Indian viridary 2013

Indian Viridary is an incredible place, where you will feel the oriental atmosphere of India. Apart from nice conversations and the chillout-zone over chai, we will show you India seen through the eyes of different people: photographers, social workers, doctors, travelers, businessmen, priests, musicians, street children and ordinary people. We have collected their thoughts, photographs, music, impressions and experience and we would like to show them to you. You will hear about things which media do not mention and see what an average tourist does not see. Indian Viridary is a place with:

  • Inspiring, interactive lectures, everyday at 11:

Wednesday 10.07. – Hinduism and Christianity in India: Can they function together?

Thursday 11.07.– No problem, my friend! A few words on cultural differences

Friday 12.07. – Backpacking in India – how to prepare for a trip and how to travel in India

Saturday 13.07.–Slumdog not-a-millionaire. Children from the streets of Bombay (lecture and discussion)

  • Special events:

Tuesday 09.07. at 7PM–Masala Trip. A photo report of a visit in India (also on Friday 12.07. at 4 PM)

Wednesday 10.07. at 4PM–All that glitters is not gold. An interview with Leszek „Korzeń” Korzeniecki: eastern mysticism.

Thursday 11.07. at 3PM – May you be the mother of a thousand sons .Women in India. A photo report and a course on how to wrap a sari (also on Saturday 13.07. at 5PM)

  • Evening time: The non-bollywood cinema of India (details soon)

Throughout the whole Slot: exhibition: Two Faces of India, Indian market, real chai, delicious snacks from India, and of course Indian chillout zone: cosy atmosphere with climatic Indian music, interesting conversations and time to relax… Everything you need, in the heart of Slot!

  • Additionally : Wearing a kerchief- workshop (1 PM)
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