’t compromise, their concerts turn into raving madness.


16:30, alternative / pop

The musicians of Tarnów’s Wasabi are playing in the same line-up for 4 years. They are fascinated by alternative and pop music, but they also draw a lot of inspiration from other genres. The recordings create a force that opens the gates to one festival after the next wide before them, but they are even more convincing when performing live. Right now they are working in a studio on a dozen or more pieces for their debut album.

Friday 7.07


15:00, groove metal

Sarang is a band from Upper Silesia, whose sound is created by low-tuned guitars, pulsating bass, drum groove and numetal vocal parts. In May 2015 the band released its debut minialbum “Prisoners” and right now is focused on finishing the second full-lenght album.


15:45, metal

Vigil was created in Wrocław in 2015. The band has had 2 releases and several dozens concerts both in and outside of country. The music the band presents is a mix of many types of metal dominated by melody and groove.


16:30, metal / hardcore

The CLoN band comes from Wrocław and was created in 2002. It has given over 100 concerts performed in Wrocław and beyond it. In 2013 it’s debut album „Buntownik” („Rebel”) was released. CLoN is a fusion of friendship, passion and fun. Clean metalcore sounds, wrapped in our emotions described with honest lyrics.

Saturday 8.07


15:00, alternative / soul

NaliaH is a project brought to life by Natalia Hoffmann, in which she composes and performs original pieces from the borders of alternative rock and soul music. The project was created last year in February and was initially focused solely on giving concerts. In February 2017 the debut studio album of the artist „Long Way Out” premiered.


15:45, alternative / indie folk

Älskar is a relatively fresh band, with only a few months of history, but we have already managed to arrange more than 10 pieces and create a family atmosphere. The name of the band itself means „love” in Swedish, because our pieces in their atmosphere refer to the fairy-tale themes of Scandinavia and a fascination with snowy, melancholic stories.

Less Is Lessie

16:30, progressive rock / illustrative music

Less Is Lessie is music for those, who like to lose themselves in sounds and sights of music, it is indispensably accompanied by video material, which deepens the feeling of dynamics and journey. The concerts lead us through various spaces and are also an attempt to register an actual acoustic space of Wrocław in a form of sound samples to reinterpret and experience it.


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