1. 101 ideas for a portrait

turn 2 / G14 / 10 people / level 1

A portrait is something more than just a staged pose. It’s a kind of a a special ability to obtain deep realism, present a photographed person in a harmonic way and to emphasise their uniqueness. Do you want to improve your photographs in a simple but original way, using a sequence of countless poses – from elegant and unusual to funny ones? Do come!

Pamela Szczerbik-Chudy – a cultural expert, graduate of photography courses. She runs her own business called Sztuki Wolne (Free Arts) where she takes photos and gives educational classes. The author of several photography exhibitions.

2. Soutache jewellery

turn 1 / F6 / 15 people / level 1

Soutache is nothing else but fabulously colourful strings that – interwoven by thread and needle with beads and stones – turn into magical compositions. Earrings, pendants, necklaces, brooches or even bigger decorations – everything is possible. We will learn the basics of the technique and everyone will leave our workshop well satisfied with a piece of jewellery made with their own hands!

Agnieszka Grabałowska – a cultural psychologist, a graduate of a silver jewellery making course in Amalgam Art Studio in Atlanta, USA. For 5 years she has been running workshops in Poland, Turkey and the USA. Last year she spent in Portugal teaching children and adults how to make jewellery.

3. Paper jewellery quilling

turn 1 / F4 / 15 people / level 1

Quilling is a technique for making artistic forms from paper. Thin paper strings are wound on a special needle to form a spiral, then they are stuck together and formed in a proper way. The shapes made this way give you a possibility to create beautiful compositions. During the workshop we will try to make our DIY jewellery from paper elements.

Magdalena Drwal – master of fine arts, graphic artist.

4. Sequin decorations

turn 3 / F6 / 10 people / level 1

During the workshop we will decorate Styrofoam shapes with pins and colorful sequins in order to obtain multicolored, fancy patterns. Workshop designed for those who want to have an extraordinary hand-made souvenir from SAF for their close ones or for themselves.

Stephanie Hoeber – EVS volunteer from the Netherlands participating in one-year project of OSTOJA association. Graduate of psychology. She will run a workshop for the first time.

5. Make-up

turn 1 / F2 / 25 people / level 1

During this workshop we will learn how to use products available in each grocery store to create fictional elements of make-up, like injuries: scrapes, bruises, wounds, blood and scars. I will also tell you about the specifics of a make-up artist job. Maybe we will join our forces with those of participants of first-aid workshop and help them with the simulation they are preparing.

Klaudia Rojek – a graduate of make-up at International Fashion, Coaching and Makeup School FAM. She gained her experience working on film sets, during photo sessions and performances.

6. Decoupage

turn 3 / E2 / 25 people / level 1

Decoupage means using paper napkins for decorative purposes. During this workshop we will decorate some wooden objects that we will later enjoy having or give to another person as a gift. Each day we will make a different decoration. Are you curious what will that be? Come and check it out!

Agata Stępień – a student, for 5 years engaged in decoupage that she found interesting during SAF workshop a couple of years ago.

7. Dreadlocks alternative hairdressing

turn 1 / B6 / 30 people / level 1

Dreadlocks is an alternative haircut, popular among young people. Everyone willing to know more about dreadlocks making, care and styling are welcome. We inspire, create and plait. During the workshop you will make your own dreadlocks from synthetic hair and get answers for questions bothering you. Workshops will combine a lecture with practical exercises.

Maciej Wójcik – a graduate of University of Wrocław, he runs his company He is making dreadlocks since 2003.

8. Electrifying jewellery

turn 1 / E5 / 15 people / level 1

Light bulbs and other shiny things that you can stick in your hair – that’s what the name of this workshop could be. The workshop is directed to all those to whom ordinary jewellery seems to boring, those who are not afraid of standing out from the crowd, or those who just love flowing electrons.

Zuzanna Czarnota – a student at Poznań University of Technology. Fascinated by mathematics, electronics and music.

9. T-shirt dyeing

turn 2 / G13 / 20 people / level 1

We will learn how to obtain hippie effect using tie-dye technique to decorate T-shirts. You will learn how to prepare dyes, how to fold and dye T-shirts in various ways. After the workshop you will be able to enjoy your new, colourful and patterned wardrobe. Please, bring a white T-shirt with you.

Natalia Lewandowska – a student; volunteer and workshop leader on SAF since 2012.

10. Felting

turn 3 / F7 / 10 people / level 1

Participants will get acquainted with a technique for wet felting of comb wool. We will prepare colourful dreadlocks, brooches, bracelets, necklaces. Everyone who wants to fatigue their hands are invited.

Agnieszka Koszelnik – a participant in OSTOJA Occupational Therapy Workshops, fascinated with felting. For several years she has co-led wet felting workshops, for the last three years she has run workshops on her own.

11. Photographic alchemy

turn 1,2 & 3 / 07.07-09.07 / I1 / 20 people / level 1

The participants will be introduced to the Wet Collodion process, the second photographic technique in the history. Photos are created directly on the glass and must be immediately printed in a darkroom. The process of creating is demanding but the power of this kind of photographs is so overwhelming that those were the photographers said to enchant a piece of a soul in the image.

Workshop carried out in collaboration with the european capital of culture 2016.

Street Collodion Collective travels with their mobile studio and darkroom and prints photo portraits on 13×18 cm glass plates using a technique from the second half of 19th century.

Michał Sitkiewicz – a photographer and a lecturer of noble photographic techniques. Since 2009 he has been running workshops and various presentations of the collodion photography and other types of noble and alternative photography.

Paweł Sokołowski – a visual artist, engaged in documentary, creative and portrait photography. He uses classic and old-time techniques. He realized many original projects and was an author of critical reviews on photography for Wałbrzyski Informator Kulturalny.

12. Dutchman

turn 3 / F8 / 10 people / level 1

The Holender (Dutchman) game came from Michael College in Breda, the Netherlands. Perfect game to train your concentration, accuracy and hand-eye coordination. It teaches friendly competing, arouses positive emotions and brings a lot of joy. Both experienced players and newcomers are welcome!

Krzysztof Puchyra – a photographer, musician, contemplative of the reality. He runs, plays basketball and swims. For three years he worked as a disabled person assistant in the OSTOJA Association.

13. Denim diary

turn 2 / F6 / 12 people / level 1

Do you like writing, taking notes or keeping a diary? Or maybe you just like nice books and notebooks? I invite you to the workshop where you will sew your own notebook. It will be unusual because we will make it from… your old jeans! Bring them with you to SLOT and we will bind your new notebook in them.

Jan Grochocki – a young bookbinder from Poznań, he runs his own bindery.

14. Medieval calligraphy

turn 3 / E5 / 12 people / level 1

Calligraphy is not just the art of fine handwriting but first of all a great adventure. You will see that while writing your own manuscript in medieval cursive called uncial and while discovering some interesting facts about

the work of medieval scribes and iluminators.

Daniel Lalik – an enthusiast and promoter of calligraphy and bookbinding, he runs calligraphy workshops.

15. Blacksmithing

turn 1 & 2 / B2 / 20 people / level 1

The participants will have a chance to become familiar with tools and basic techniques used in blacksmith’s work. Under supervision of the leaders everyone will have an occasion to try working with metal, hammer and anvil to make unique, wrought objects.

