Hip-Hop Stage 2018

Hip-hop stage D7 00:00?3:00


Rapping and Dj-ing workshop p.

Open Space location p.



Polish rapper, vocalist and record producer. After coming out of so-called underground associated mainly with Rysiu Peja, who released his 3 solo albums. Since 2016 r. an official representative of MaxFloRec Artistic & Publishing Agency.

DJ Bulb

Happy dad, full time club and concert DJ.


DJ ChedeRac

DJ & multi-instrumentalist (8 years of playing bass guitar & 12 years of piano class at classical and jazz department of musical school). Started DJ-in in 2013. In his sets you can hear a mixture of hip-hop, funk and R&B.

Rafał Janowski (Raf.) Riddim & Flow

You’ll hear his own compositions, created in collaboration with NAAMAN, as well as with the Austrian HOUSE OF RIDDIM squad. It’s an explosive and hot mixture of melodic riddims in modern & roots reggae climate. Drop in, man, for a positive jam!


Dusty Vibes Crew

A project by three hip-hop-heads from Kolokos crew basing on dusty samples, strong drum-set pieces with unclichéd flow and verse-spitting technique plus naturally some ballsy cuts and scratches. In short: BOOM BAP SHIT!

DJ Bulb ? responsible for cuts and scratches, Prykone tha GUOD ? responsible for lyrics and rapping, Smokin Productions ? responsible for music.

DJ ChedeRac


DJ Bulb


DJ ChedeRac

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