Exhibitions 2017


Basia Kucharska

Holds a Phd degree in fine arts from the University of the Arts in Poznań; musician and music teacher. While painting landscapes, she tries to find her own style and seek new painting solutions with the aim of catching a feeling of quiet, peace and a ‘hold-on’ moment by playing with light and space. She does not attempt to imitate nature, but creates her own painting compositions using planes, light and brushwork – all that in order to find harmony.


This year Yello, i.e. Kasia, Ola and Łukasz, come to SLOT with HEKSAEDR, an artistic installation. The enigmatic objecthas appeared in the Art Cathedral entryway and is going to stay there as long as it needs to. Its texture tends to spark interest and surprise the observers, that is why we advise you to approach it as often as possible.

Krzysztof Mętel

Student of painting at the University of the Arts in Poznań; he cooperates with Assembly Gallery. The series of landscapes in green (tarpaulins), created in the 1st year of his university course, is his response to the academic discourse on the issue of authorship of a picture. The objects of art, which he signs with his own name, were created unintentionally, by sunrays and rainfall that discoloured green tarpaulin which was covering planks lodged in the garden.

Jagoda Zych

Student of painting at the University of the Arts in Poznań. The main areas of her artistic activity are painting and drawing. She works also with glass, applying the fusing method, and with artistic textile. In her work, she explores the meaning of black and darkness in a picture, along with the entire charge carried by these qualities. Her works often refer to the space of rooms and interiors, and so lead us to our ‘inner world’.

Piotr Słomczewski


An interactive performance installation, whose audience are also its participants. The sound and the colour melt in one piece of work, creating a colourful symphony. Without any unnecessary use of symbols, we discover intersensual dependencies. We determine space without any visible borders. The Art Cathedral interior becomes a generator, a transmitter and an amplifier of human emotions and thoughts.

Mobile Photo Trip

‘A Mobile Photographer’ exhibition

22 Polish photographers. Ordinary, unordinary. 44 pictures. Usual, unusual. Mobile. They show only frames shot by a mobile phone camera. They feature everyday life and the surrounding contemporary world, just as it is. They are a kind of litmus test of our times. Exhibition prepared by Damian Kostka and Mirek Górski


An artistic installation created together with the participants of Slot Art Festival, communicating a clear message: LET’S TALK. The installation is going to consist of many transparent tubes of various lengths, filled by the participants with coloured liquid. We will tell about ourselves and share our sensitivity via colours, forms and emotions.

The installation was created by a group of students of cultural management in public space at the Pedagogical University in Kraków.


LED IT GO Installation



The plane is the very heart of the festival area. Thanks to the installation LED IT GO, this place has become an attractive meeting point also after dark. The geometric composition has lighted up the whole space and emphasized the huge bulk of the tree crown.

Koło WARSZTAT works at the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology. Project coordinator: NO Studio.

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Photo exhibition

Jagoda Bręk


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