Agnieszka Pasek – a graduate of Zespół Szkół Plastycznych in Rzeszów (School of Fine Arts in Rzeszów), field of study: metalwork. Since 2009 together with her husband Filip she has been running their artistic metalwork atelier Kuźnia Skarbów (The Smithy of Treasures).

16. Tailoring

turn 2 / E3 / 10 people / level 1

The topic of the workshop is handling and using a home sewing machine. Every participant will leave our classes with their own handiwork. First two people will sew a bag, the others – pillowcases.

Justyna Wójcik – graduate of TWP Wrocław tailoring course and an application course at Patchwork Wrocław. Professional tailor with passion, sewing since she was 5. She works in Na Maszynie company and runs workshops regularly.

17. Diy flying machines

turn 2 / E2 / 20 people / level 1

Together we will make wooden helicopters, which can be shot into the air from a special catapult to fall slowly spinning like maple seeds. Our works will be later pimped up so that they will become the true flying devourers of festival air space. As you will see, making interesting flying toys is neither difficult, nor expensive.

Tomasz Grabowski – cultural manager, performance artist, member of Warsaw Performeria collective, leading workshops on performance arts and making recycled instruments.

18. Learning how to see

turn 2 / F10 / 20 people / level 1

We all look, but not all of us can see. How to see more, in higher definition, differently? How to inspire and rediscover the world around us? This workshop consists of detailed steps helping take better pictures, no matter if you use a cell phone or a camera. We will talk about both technical aspects and about the photos’ content as well.

Marta Szewerda – pedagogue, socio-cultural manager, artetherapist, photo technician and computer graphic designer. She worked as a photojournalist for Gazeta Wyborcza and Polska The Times. At present, she is mainly engaged in wedding and children photography and portraits.

19. (Not) templated

turn 3 / G13 / 20 people / level 1

During the workshop the participants will make and use a template representing themselves, a well-known and popular person or another form. We will work with photographs, cut out the layers of templates and then, using spray paints, put the graphic form on a chosen object. We will learn some principles that will allow participants to make similar works at home.

Oskar Gackowski – an architect and enthusiast of templates and manual work.

20. Handmade paper

turn 1 / G14 / 30 people / level 1

We will learn techniques for paper pulp preparation, techniques to dye it and ways to make paper sheets of it. Using paper mass and various accessories we will conjure up colourful pictures, cards, watercolour and graph paper and other paper stationary.

Artur Szabatowski – a teacher in Autorskie Licea Artystyczne and in Autorskie Studium Designu Abrys. Lecturer in Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa (Univeristy of Lower Silesia). Runs art therapy workshops, his occupations include interior and graphic design, floristics.

21. Paper wicker

turn 1 / F7 / 15 people / level 1

With just a bit of paper, glue and shashlik sticks you can make various things – baskets, fridge magnets, heart, wreath, and anything else your imagination throws at you.

Justyna Sandecka – a musician (degree in music education) and a music teacher. She has been weaving for 8 years. She knits as well.

22. Badges

turn 3 / F8 / 10 people / level 1

Workshop on creating original, colourful badges. You may create one for yourself or for a close person, based on your own idea, your favourite colour or pattern. Just do it and create!

Agata Rosiak – pedagogue, occupational therapist in the wickerwork-gardening studio in WTZ OSTOJA.

23. Recycling p

turn 3 / F3 / 10 people / level 1

During the workshop we will learn how to sew wallets and purses from old papers and plastic wrap. The easier option is to learn how to make folding purses from drink cartons and boxes from plastic bottles. There will be a lot of cutting, folding, gluing, decorating, and – for the persistent – also sewing!

Anna Pichler – art historian, cultural manager specialized in art therapy, pedagogue. Occupational therapist in manufacture workshop of WTZ OSTOJA in Wrocław.

24. Knitting with fingers

turn 2 / F7 / 45 people / level 1

Knit fabrics must have appeared in the world before textiles because people must have knitted with their fingers first. Thanks to the previous editions of this workshop on SLOT, the simple technique of weaving with hands could really develop and it is now possible to make big knitwear by yourself, do circle sewing and apply various stitches in them.

Barbara Palewicz-Ryży – she runs workshops on knitting at all levels. She writes the blog and has created the Sztrykowanie na Ekranie (Knitting on Screen) show in TV Imperium in Gliwice.

25. Architectural drawing

turn 2 / F8 / 30 people / level 1

We will practice the basics of the front-view perspective in a sacral object on the example of the main nave of the Cistercian monastery. Explanation of architectonical terms and issues associated with interior design. During the workshop legibility and presentation of drawings will be discussed as well.

Andrzej Kabat – lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Autorskie Studium Projektowania Plastycznego i Fotografii Artystycznej ABRYS, designer in MEWA STUDIO project studio.

Sebastian Płaszewski – a graduate of interior design and graphics in ABRYS Studium. Interior decorator and renovator. Lighting and stage designer.

26. Scarecrow create one and find a home for him

turn 1 / A10 / 25 people / level 1

We will construct scarecrows who are not necessarily for scaring. We will become creators who – using their creative hands, imagination and joint effort – create some nice, friendly or maybe a bit scary humanlike characters which will take care of gardens and orchards. On the last day we will take our scarecrows to Lubiąż to find homes for them. We will talk to people and ask them to choose scarecrows they like.

Henryk Tereszczak – runs Sztuka Tworzenia (Art of Creating) company, that specializes in artistic performances and bubble-making workshops. He works with children, adults and youth.

27. Moulding

turn 3 / F4 / 10 people / level 1

During the workshop we will make plaster moulds: figurines, frames, pictures, candlesticks – all souvenirs you can paint and take home. Spectacular results guaranteed!

Marta Hajdrych – a special education teacher, specialized in pedagogical therapy, cultural manager, art therapist. Occupational therapist in OSTOJA Occupational Therapy Workshop.

28. Decorative candles

turn 3 / F10 / 10 people / level 1

During the workshop we will use special forms to make decorative candles. Necessary materials will be provided but you can also bring your own elements (dried fruits, beads, pasta) to sink into a candle.

Łukasz Antoniszyn – occupational therapist in The Lower Silesia Association for Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy OSTOJA.

Zbigniew Hajdrych – graduate of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. For many years a volunteer in The Lower Silesia Association for Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy OSTOJA.

29. Clothes from space galaxy

turn 1 / A2 / 30 people / level 1

How to give a modern look to casual clothes while spending little money? Every participant can turn the clothes they bring (T-shirt, shorts, sneakers) into clothes from space in galaxy style. We will show you what techniques and materials you need to use for this effect. Bring your dark clothes (black cotton ones are the best) and take them home in a completely new version!

Agata Kiełek – student of wood technology with passion for handmaking. In recent years involved in creation of Wielki Wóz Cafe, responsible for production of cafe’s special T-shirts.

30. Sponge yourself a picture

turn 1 / F3 / 15 people / level 1

Together with the participants we will make some interesting painting compositions in a simple and creative way. Each participant will get a bristol board, some paints, painter’s tape, foam templates and a toothbrush to create a geometric picture which they will later get to take home and proudly hang on the wall.

Dominika Zarówna – a student of architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. She creates paintings.

