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Experimental Stage is something, that can take place only late at night in the ArtCathedral. Between experiment, jazz, classical and improvisation. Unique music in an unique place.

Cathedral – Midnight – Experience.

Tuesday 4.07

Berjozkele Ola Bilińska

Project interprets traditional lullabies and evening songs in Yiddish. With minimalist musical means, the musicians gave new life to compositions once popular in Poland and Eastern Borderlands (pol. Kresy), giving them contemporary form. The artists use both electronic and acoustic instruments. Lyrics — sometimes anonymous, traditional, often by Yiddish poets — are the common platform for all musical works.

Wednesday 5.07


The band is created by singers, instrumentalists, performers who continue the singing tradition of Polish folk music. Sutari project is a fusion of their diverse, traditional and modern, music experiences and fascinations. They specialize in vocal compositions but they also use unconventional instruments like a grater, keys or a bowl with water. SAF concert promotes their new album „OSTY” (“Thistles”).

Thursday 6.07


Project by Joanna Longić (vocal) and Hania Rani (piano). It is a collection of songs with original texts and music which tries to avoid classification into known genres and styles by combining acoustic sounds with ambitious electronic music. Joanna Longić first appeared on the Polish music scene with the Bemine project. Hania Rani is a pianist, winner of national and international competitions.

Friday 7.07


A band of 4 energetic women who share a mission to draw their audience into the ethereal world of sounds completed with silence. Minimalism, jazz, Scandinavian and ethnic music are the main sources of inspiration for them, while a voice accompanied by various instruments is their mean of expression. They use a whole range of vocal techniques that enable them to create a new, rich musical world.


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