Indian viridary 2014


INDIAN COURTYARD Chai Lounge – location 48

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A place where you can feel the oriental Indian atmosphere. Apart from nice chats and the chillout zone we want to show you India seen through the eyes of different people: photographers, social workers, doctors, travelers, businessmen, clergymen, musicians, street children and average citizens. We have collected their thoughts, photographs, music and experiences in order to show you. You will hear what the media don’t talk about and see what is inaccessible for an average tourist. The Indian Courtyard consists of:


Wednesday 09.07 – You are free, Tom, in your own home – everyday life in India
Thursday 10.07 – The city of light, the city of death… Varansi – the voyage of my life
Friday 11.07 – A family in a backpack: family expedition to India
Saturday 12.07 – India’s greatest asset: the children

Special events:

Wednesday 09.07, 18:00 – Non-bollywood Indian cinema
Thursday 10.07, 18:00 – The world went crazy, I’m in India! – Slideshow from half a year’s stay in India
Friday 11.07
15:00 – May you be the mother of a hundred sons – a lecture on women’s and girls’ life in India
16:00 – workshops of sari wrapping and a photo session in the Inner Garden
19:30 – Non-bollywood Indian cinema
During the whole festival: Two Faces of India exhibition, Indian bazaar, Chai Lounge and of course Indian chill-out zone.

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