31. Zamotki yarn jewellery

turn 3 / F2 / 10 people / level 1

Zamotek is a necklace or a bracelet made from multicolour strips obtained from cotton T-shirts. We will weave beads into the strips, tangle, plait, differentiate their thickness and experiment with colours to create original recycled jewellery.

Agata Nowakowska-Duk – a disabled person assistant in the Self-help House of the OSTOJA association. She is responsible for theatre and theatrical activities as well as handiwork.

32. String-woven

turn 2 / F4 / 30 people / level 1

Do you want to learn how to make a surprising holiday decoration in an easy and cheap way? Or maybe an interesting lampshade? This workshop consists of creating with strings, glue and dyes. With our advice and help each participant go through several steps, from choosing the size and kind of an ornament, material and colour to the final construction.

Andżelika and Dariusz Sandecki – weave at home and during workshops for many years.


33. Do-it-yourself: soap

Turn 1 / g13 / 20 people / level 1

The aim of our workshop is to have great fun as well as to eliminate unsafe components and unnecessary chemicals from our lives. You will learn how to make soap bar of a chosen shape, colour and smell, decorated according to your own idea. Everyone will leave the workshop with a bar of soap that may later become a perfect gift.

Martyna Majewska – a pedagogue specializing in professional and personal coaching; enthusiast and promoter of natural lifestyle, co-author of the blog Naturalnie Naturalni. She organizes and runs Natural Cosmetics Workshops.


1. Unsung choir

turn 1 / A1* / 60 people / level 1

Vocal classes for everyone, especially for those who allegedly can’t sing. The joy of producing sounds together, often very strange. This year we’ll work harder on finding our natural voice. Looking for and breaching of blockades. Resonators. Opening to expression and improvisation. And lots of fun as always. It’s best to take part in the whole series, but you can also join us for a few moments.

Bartosz Ignacy Wrona – non-singing vocalist, improviser, storyteller and director. For almost 10 years now he is testing the capabilities of voice by using extended vocal techniques in freely improvised music on stages and workshops. Faithful Slotter.

2. Djembe

turn 3 / C5 / 20 people / level 1

Traditional music of Western Africa carries a great load of energy. You’ll have the chance to experience it by learning chosen African rhythms from the basics. We bring accompaniments, breaks, unisonos to the workshop and put it together creating complex compositions.

Rafał Chrebela – musician, artist, cultural animator. For over 10 years connected with African drums. His knowledge and musical inspirations are drawn from meetings and workshops led by masters of African music from Poland and Western Africa. He uses the drums as a tool to stimulate creative thinking, cooperation and mutual support.

3. Finger drumming

turn 3 / H3 / 20 people / level 1

Finger drumming – drum rhythm striking techniques using your fingers. If you want to turn your fingers into drumsticks – come. We will discuss the possibilities of this type of equipment, we will show the basic finger configurations that will let you learn basic rhythms and we will touch upon the subject of home music production.

Robert Badowski – a high school graduate, works in a home recording studio. Drum and bass and newschool music producer. Finger drumming enthusiast.

4. Guitar

turn 3 / D4 / 20 people / level 2

Learn how to effectively and efficiently plan your guitar progress. First we will explain proper technique, what is it and what it depends on and then we will begin the warm-up, problems of harmonics, improvisation, sound and executory, emotional aspects. Be sure to bring your guitar.

Szymon Chudy – musician. During the last years he recorder and performed with Krzysztof Cugowski, Kamil Bednarek, Capleton, Dean Fraser, Wojtek Mazolewski, Piotr Baron, Mesajah, Natalia Niemen and many others.

5. Bass guitar

turn 1 / D4 / 40 people / level 1

Bass Guitar is an extremely cool and simple instrument that gives you huge musical and social possibilities. During the workshop we will learn the absolute basics of playing, beginning with making the simplest sounds and then we will start studying more complicated techniques. We will get acquainted with musical equipment and ways to record your own music. Mind, you don’t need your own guitar!

Daniel Dębniak – musician, for 17 years playing with the OX band, concerting with them on numerous stages in Poland and Europe, he collaborated with many musicians and groups. For years connected with Slot, currently curates the Wind path of the festival.

6. Shakuhachi japanese flute

turn 1 / F10 / 12 people / level 1

The workshop will be divided in two parts: working and musical. First we will create a flute step by step out of PVC pipe. While we are working I’ll give you the basic information on acoustics and characteristics of shakuhachi. Second part will be learning how to make a sound (positioning your lips, air flow etc.) basic fingering and names of particular sounds. We will also try to play the famous RO sound together 🙂

Marcin Żekało – manufacturer of Japanese shakuhachi bamboo flutes, he visited the instrument Bazaar 2016 with his own flute stall. He also plans to establish his own workshop Manufaktura Bambusa (Bamboo Manufacture).

7. Rainsticks

turn 2 / F3 / 15 people / level 1

The participants of the workshop will summon the rain with instruments they’ll create for that purpose. Kuba teaches how to construct the instrument, Kasia – how to decorate it. The workshops require patience and commitment for 2 or 3 days. The prize will be a personal rain-summoning instrument. Rain, the giver of life. It seems the summer will be hot!

Kasia & Kuba Zajączkowski – graduates of Szczecin University majoring in Art Education, connected with Slot Art Festival for more than 10 years, every year they make rainsticks with the participants.

8.   Mcing

turn 3 / A9 / 20 people / level 1

I will begin by telling you about myself and my journey with rap. Then we will take a look at one particular component of hip-hop culture – MCing. Then we will learn ways to create a good text, choose topics and write our own pieces. You can work in groups. Last of all everyone will present his result to others.

Marek Neumann – rapper, producer. He’s been active on stage since 2009, giving concerts in Poland and abroad (Paris, London), leading hip-hop workshops and preventive meetings for young people in schools or educational care centers.

9. Melodies fantastic on wood and plastic

turn 3 / B2 / 15 people / level 1

Join our workshop of recorder flute playing. We will learn how to play a couple of simple well-known and less known pieces of various musical genres– including ethno, folk, film music and others. We will learn the techniques, tricks and other secrets of playing and try our hand at improvisation.

Lena Wierzchoń – music lover, improviser playing everything, infecting whoever she can with playing and singing. Organizer and participant of numerous jam sessions. Foundaer of her own business in the mountains – Grajdomek in Kowary.

10. Drum kit

turn 2 / D4 / 30 people / level 1

Workshop will consist of some theory, learning how to hold the sticks and basics of playing with sheet music and – above all – exercises with snare drum and the whole kit. Every participant will have a chance to try his hand at the instrument and maybe he’ll get encouraged to learn more.

Paweł Nowak – plays the drums for 20 years. For 17 years helps create the OX band and he has visited many stages and performed numerous concerts with them.

11. Lemko songs

turn 1 / G5 / 40 people / level 1

During the workshop the participants will learn the exercises to warm-up the voice and educate the hearing as well as elements of white voice singing emission. We will learn to sing in a group, we will get acquainted with the elements of Lemko and Boyko culture and the structure and content of the songs. We will perform multivocal songs with the band and together enjoy the beauty of folk music.

