Fifth Element 2018

SLOT DNA is the values we gathered, that constitute the essence of our Slottish identity.

#5Element is the Person, without whom we simply wouldn’t be here. You’ll find many Slottish volunteers,eager to honestly talk about life, values, faith, growth and true life with God. Just drop by the corridor next to the Meta-noia Café, where you can talk to us.

Eye to eye


Space designed for calming down, contemplating, honest conversation and prayer.

24/7 You don’t have it, because you don’t ask


We would like to encourage everybody to participate in a common prayer during the festival. Do you wish SLOT was even better and safer, life-changing or do you already have something to thank for? Regardless of whether you are an organizer, a volunteer or a participant ? you are invited!

Spiritual 101 ? how to start to fly and land?

Café Sfera / WEDNESDAY-SATURDAY / JUNE 11?14 / 6:00 PM

What is a real relationship with God? Lecture and discussion for those, who are starting their path.


Brave new world


If you are 16?24 y.o., you are a part of a generation, which gets addicted less frequently than generations before, it also initiates their sex-life later. Parents and teachers could be delighted, if it wasn’t for the reason of these changes. Did the brave new world solve our problems?

Jeff Cowmeadow ? pastor and social activist from Minneapolis.

Kenny Mitchell ? father, DJ, producer, director of Aim Arts Academy in Bournemouth.

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