Workshops 2015

If You…

Are a performer, artist, sportsman…

Are an organizer of cultural activities, trainer, creator, musician…

Teach languages, carry out training courses…
Work with people, like to share your passion with others, want to inspire and help others develop…

it is You that we want to invite to help create Slot Art Festival 2015!
We are looking for people with their own ideas for workshops for the festival participants.

We invite experienced workshoppers as well as passionate people just starting to pass down their knowledge and abilities to the others.



Together with you, we want to create a programme of workshops designed for both the beginners in your field and people that want to improve their skills under the workshop leaders’ supervision.

How to do this?
1. Try to design your idea with consideration of four days of workshop (4x 1 hour 45 minutes)
2. Describe your idea in the registration form
3. Send it to us
4. Wait for a response!

We will ask people invited to cooperation for a detailed plan of workshop: its course, needed materials, equipment and technical support.

We will contact you in order to prepare your proposition in the best possible way.

We’d like to meet all the workshoppers during the PREPARATION DAYS July 6th and 7th, 2015. It will be a time of workshops for you, of getting to know each other and of polishing last organization and content issues.


We accept ENTRIES until April 13th, 2015 until 22:00

For the FORM in English contac us via e-mail:


If you’d like to know more about Slot workshops, you can find the information here:




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