Aleksandra Jaromin, Kasia Martynuska, Natalia Olenderek – They sing Lemko songs for years. They organized several concerts, including one with visually impaired from the centre in Laski and at the festival in National Musical School in Warszawa, they gained a honourable mention at the Wszystkie Mazurki Świata festival. They recorded an album together.

12. Singing in a circle

turn 2 / F1 / 10 people / level 1

Music is created here and now if you only want it to. You just have to hear it. For the composers’ circle we need: your voice, your legs and arms, your pelvis and heart. You can bring the rest of the body too. I’ll show you the process of construction of a musical piece in a creative and spontaneous way, without needless pondering.

Kacha Pakosa – vocalist, pianist, songwriter and photographer. Founder of the Voice Cabinet where she uses voice for therapy. Great lover of traditional singing, what can be seen and heard in the Ovo and Wiedmy bands. Apart from that he sang or sings with bands such as: Charles Pakowsky, Flying Moses, Miss Jass, SheMoans, Sounds Grape, The Sound Office, and Kacha Pakosa Band.

13. Songwriting

turn 3 / B3 / 21 people / level 1

Thought-out LYRICS, catchy MELODY, gripping HARMONY and moving RHYTHM. Is that all you need to create a hit? We’ll try…

Kamil Rzońca – guitarist and singer – songwriter; has played music for 13 years.


1. Acting

turn 1 / G15 / 35 people / level 1

We all are actors every single day, everyone carrying their feelings and experiences. We will look for them together and use them on stage. We will also take a closer look at our emotions to have control over them. Emotions kept on a leash, negative thinking, muscle tension – who doesn’t want to get rid of it? Today that will be your acting task!

Agnieszka Nowakowska – student of the Ludwik Solski State Drama School in Kraków, the faculty in Wrocław, graduate of the Lart Studio in Kraków. She has run many theatrical workshops, i.a. in the Grotowski Institute.

2. Bachata

turn 1 / H4 / 40 people / level 1

Bachata – dance technique popular all over the world as well as a genre of Latino music with rich rhythms. For total beginners we will present the basics so as they can start their adventure on a dancefloor but there will also be some tricks for more advanced dancers to allow them to hone their skills. You can come even if you don’t have a partner.

Michał Szefliński – for many years a Slottish electrician, for the past 4 years bachata dancer and teacher who has learned from the best Polish and foreign instructors.

3. Fairy-tell-tale

turn 1 / A9 / 40 people / level 1

We will master the art of storytelling, perceiving and expressing in words all of what we hear in our souls. Each day the subject will be different: true story, fairy tale, moral story, story-play. All participants are invited to come to the front and tell a story. This workshop attracts people who like listening to others, it also allows you to overcome your fear of public speaking and discover your talents.

Maciej Strzyżewski – teacher, writer, story-teller and photographer. Vice-president of Wszystko jest Możliwe (Everything Is Possible) Foundation, which helps to discover creative potential and use it in practice.

4. Choreotherapy

turn 3 / G15 / 30 people / level 1

How do I move, what leads me? Do I feel at home in my body? What helps being mindful? This workshop is learning how to observe yourself and others in motion. During the workshop we will be constantly deepening our body awareness and observing what kind of emotional storiy tries to escape from our bodies and how we can feel it.

Elżbieta Dudziak – actor in the Artens Theatre, organizes acting and choreotherapeutic classes. She has graduated from the Mime Studio at the Henryk Tomaszewski Wrocław Mime Theatre and for 10 years has been involved in physical theatre.

5. Circus

turn 1 / C6 / 15 people / level 1

This workshop is a perfect entry into the jugglers’ land. In a quick and simple way the participants will learn the basics of ball juggling and in consequence gain an access to the unusual state of relaxed concentration. They will learn various kinds of mime illusion and object balancing, stretch their imagination, deepen their body awareness speed up their thinking and reflex.

Mateusz Kurtyka – juggler, performance artist, actor He runs the Mimezis Art. company which organizes workshops, shows and circus classes. He has participated in countless circus and theatrical courses led by Polish and foreign artists. He works will children, young people and adults.

6. Dancehall

turn 1 / D1 / 30 people / level 1

Dancehall is a dance, which originated in hot Jamaica, it is above all huge energy and countless number of steps. You’ll learn some of them and later you’ll polish them by dancing a choreography build on them. We guarantee different atmosphere every day.

Dominik Węglarz – a member of Silesianie Dance and Song Ensemble in Katowice, participator of many courses and dance workshops.

7. Diabolo

turn 3 / B5, alt. G8 / 25 people / level 1

Diabolo – a skill toy originating from China from 2nd century BC, consists of moving “diabolically crazy” hourglass using two sticks joined with a cord – seemingly small, inconspicuous, and yet has so many secrets. From basic level up.

Bartosz Krawczyk – lawyer and musician (double bass), diabolo enthusiast, for many years leading workshops at SAF.

8. Flowerstick

turn 2 / B8, alt. G4 / 20 people / level 1

Playing with flowerstick makes you pump your biceps, exercise your mind and develop your creativity. The best way of getting everyone’s attention, improving physical condition and having great fun. Beginners will learn how to keep the stick in the air, and the more advanced will be introduced to more complicated tricks. Above all you’ll learn how to create new tricks yourselves and how to work on your own style.

Krzysztof Czarski – for many years a workshop conductor at SAF in Kraków, leads workshops at many circus festivals all around Poland.

9. Hip hop dance

turn 3 / I5 / 30 people / level 1

Dance is one of the elements of the hip hop culture. During the workshop we will learn how to move to the beat and create your own style. We will also learn where hip hop dance comes from and what its characteristics are. We will go into the world of street dances which are the base of hip hop and its source of constant inspiration.

Katarzyna Kipiel – dancer with a great experience, hip hop instructor, for five years teaching in a dance school in Kraków.

10. Impro body work

turn 3 / I6 / 30 people / level 1

This workshop is a laboratory of movement: it combines massage, stretching, body awareness and contact dance improvisation. You will be able to stop while moving and move while stopped. We will become familiar with a contact improvisation technique and will experience partner bodywork.

Kasia Gilgenast – artetherapist, organizes dance and movement classes partly based on contact improvisation, developmental movement by Veronica Sherborne. She develops her techniques and tools participating in numerous workshops, for example those run by the Chorea Theatre.

11. Dance improvisation

turn 1 / C3 / 20 people / level 1

Dance can also be a tool for communication, expressing emotions, telling stories. You don’t need to be experienced or fit to spin a tale. Just come and do it. The workshop will consist of a warm-up, improvisations and interactions interlaced with conversations about the stories you will have danced.

Julia Kołodziej – student of industrial design, graduate of the Warsaw’s Music Academy and music school: guitar class at the 1st level, solo singing at the 2nd level

12. Kendama

turn 2 / C5 / 15 people / level 1

Kendama is an old Japanese dexterity game where the main prop is a wooden toy consisting of a handle imitating a hammer with an elongated claw and a ball with a hole. It seems very easy to use it but the player must be actually very skillful and able to cope with gravity. During the workshop basic techniques as well as some more complicated tricks will be presented.

Marcin Dziopa – Kendama practitioner, runs workshops on various events and festivals

13. Polish dance roots

turn 3 / F1 / 30 people / level 1

We will have fun dancing to the live music and reach to the roots of Polish dances and traditional games. We will learn the basic step of wild Oberek – the most popular Polish dance. We’ll We’ll also have non-restrained parades, rustic dances in pairs, trios and in a circle. You don’t need a dance partner to join us.

