Literary stage 2017


15:00 and 17:30





Reading between the lines


Krzysztof Czyżewski reads poems by Ana Blandiana from ”My Native Land A4” collection.

Ana Blandiana (1942) – author of 25 collections of poems. Her work has been translated to more than 20 languages, which makes her the world’s most recognizable ambassador of Romanian literature. Winner of many literary awards, among others, the European Poet of Freedom Award.


Krzysztof Czyżewski reads poems by Yahya Hassan from the ”Poems” book.

Yahya Hassan (1995) – his debut collection Poems sold in 100 thousand copies in just two months. In his first book of poems he criticizes Islam and the generation of his parents, which made him many enemies. He describes himself as a stateless Palestinian with a Danish passport.

FRIDAY, 7.07

Wojciech Bonowicz reads poems by Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki from the collection „Nie dam ci siebie w żadnej postaci” (I won’t give you myself in any form).

Eugeniusz Tkaczyszyn-Dycki (1962) – probably the most original voice among the middle and young generation poets. He’s unlike any other. Czesław Miłosz himself belonged to the readers who find his poetry fascinating. Winner of many awards, among them, Nike Literary Award.


Wojciech Bonowicz reads poems by Anna Świrszczyńska and Julian Kornhauser.

Julian Kornhauser (1946) – author of poems, novels, literary sketches, translator, literary critic and expert. One of the most eminent representatives of the 70s New Wave in Polish literature, co-author of the „Świat nieprzedstawiony” („The world not presented”), a manifesto book of the ’68 Generation. Winner of many awards.

Anna Świrszczyńska (1909) – poet-innovator. With great insight and without compromises, she wrote about women, their psyche and the way they experience the world differently than men. She was the first Polish poet to speak about the biology of a woman’s body in a woman’s own voice.



Wednesday 5.07


Joanna Mueller (1979) – poet, literary expert and critic. Her poetry and critical articles were published, among others, in such literary journals as „Twórczość”, „Teksty Drugie”, „Literatura na Świecie” and „Lampa”. Co-editor of ”Podziemne wniebowstąpienie” (The Underground Ascension), critical sketches on the works of Tymoteusz Karpowicz and the anthology of female poetry ”Solistki” (The Soloists).


Silvester Lavrik (1964) – writer, poet, screenwriter, dramatist, theatre, film and radio play director. Author of several novels (lately – “Zu”) and over 30 theatrical plays.. Winner of the Fund Literary Award, Anasoft Litery, Perokresby, Award of the Minister of Culture. The meeting will be hosted byJacek Bierut – author of poetry collections and novels.

Thursday 6.07


Author’s meeting dedicated to the book “Gajcy. W pierścieniu śmierci” (Gajcy. In the Ring of Death) by Stanisław Bereś (1950) – literary expert, professor of the University of Wrocław. Tadeusz Gajcy (1922) published two small poetry collections that became part of the history of literature. Until today, they draw readers’ attention with their unique fantasy soaked by fear and childlike sensitivity, woven of the images of apocalyptic horror.

Friday 7.07


Damian Kowal (1990) – four-time nominee for the Jacek Berezin Contest award. His first book ”Najmniejsze przeboje z Tristan da Cunha” was nominated for the 2017 Silesius Poetry Award.


SLAM — a literary contest where everyone, regardless of age and literary experience, is invited. All you need is some courage and creativity. Led by Damian Kowal and Justyna Seniuć.

Saturday 8.07


Łukasz Jarosz (1978) – poet and musician. Singer, drummer and author of texts for Lesers Bend, Chaotic Splutter, Panoptikum, Katil Ferman, Zziajani Porywacze Makowców, Mgłowce. Winner of Wisława Szymborska Award.


Wojciech Bonowicz (1967) — coordinator of the Tischner Days in Cracow. Winner of the Literary Award Gdynia in the category of poetry, nominated twice to Nike Literary Award. In 2017 he published a book inspired by his conversations with Wojciech Waglewski entitled ”Wagiel. Jeszcze wszystko będzie możliwe” (Wagiel. And Everything’s Going to Be Possible) and a poetry collection ”Druga ręka” (Second Hand).


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