Exhibitions 2011

Slot Art Festival 2012 – news coming soon

The Art of Life 2011.

Promising. Fresh. Current. From the past – a fruitful future.

SLOT Gallery – in 2011 we want to present something totally new. Living. Strong.
We look higher. We look deeper. We aim wider.
We want to shock you with intensity.
We hope to amaze you with individuality.
We will conquer the ART Cathedral
and awaken thousands of emotions.
One of a kind. Unforgettable.
Clear. Precious and bringing LIFE!



Ja w twoim obiektywie (“Me in Your Lens”)

an exhibit project organized by the Culture Center of Górza Kalwaria
breaks down walls
and infects with closeness
and the power of good



Once upon a time, a certain Kuba came into the SLOT office, a man with the mind of a child. He
left us some of his drawings and took our re-cycling to create new drawings…

Nikifor of the 21st Century
extremely accurate
closes the spaces of our world
colorful and grey
on notebook paper…



Kobieta bez Cienia (Woman Without Shadow)
– multimedia project. Małgorzata Zielińska.

Seeking your own shadow means a process of defining your true identity. Shadows are not possible ithout Light. So, if I have a definition of “me”, then what is the “Light” that allows me to have ashadow? Thanks to what can I see and define my shape? Can that “Light” get inside me and influence my consciousness and way I see myself and the world?


10 Women. Kosma Ostrowski.

Graduate in graphics from UMCS art department in Lublin. Co-founder of gallery, „Kamienica Cudów”,
in Lublin. Cartoonist, illustrator, graphic artist…

hard to describe
just like Ania, Ola, Kasia, Basia, Marta… and me.


Trace. Joshua Simpson, Helen Bradley.

Trace is an interactive installation combining visual art, written word and physical expression designed by Joshua Simpson and Helen Bradley, Community Artists from England. The work explores themes around journeying, mark making, identity and spirituality. It provides opportunity to look at where you are and how you have gotten there, it is also a response to your surroundings and a platform for others.


Reporters from the film school in Łódź

“This exhibit was created for the need of the moment. Important moments were captured on film with
faith that our touching the world would meet with a reaction- create a discussion.
Feature reports and photo-reports play an important role in media. Regardless of technical
advancements they will always provide a foundation of knowledge about man and the world around
him. I believe that our students will make that challenge easier.” Prof. Krzystof Hejke


The Infantilizators. Albert Oszek

Graduate of the Art Academy of Krakow. Painter, graphic artist. Creates cultural art involved in presenting man lost in a world of commercialism and consumption. Inspiration is drawn from masks and figures from art of the Pacific Islands as well as anti- globalism ideology.

The theme of the project, “The Infantilizators” comes from the idea of etosu infantylizmu, used by Benjamin R. Barber in his book, “ Consumed”, where “the market ruins children, makes adults infantile and swallows up citizens.” This idea describes contemporary consumers as “shop-aholics”, addicts against their will, manipulated from childhood. “The Infantilizators” is a cycle of acrylic paintings on canvas as well as plaster sculptures depicting small-adult figures addicted to possessing un-necessary
products. The series is an attempt to laugh at human weaknesses by showing in an grotesque manner certain uncontrolled behaviors of man, whose biggest desire is to identify with the wonderful world of advertising.

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