Patrycja Kuczyńska – ethnographer, folk dances instructor, Czesław Pióro – enthusiast of folk dance that he has learned from country dancers. And the line-up of DiaBuBu band: Bartosz Puliński (garmon) & Diana Szawłowska (frame drum).

14. Juggler on a stage like a lion out of cage

turn 3 / B6 / 25 people / level 1

The workshop is about learning how to build a character and a spectacle, an opportunity to find your own individual style of work with the equipment and with the public, to break the barriers of fear and shyness, eventually turning into stage beasts! If you have your favorite props – take them with you. We’ll discover a source of endless inspiration hidden in all of us and in our group!

Adam Banach – student, performer with 10-year experience in juggling, theatre and fireshow groups.

15. Puppet maniacs

turn 1,2 & 3 / 7-9.07 / I1 / 20 people / level 1

Workshop of various theatrical form creation. Puppet maniacs combine technique, imagination ad various make-up and artistic tricks. During the workshops each participant will create their own, unrepeatable theatrical form and will learn some methods of animating it.


Dominika Chochołowska-Bocian – graduate of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (Faculty of Painting and Sculpture) and the Theatrical and Film Makeup School in Wrocław. Scholar at Accademii di Belle Artii in Italy. Stage set, puppets and costumes creator for theatrical performances.

16. Staff manipulation

turn 1 / B8, alt. G4 / 35 people / level 1

We will learn some techniques of staff manipulation and discover the anatomy of a fire show. The leader will show you a way to create your own style using the simplest tool in the world. At the end we will organize a show where the participants will become artists and will show us their skills.

Kornel Matusiak – juggler with an eight-year experience, performance artist and engineer, for many years organizer of shows at SLOT.


turn 2 / H4 / 30 people / level 1

Your body and some sequences of movements allow you to express emotions, create stories and communicate with your partners in theatrical activities. We will try to prompt you to think outside the box and to cross your mental barriers to contact other people

Rafał Bilicki, Karolina Sosińska, Ania Koźlińska – actors of the Hieronim Konieczka Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz, co-organizers of theatrical workshops for young people and children as well as for their parents and teachers. Students self-developing in their own theatrical activity.

18. Passing shared juggling

turn 3 / C6 / 40 people / level 1

Passing is a combination of coordination skills and communicating with another person. During the workshop we overcome our embarrassment and make lots of mistakes. The lessons will be conducted using games with passing one and more objects in pairs and larger groups. You’re not required to have the juggling skills. Both amateurs and experienced jugglers will have lots of fun.

Monika Klubowicz & Marcin Kościelny – experienced jugglers and juggling workshops organizers. Marcin works also for “Kuglarstwo” (Jugglery) magazine.

19. Penspinning

turn 1 / A2 / 70 people / level 1

Pen spinning is a striking manipulation of pen with your fingers, a trick that everyone can learn. It is no longer mindless playing with pen during boring lessons but an astonishing skill that challenges your imagination. We will start from the basics – from single, easy spins to long combos and spinning with both hands interchangeably or at the same time. We’ll also show the simplest way to create so called mods, pens that make spinning easier.

Michał Tomański – IT specialist, computer programmer, first winner of the Polish Pen Spinning Championship in 2008, one of the trendsetters of this discipline in Poland.

20. Social writing

turn 2 / B3 / 15 people / level 1

Everyone lives somehow and is able to write about it. Inspired by texts read during the workshop (poems and excerpts form novels and dramas) we will write our own texts about the life of us all. We will write about the things that are important to us and that we want to become important to others.

Tomasz Gromadka – MA of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw and a playwright at Fundacja Wolnosłowa that works i.a. with refugees. He runs multicultural and creative workshops as well as acting and writing classes for Poles and foreigners.

21. POI

turn 2 / B5, alt. G8 / 30 people / level 1

Don’t float like Koi, come spin a POI! Poi is a tool that helps you discover and express yourself, practice your strong will and cross your limits. It’s also good fun. We want to show you all the aspects of it, teach you the basics and then more complicated techniques and tricks as well.

Łukasz Krawiec – graduate of circus pedagogy course, animator, fireshow performer.

22. Folk danceparty

turn 1 / A5 / 40 people / level 1

We will get to know various traditional dances from different European regions: French, Breton, Celtic, Swedish and Polish ones. Our aim is to interest you in tradition in its non-stylised form and to discover how much fun dancing together gives. Every day we will organize a one-day, open party with a short briefing at the beginning. The level of the workshop will be adjusted to the participants so that everyone, regardless of their skills, will be able to enjoy it.

Natalia Klamann – ethnic dancer (mostly oriental and folk dances), instructor. Currently she co-creates Chata Nominosum – a space for cultural events and meetings.

23. Chivalry

turn 1 / I2 / 30 people / level 1

The most important for us is to have a great fun, find ourselves in group activity and experience brotherhood among people fighting side by side. We divide into fractions. After getting to know the code of safe play we’ll conduct small battles in different forms e.g.: capture the flag, guarding the king, duels. We’ll fight with cold steel props made from bamboo and soft covering.

Przemek Tereszczak – high school student, part of Sztuka Tworzenia group, assisted in many soap bubble making workshops and Warriors of the Alliance workshops, last year he led the Warrior Caste.

24. Storytelling

turn 3 / E13 / 15 people / level 1

A man has been and will always be a walking story. The story of failures and successes, ups and downs, a short story full of anecdotes and jokes. How to create a character who will be… us? The workshop’s aim is to tell you more about story-telling phenomenon and use exercises to create our own stories related to our personal or professional lives or memories.

Dagmara Bator – student of two majors – one related to advertising, and another to IT and website design. Traveller with seven-year experience in the field of marketing and media. Fascinated by intensive life that she turns into stories.

25. Stilts head in the clouds

turn 3 / B8, alt. G4 / 40 people / level 1

Minimum of theory, maximum of practice. Short briefing and… the first steps. We will practise and then master walking on stilts, have fun and try to overcome our fears that keep us from trying our skills several dozen centimetres over the ground

Mateusz Dąbkowski – runs an artistic-advertising agency, workshops, cooperates with theatres all over Poland, for two years a member of BODY SNTACHERS Acting Studio.

26. Dancing attack of space

turn 2 / C3 / 25 people / level 1

I want to invite you to discover performance art through dance and movement. During the workshop every participant can develop some elements based on their own natural movements which will be later included in our common script. Based on this script we will make a performance to be presented in a chosen space at SLOT.

Małgorzata Szalonek – dancer, founder of ALTART independent dance group, instructor, student of modern art willing to specialize in performance studies.

27. Irish dance

turn 2 / D1 / 30 people / level 1

Irish dance is an extremely dynamic form of dance that gained popularity in the last years thanks to dance shows like „Lord of the Dance” or „Riverdance”. Anyone who’d like to feel the mood of Erin’s Isle is welcome! We will learn the basic steps of traditional and non-traditional group dances. Remember to bring comfortable non-constraining clothing, light-sole shoes and drinking water.

