Documentary Films 2017



Wednesday 5.07

The Swedish Theory of Love”

Sweden 2015, 76 min

dir. by Erik Gandini

In 1972, the Swedish Socialist Party published the “Family of the Future” manifesto, setting out a vision of a world of free, equal people, where all ties of economic dependence would be gone. Women were supposed to free themselves from male authority, the elderly were not to have to rely on good will of their grown up children, while the youngest members of the society were to have full rights and care provided by the State. The director observes Sweden as it is now, presenting the multidimensional consequences of these solutions.

Thursday 6.07

My Love, Don’t Cross That River”

„Nim-ah, geu gang-eool geon-neo-ji mao”, South Korea 2014, 86 min

dir. by Mo-young Jin

98-year old Byeong-man Jo and 89-year old Gye-yeol Kanghave have been married for 76 years. They live in a small mountain village of Hoengseong in the Gangwon province in South Korea. They conceived 12 children together and already buried 6 of them, but their relationship still remains full of youthful joy and tenderness. The director follows the couple for 15 months, documenting their everyday rituals, as this is the only thing he can do faced with the upcoming farewell, declaration of love and helplessness.

Friday 7.07

Last Men in Aleppo”,

Denmark/Syria 2017, 101 min

dir. by Firas Fayyad, Steen Johannessen

After 5 years of war in Syria, inhabitants of the deserted and destroyed Aleppo (once the biggest Syrian city), prepare themselves for an offensive. Guided by neutrality and humanity, so far they managed to save over 60 thousand people, for the most part rescuing them barehanded from the rubble. The film won DOCS AGAINST GRAVITY 2017 festival and received its audience award.

Saturday 8.07

The Good Postman”

Finland/Bulgaria 2016, 82 min

dir. by Tonislav Hristov

What does it mean to be European at a time of changing political systems and increased migration flows? The director observes a village situated on the trail of people seeking refuge in Europe. His protagonists are the residents of a small Bulgarian town, on the Turkey border, who face the decision of whether or not to accept refugees into their community.

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