Eastern Tent 2017


Tuesday 4.07

Nighttime slideshow: Because it’s in Asia – Kyrgyzstan. And why not add China to the plan?


What destination to choose for your first “Asian” holidays and why Kyrgyzstan? Is it worth visiting China while you’re already there? What is the difference between Torugart and Kudowa or Zgorzelec? How to avoid the pitfalls of European thinking when planning your trip? How to act when taxi-drivers kidnapped you and how can a bearded Australian help then? Are Uyghurs more hospitable than Poles? Special bonus – learn how to use an Asian toilet!

Aleksandra and Bartosz Fabjańscy – an ordinary couple in an extraordinary place.

Wednesday 5.07

Workshops: Flavours of the World


A series of workshops about the development, history and contemporary times of flavours in various parts of the world. We will learn how to identify scents and flavours; how to name, taste and smell them and we will create our own flavour compositions at the end of the workshops.

Piotr Mojżyszek, the author of Opowiadamy o świecie (Our stories about the world) – he writes, shoots films and conducts workshops on ethnology.

Nighttime slideshow: The path of a man


A story about the Kelabit and the Penan living in the rainforests of Borneo will be a trigger point for a discussion about the fast-paced everyday life in the highly-developed countries. About our relationship with nature, about consumerism and technology.

Piotr Mojżyszek

Thursday 6.07

Workshops: Flavours of the World


Nighttime slideshow: Iran then and now – myths and reality


A story about how I wanted to travel through Iran alone and how I failed to do that, as there is actually no such thing as loneliness when you travel, especially when you hitchhike. About myths, rich traditions, cultural heritage, the real life of Iranian people and Iran as a cradle of the Persian civilization.

Róża Joda

Friday 7.07

Faces of India


India doesn’t necessarily look the way films portray it. To what extent does Kerala differ from Bangalore and the rest of India, why will people living in the north not necessarily find common language with those living in the south and why is India not always so colorful.

Jarek Tokarski

Saturday 8.07

She Who Dances with the World in Cuba


This time she wanted not only to dance, but also to observe the changes within one of the most colourful islands in the world right after the death of Fidel Castro. She asked people about their moods, hopes and perspectives for change.

Teresa Chudecka

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