Małgorzata Szarycz – certificated instructor at “Irish Spin”, the Irish dance school in Wrocław. For seven years has been running workshops at SLOT.

28. Modern dance improvisation

turn 3 / I6 / 30 people / level 1

Our body is a complex mechanism that – when operated properly – can take us on a fascinating journey. We will exercise, contemplate, create, change technique into dance and theory into practice. Everyone interested is welcome.

Daria Ślusarczyk – has been dancing since 4th grade. She has participated in many workshops in Poland and abroad and last year graduated of a stage choreography course in Kraków. Since September 2015 a student of the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School.

29. Flag dancing

turn 3 / D1 / 12 people / level 1

Dancing with flags has wonderful expression in it. I want to share with participants my passion for worship dance, where one of the tools may be a flag. You will learn basic dance figures, dance with one or two flags, and – if you want so – try choreography as well.

Mateusz Zaremba – student and traveller, choreographer, dancer, for many years organizer of dance workshops in Poland and abroad.

30. Isreali and jewish dance

turn 1 / F1 / 100 people / level 1

We will learn Jewish, Israeli, Hasidic and Yemeni-stylized dances. Israeli and Jewish dances are not only technical steps learning, it’s also a prayer and expression of joy. Hasidim say, that when someone dances it’s like he’s saying prayers twice… There’s something in that. Anyone who wants to experience joy in dance is welcome.

Dorota Herok – graduate of the Christian School of Mime Drama and Dance, for over a dozen years she has been running Yewish, Israeli and modern dance workshops in Poland and abroad. Founder and choreographer of the “Klezmer” group.

31. Creative words games

turn 2 / G15 / 18 people / level 1

Limericks, graphic poems, short prose, creating of a picture book. The workshop for everyone who wants to give writing a try. During the workshop we will train our creativity by creative writing, drama and improvisational games. We will focus on the participants with their different sensitivities and world-perceptions.

Marzenna Wiśniewska – theatrologist, cultural manager, theatre pedagogue. She works in the Department of Cultural Studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. She runs critical, theatrical, theatre pedagogy and creative writing workshops. She collaborates with theatres and cultural organizations.

32. You walk in clad in white

turn 1 & 2 / G7 / 25 people / level 1

Members of the Cali na Biało group will touch upon the topic stage improvisation through practical exercises. We’ll show which elements are worth transferring to the stage and which can be used even in everyday situations. We’ll train basic rules of impro, most popular impro games as well as simple methods of character creation.

The Cali na Biało (Clad In White) group consisting of: Agata Afeltowicz, Adam Cybulski, Maciej Wiśniewski, Michał Wiśniewski, Agata Radka, Jakub Zygadlo.

33. Zumba fitness

turn 2 / I5 / 30 people / level 1

Zumba is a combination of Latin American dances with the elements of fitness. It is not the perfect steps that count but joy, smile and energy. Distract yourself dancing merengue, feel sensuality in bachata and sweat off your problems with reggaeton! In Zumba there is enough room for all of that and even more.

Mateusz Roesler – student, Zumba Fitness instructor, co-organizer of zumba events and marathons.

34. Classical juggling

turn 1 / C5 / 50 people / level 1

You can’t juggle but you have always wanted to? Let’s deal with it! Our only limits will be your imagination and (to some extent) gravity. We will help you juggle with three, four and as many balls as you like. We will coordinate your hemispheres in the art of juggling!

Marcin Styczyński – juggler for 10 years. His profession is firebreathing. His love is juggling.

35. Ball juggling

turn 2 / C6 / 30 people / level 1

Juggling is inextricably linked with coordination. It allows synchronization of both brain hemispheres and stimulates brain tissue growth, which results in better memory and reflex, and broadened visual field. It is also a great game and physical activity. During the workshop we will learn many interesting tricks and combinations.

Jakub Wojtylak – high school student in Wrocław, juggler. He runs workshops within social projects, he also runa workshop last year at SLOT.


1. Partner acrobatics

turn 1 / D7 / 35 people / level 1

We’ll begin with basics and simple figures, protection and exact instructions. Partner acrobatics requires and encourages cooperation – without it there’s no way to „fly” successfully. The exercises form the feeling of trust towards other person and help experience how important it is to help others and understand that one person can’t control everything. In the end we will crown our struggles with gravity with a human pyramid we will build and snap photos of from every possible angle.

Daniel Jadczak – graduate of circus pedagogics course, assistant teacher at a youth circus school. His experience includes workshops of psychological-pedagogical skills.

2. Capoeira regional

turn 3 / C4 / 30 people / level 1

Capoeira is a Brazylian martial arts combining physical, cultural and musical elements. At first it expressed the cultural individuality of Brazilian slaves and was a method of disobedience, with time it became an art in itself. Today it has its distinctive dynamics, fluidity and dexterity, invariably retaining the most beautiful martial arts title.

Dorian Widawski – high school graduate engaged in various forms of voluntary work and blogger. Systematically trains capoeira for 8 years now.

3. Kendo

turn 2 / I6 / 30 people / level 1

Kendo descend from the combat samurai fencing. General principle of the „way of the sword” – that’s how the word 'kendo’ should be translated – is to shape one’s own character by application of the rules of the sword. After the warm-up we will learn cuts with a training sword, various methods of movement, samurai etiquette and basic terms. If you have your own kendo equipment, bring it with you!

Przemysław Szymiec – 4th dan kendo, member of Polish kendo team, current European team Vice-Champion, multimedallist of Polish and international competitions. Head instructor of the Yokokan Kendo Sports Club in Katowice.

Krzysztof Kaczorowski – 3rd dan kendo, founder of the Genryoku Kendo Section in Wisłą operating under the auspices of SC Yokokan Kendo. Polish team Vice Champion 2014, medalist of Polish and international competitions. Organizer of the Genryoku Cup – the biggest kendo tournament in Poland.

4. Le parkour

turn 2 & 3 / D7 / 35 people / level 2

The workshops will take a form of Le Parkour and Freerun sport training. You’ll learn how to prepare for physical effort, warm-up your muscles, you’ll learn the methods of preventing injuries and all of safety rules. The goal of the workshop is to show the participants what is the essence of presented sports and infecting them with the wish to continue training.

Ariel Denenfeld – leader of the Freedom group from Oława. He organizes and leads Crossfit and StreetWorkout trainings. Workshops led also by: Daniel Gwóźdź, Tomasz Kowalski, Tomasz Sinkowski, Marcin Sokołowski – all of them related with the Freedom team and with SLOT, running workshops for years.

5. Sport bow

turn 3 / I2 / 50 people / level 1

Come shoot some! During the workshop we will get acquainted with the bow construction and the mechanics of archery and we will learn or perfect shooting at the target. Basic idea of the class is to have fun shooting!

Paweł Borys – former sportsman of Społem Łódź, for many years a scoutmaster of Polish Scouting and Guiding Association.

6. Manzo

turn 1 & 2 / C4 / 30 people / level 1

Manzo is a motor game, in which not only fitness and agility, but also tactics, planning and team cooperation matter. Two teams contest on a marked grass field. The goal of the game is to break through enemy field and reach Manzo, i.e. the point furthest from the player’s field. Excellent fun! All that’s needed is sports clothing and wish to have fun.

