Domowe Melodie on Slot’s Main Stage

Domowe Melodie on the Main Stage of Slot Art.


Three music enthusiasts who took by storm the hearts of fans throughout the whole country. In 2012 they transformed an apartment into a recording studio and produced their first album without any help from record labels or promoters. Many call them a phenomenon and even a revelation on the Polish musical scene. In the last year they gave over a hundred concerts ? all of them were sold out in two shakes. Justyna „Jucho” Chowaniak ? author of both lyrics and music ? together with Staszek Czyżewski and Kuba Dykiert stand up for a specific explosive mix of charisma, sense of humour and child-like sensitivity. When asked about their art, they only timidly state that they want to play and sing whatever presses on their minds.


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