Fifth Element


SLOT DNA is the values we gathered together, that constitute the essence of our Slottish identity.

#5thElement is a Person, without whom we wouldn’t simply be here.. During the Festival you will find volunteers from the Slottish team willing to talk sincerely about life, values, faith, progress and actual life with God. Just drop by the corridor next to the Meta-noia cafe and you can talk with us.

Face to face – D10

the whole festival

A space meant for calming down, meditation, sincere talk and prayer.

24/7 You don’t have for you don’t ask – D11

the whole festival

Anyone who wants to join a common prayer during the festival is welcome. You want Slot to be even better, safer, more life-changing or you already have something to thank for? No matter if you are an organiser, volunteer or participant – you are welcome!

#5thElement as a way of Slottish life – how to multiply our DNA in others? – D11

Tuesday–Saturday 4–8.07


Everyone who wants to join our movement is welcome. We’ll try to educate and encourage how during the festival you can share what is most important for you with others. It’s in a way a continuation of the former „Roadside Assistance” team.

I’ll tell you my story – G14

Wednesday–Friday 5–7.07


We pass each other in the street. I am one of the people you don’t know. It may seem that who I am is of no consequence to you. But give me a chance to say something about myself. Let me just for a moment be someone else than just a passer-by. 3 different people, 3 different stories. Hosted by: The Gate – alternative

club from Wrocław.

Do you really forge your own destiny? – A4, alt. D12

Wednesday–Saturday 5–8.07


Listen to the story that shows that sometimes it’s not possible to achieve what we have planned and that sometimes it’s even better not to.

Wednesday 5.07

Filip Pasek lives in Bieszczady, there together with his wife he runs the 'Kuźnia Skarbów’ (The Smithy of Treasures) About his work: Every piece of metal put into the fire, hammered, cared for becomes a little work of art. In each one you can see the mark of the tool used by the master, his sensitivity and craftsmanship. In life it’s also like that – experiencing various things, we don’t always understand their goal and sense. That’s why we should wonder – who is forging our destiny?

Thursday–Saturday 6–8.07

Jakub Kamiński – a young boy that have seen the ups and downs of the footballing career: joy of success and goals shot but also the life of fun and entertainment and in the end – a trauma that ended his career. The apparent end turned out to be a beginning of something even better –Jakub met the living God, who has healed both his soul and torn cruciate ligaments. It doesn’t matter where in your life you are, how lost you are – what matters is, what are you gonna do today?

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