Urszula Sokołowska i Patrycja Suchodolska – Manzo enthusiasts. Since last year they lead a workshop presenting the game to Slotters.

7. Unicycle first pedaling

turn 1 & 2 / G10 / 22 people / level 1

We’ll teach anyone to ride a unicycle! Necessary condition is wish to learn and not being deterred by first failed attempts. Contrary to what you may expect it is quite easy to master one wheel and after 3–4h of training anyone can get the basics. At the beginning we will describe the equipment, show how to ride and give some golden advices. After that all that’s left is training.

Paweł Pajda – member and founder of Team Rides the uni for years. Participant of many competitions, leads and organizes numerous workshops, shows and unicycling competitions.

8. Slackline

turn 3 / C3 / 20 people / level 1

Plan is simple: we’ll train and try until we drop. After meeting and a short introduction of the discipline and basic rules of practice, participants will be divided into unassisted and beginners groups – we’ll prepare training spaces for both. Beginners will be supported both by the workshop leader and his verbal tips.

Adam Gawron – student, runs and organizes juggling workshops at Kraków Slot Days, Grojkon Convention and also at city carnivals in Żory and around Katowice.

9. Ultimate friesbee

turn 2 / I3 / 30 people / level 1

the game’s goal is to pass the disc between the members of the attacking team so that it can be caught in the point field of the defending team. Disc can be repossessed only while flying. Every workshop starts with a warm-up, after that we learn throws, do exercises useful during the game and then we play a match. The game by principle is a non-contact one.

Maciej Skorupa – member of the national team selection, training under supervision of Polish vice-champions. Takes part in numerous tournaments.

10. Yo-yo

turn 1 / F8 / 10 people / level 1

Yo-yo is one of the most popular toys that can be used both for everyday fun and in sport context – they appear both in school hallways and in competitions. We will learn various evolutions and ways to use a yo-yo adjusting the exercises and our training plan to the advancement level and skills of the workshop participants.

Maciej Cwynar – plays with yo-yo for many years now, current Polish Champion, holds third position in Europe.

11. Make yoself a bow

turn 1 / E2 / 15 people / level 2

We open the workshop participants for traditional archery. We show that you don’t need to have huge financial resources at your disposal to get the shooting equipment. Let’s make it ourselves. The workshop is cyclical – we work with one group for the whole festival, as making of the bow is time-consuming. Besides that that we create arrows, targets. At last – we practice!

Łukasz Michalczyk – archery enthusiast and practitioner, once again with workshops at SLOT. He works with children, adults and youth. English language teacher – no relation between his work and the workshop explicitly proves that anyone can get interested in archery.


1. Web application
turn 1 / H3 / 10 people / level 1

Coding at Slot is no shame. Take your laptops and your app ideas! In four days we will try to create a reasonably functional web app. The workshop will consist of lecture introduction, practical exercises and developing your own app ideas.
Juliusz Zarzycki – programmer, professionally involved in programming web applications.

2. Hitch-hiking
turn 2 / B6 / 45 people / level 1

Hitch-hike and away! How to do it safely? How to get along? How to meet? A group of about 40 will work on problems and discuss. We point issues out and ask lots of questions. The answers can be found in dialogue! After years of hitch-hiking it turns out that experience changes everything – you just have to start.
Kasia Swoboda – ethnology and cultural anthropology student, good music and travelling lover, vagrant, hitch-hiker.

3. Malpractice
turn 1 / E9 / 15 people / level 1

The goal of the workshop is creation of a space for discussion and creative and constructive utilization of professional and private failures and misadventures. We will create a map of thoughts, experiment with word, body and space, look at our mistakes from a distance and notice the way they can help us reach interesting solutions. In the end we may create an animation-happening action.
Karolina Pluta – cultural manager, theatre pedagogue, educator, moderator. Works in the ę Creative Initiatives Company and in the Theatre Pedagogues Association, collaborates with the Theatre Institue, graduated from the STOP trainer school.

4. Dark side of the internet
turn 3 / G5 / 20 people / level 1

Participants will learn how to effectively deal with dangers in the Internet such as virtual hate, information stress or so called „digital dementia”. Although new technologies brought us a lot of good, skillful diagnosis of problems connected with them is one of the key challenges of science. During the workshop you will take part in a simulation, allowing you to experience the way we create the Internet and what effects emerge from it.
Adriana Bernady – psychologist, trainer, coach. Collaborated with SWPS University, Mind Odyssey Association, Polish Psychology Students and Graduates Association and others.

5. Shawl-carrying
turn 2 / C1 / 6 people / level 1

We will learn the principles of safe and healthy carrying children in shawls and slings. We will learn basic ties, the difference between woven, elastic and ring slings and hear about choosing our first scarf and when can we start carrying children in them. We’ll also cover basics of nursing care and healthy physical development of infants. And first of all we will effectively spread the love for shawls and slings!
Ola Górska – certified counselor of carrying babies in shawls and soft carriers. Doula. Perinatal educator,propagator of idea of parenthood in closeness. Mother of three.

6. Slot everyday journal
turn 2 / E5 / 15 people / level 1

Creation of artistic book that is born from the recording of one event, thought, history of each passing day with words and images (drawing, colourful stain, collage etc.) Everyday experience journal is a container for situations and images that can be created in pairs (also intergenerational) or by yourself.
Agula Swoboda – painter, graduate and scholar of artistic schools in Great Britain. Co-founder of the „Szara” gallery in Cieszyn, co-creator of the „Incydenty” international artistic residencies project. Participant of Polish and foreign exhibitions.

7. Creactive creative and active
turn 3 / E4 / 20 people / level 1

Creativity in practice – or how to use your creative potential to achieve your goals. You’ll learn what creative thinking is and what’s responsible for it. You’ll learn how to cope with barriers and solve complicated problems in an original way. You’ll learn about the ways creative thinking can be applied through group work – the synergy effect.
Sylwia Ćwiek – trainer, creativity psycho-pedagogue, jobcoach, socio-therapist, UE funds specialist, coordinates innovative projects. Member of Polish Creativity Association.

8. Do get along – dog tining basics
turn 3 / I3 / 15 people / level 1

The aim of the workshop is to present the effective method of clicker training and positive reinforcement. We will take on the topics of socializing, motivation, communication with your dog, as well as diffusing emotions and energy. We will talk about the perception of a person with a dog in society and also about cynological sports and tricks. We will conclude everything with a short show.

Amelia Makówka – high school student, participates in trainings, seminars and courses in Agility Dynamite Dogs club in Łódź. Has been working with dogs for 5 years.

9. Evaluation
turn 1 / E6 / 20 people / level 1

Evaluation is an exceptional state – between a dream and assumptions of the project application. During the workshop we will learn to say „I’m checking”. Everyone who understands the process – researches, creators, cultural managers, those who fill evaluation forms and look for other methods – is welcome. We will learn about the tools and ways of turning evaluation into a chance for development of ourselves and organization.  
Eliza Gryszko – sociologist, researcher, social projects coordinator. Works in the ę Creative Initiatives Company. Collaborates with many organizations and cultural institutions also in the field of evaluation.

