Eastern Tent 2018

In the Eastern Tent time goes slower. What matters is meeting another person ? the close one, just next to us and the distant one, who we might not even ever meet eye-to-eye. We often travel to remote corners of the world, but we also have time to reflect upon why are we doing this and what do we gain from it. Please feel welcomed to join us!

11:00 Workshops & meetings

Wednesday, 11.07

?Post-tourist’s? workshops: Who’s the narrator of touristy imagination?

Who shapes our tourist images and in what way? Why do we eagerly call Maasai people a ?tribe?, but we would never describe Kashubians as one? What are the roots of the language of tourism and what does it bring with? We’ll wonder about vocabulary and phrases shaping our imagination.and about the source of knowledge about the world, which influence our tourist expectations and common tourist imagination.

Thursday, 12.07

?Post-tourist’s? workshops: Consumer’s holidays vs holidays from consumption.

Profits and losses of Global South countries, their inhabitants and neighbors of the resorts in massive tourist industry.

Marysia Złonkiewicz ? co-creator of post-turysta.pl project, campaign ?Chlebem i Solą? and the uchodźcy.info portal. The expert on culture, the Balkans and gtaduate of tourism studies

Friday, 13.07

Lecture: Is it the end of the migration crisis?

We will learn about the migration crisis in Europe and in the world. We will get to know what the situation of refugees in Poland looks like, where they are from and what their next steps before getting international security are.

Marysia Złonkiewicz

Saturday, 14.07

40 days and nights ? a story from a Kenyan orphanage

Muzungu and Makamba side by side ? a story about what it is like to be a volunteer and to be in love with children from an African village in Kenya.

Łukasz Kielin ? a volunteer of Moyo4children Fundation.

22:00 Night-time slideshow

Tuesday, 10.07

Nowa Kaledonia ? a (year-long) step from independence.

Let?s move seventeen thousand kilometres away from here, to the distant Oceania. New Caledonia is French overseas territory on the South Pacific Ocean, whose inhabitants will have spoken up in Archipelago?s independence case by the end of this year. Karolina Kania will talk about everyday life and not easy way to independence. Karolina Kania will talk about everyday life and not easy way to independence.

Wednesday, 11.07

Turkey ? journey in footsteps

It was supposed to be a journey to beloved Iran. However due to Israeli stamps in our passports and the book: ?Seed and blood: a journey in the footsteps of Middle-Eastern Christians?, we decided to go to southern Turkey ? but not the one with beaches, known from travel agencies? folders.

Kasia & Łukasz Kaleta ? we like foreigners and their languages. We like being strangers in a strange land. Our day-to-day work is in IT.

Thursday, 12.07

Yacht-hitchhiking! I wanted to be a sailor

An account from a one-year journey through the ocean, far away from massive tourism and close to the people ? hitch-hike across the Atlantic Ocean by yacht. Create your own yacht bakery on the Caribbean Island. Become a prophet for pirates in Trinidad. Live! Live your life to the fullest!

Daniel Małajowicz ? a social loner, always going his own way, survivalist, a hitch-hiker and a free man.

Friday, 13.07

Tenerife Not-All-Inclusive

Tenerife seen by a local. It will not be a story about crowded beaches, free drinks within the walls of an all-inclusive hotel, „dolphin” trips and „volcano” trips. This story is going to be about what calima and guagua is, how does golfio taste and where to find an abounded village of lepers and other spots unknown to the average tourist.

Aleksandra Trytko

Saturday, 14.07

Indonesia ? in search of paradise

A story about a country of a thousand islands, smiling people and countless volcanoes. About a school of life, that journeys are and about overcoming our own weaknesses. If you want to find out, how to climb the Bromo volcano, what locals associate Poland with and which island to go to to avoid crowds, you cannot miss this meeting.

Gosia Seńków

00:30 Cinematic trips

Tuesday, 10.07


Poland 2017, 72 min.

dir. by Mateusz Romaszkan, Marta Wójtowicz-Wcisło

A journey to the world of resorts, extra trips and rituals of massive tourism. As it is an all-inclusive package, we are also going to visit the world of ambition and fantasies of Polish middle-class. The creators of the movie produced a a fascinating trip, using only amateur films. In spite of covering various continents, it guides us along a beaten track charted by the tourist industry.

Wednesday, 11.07

„Framing the Other”

Netherlands 2011, 25 min

dir. by Ilja Kok & Willem Timmers

A perspective of a tourist who visits an Ethiopian etno-village vs. the perspective of its inhabitants who are treated as if they were museum exhibits.

Thursday, 12.07

27 million

Do you know that presently the scale of slavery is the highest in history? 27 milion hostages of others’ desires walk the Earth How is that possible? We are going to present this phenomenon in a series of short and unsettling movies. Caution! Only for adult viewers.

Justyna Kuzar & Paulina Mroczkowska ? assistants of the Salvation Army preventive project, they supervise Job Offers Verification Point in Warsaw.

Friday, 13.07

People met travelling

And what if you could find out what a person passing you by has to say? Sail the ocean, live on a yacht, in the Caribbean slums or in the jungle? Stay close, live together and open up to another person. A show of films from the journey.

Daniel Małajowicz

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