10. Open-air french
turn 2 / A10* / 25 people / level 1

Learning the basics of French, engaging all our senses. Every day will be dedicated to a different sense: sight, hearing, smell and taste. Learning phrases, words and expressions via group work and alternative actions such as a walk, making refreshments together, looking for and naming objects and elements of nature.
Małgorzata Cichocka-Żekało – French translator and teacher, works with different age groups from 4-year olds to seniors. Creator of language programmes based on communicative method.

11. Artistic projects fundraising
turn 2 / A9 / 20 people / level 1

A problem young artists often have is how to acquire financial means to realize their ideas. The workshop aims to present different methods and exercise the ability to present one’s own ideas when contacting potential sponsors. Presentations, working in groups, discussions, creating a list of methods and ideas, working out strategies – those will be the components of the workshop.
Anna Soin – HR consultant, graduate of Intergenerational Fundraising School, active in many associations concerned with e-learning, education, knowledge management and others. Initiator and coordinator of many projects and processes: business, educational, developmental.

12. Tea do’s & donts
turn 2 / A6 / 20 people / level 1

The workshop is a great way to begin your adventure with tea. Principles of correct tea brewing and lots of other trivia and tips. What tea to choose? What to pay attention to while shopping? What equipment to choose for brewing? What water to use? The participants will have a chance to taste 3 typical Japanese types of tea.
Bartłomiej Hilszczański – co-creator of Professionally connected with tea for 13 years, tea counselor of cafes and restaurants.

13. How to break the language barrier 
turn 3 / H2 / 30 people / level 3

If you ask yourself how to begin learning a foreign language, how to prepare for a trip abroad or maybe you just want to finally enjoy the very process of knowledge acquisition – this workshop is for you. We will use theatrical techniques and dance elements, learn to open to the world and unknown cultures to learn a language quickly.

Anna Stepczuk – philosophy graduate, pedagogue, English teacher, former inmates mentor and a member of Toastmasters International. Contact improvisation dance instructor, traveller, visited 25 countries this far.

14. How to save a life?
turn 3 / E3 / 12 people / level 1

The most important thing humans have is life. Can you help in a dangerous situation? If you are the first person on the spot of the accident you are the essential link of the emergency chain! Theory, exercises, injury simulations and life-threatening situation simulations in form of a team contest. Attention! Workshops in two turns: first on July 6th & 7th, second on July 8th & 9th.
Grzegorz Piotrowski – Qualified First Aid Paramedic, member of the Adiutare Life-saving Association in Gdansk, fascinated with emergency medicine since his early years.

15. Even better parent
turn 1 / C1 / 15 people / level 1

Being a parent is one of the best adventures in life. And yet like for any adventure – especially for such an extreme one – one should prepare. You can do it in every stage of parenthood. We invite everyone, who wants to take a closer look at creating safe family reactions based on mutual respect. We will talk about strong emotions, setting boundaries and solving conflicts.
Alicja Niemierko ?– psychologist and family therapist. For eight years leads workshops for parents. Founder of the „Lepszy Rodzic” („Better Parent”) foundation.

16. Kakaofrom grain to bar
turn 2 / A7 / 15 people / level 1

It may be your only chance in life to see a cocoa tree and pick grains from its fruit! Together we will roast the grains and talk about the process of making sweets out of them. We will learn about the whole farming process, processing cocoa and its social, economical and cultural context. We will present to you the cocoa farmers from Peru and Ghana that we visit.
Aga i Borys Bińkowski – they own the Szczypta Świata (Pinch of the World) company, they are the creators of the first Polish Fair Trade brand of ecological products Pizca del Mundo, they love to educate others and themselves. At Slot they host meetings about Fair Trade and trainings for the volunteers of Slottish cafes.

17. Coffee aeropress
turn 1 / A6 / 20 people / level 1

Workshops about coffee brewed with the power of human muscles and a story of how a toy manufacturer created one of the most interesting alternative ways of coffee brewing. You will see the tool that took the baristas of the whole world by storm. The workshop will allow you to learn about the newest ways to brew coffee with Aeropress and show you how to make your coffee even in the wild. Paweł Siemaszko – owner of Kafo Café in Gliwice, Polish Cup Tasting Champion 2010.

18. Creative writing
turn 1 / E4 / 15 people / level 1

Workshops for all of you who write or want to start writing. We will talk about inspiration sources, literary trends and mistakes that are best avoided. The workshop will consist also of elements of creativity training, exercises on writing, text modification, tension building, engaging the senses and looking for various forms of expression.
Katarzyna Pilzak – graduate of applied linguistics at WU and social psychology at SWPS; studied writing at a postgraduate „Master School” of WU. Translator, laureate
of the Pieśń Dziadowska Nowa contest.

19. Movie critic
turn 2 / D5 / 20 people / level 1

How does a movie critic work? What tools does he use to rate the movie? The participants will gain basic skills of writing and speaking about cinematic art. They will also learn about famous currents of cinema, unavailable in wider circulation including: slow cinema, documentary, animation or experimental cinema and various incarnations of avant-garde.
Łukasz Kolender – film studies bachelor, currently working on getting his master’s degree in film studies. Works in Ars Cinematic Centre in Kraków, editor-in-chief of „16mm”.

20. Intergenerational foto-cinematographic workshop
turn 1 / E3 / 20 people / level 1

What is culture? That is the central question, that we will try to answer using different techniques and forms: photography, collage, video clips, public surveys, stop-motion animation. Workshop is dedicated to people who will come in pairs, groups (also intergenerational) and will be ready to collect material and work on it together. Workshops are also open for the youngest participants.
Alicja Szulc – photographer, cultural manager, pedagogue. For years she combines those functions by leading workshops, carrying out original projects and working with institutions and organizations including ę Creative Initiatives Company, Museum of the History of Polish Jews, National Audiovisual Institute. She also runs a photographical company.

21. Motorcycle
turn 2 / I2 / 20 people / level 1

Let’s roll! The participants will be divided into two groups: driving and those without experience. After explaining how to “steer” the bike, we will get to the practice. The goal of the workshop is to present the basic rules of operating a motorcycle to the participants and learning how to drive. We will also talk about principles of a safe ride, not only on the road, but also in bikers community.
Marek Czarniecki – mechanics and machine construction engineer, member of „Boanerges” Christian Motorcycle Club, co-organizer of motorcycle rally at Przystanek Woodstock.

22. Thinking in projects
turn 2 / E6 / 15 people / level 1

The workshops on forging ideas into plans and plans into actions. We will learn how to „dress” our dreams and visions in a project form. The participants will gain specific tools to work on their ideas and by answering questions essential to the realization of their actions they’ll learn about issues and terminology connected with the notion of working in a project method. Attention! Workshops in two turns: first on July 6th & 7th, second on July 8th & 9th.
Wojciech Michalski – cultural manager in the Cultural Centre in Solec Kujawski, head of the „Inicjator Kulturalny Para Buch!” youth association. For years involved in work in the field of non-formal education. Realizer of original workshops and projects.

23. Domesticating the unknown
turn 3 / H4 / 15 people / level 1

The workshop takes on the topic of multiculturalism and diversity in Poland and Europe. We will work on recognizing what each one of us thinks is different, alien and how do we react. We will take a closer look at cultural stereotypes and auto-stereotypes and their consequences and we will concentrate on empathy and diversity and try walking in the other’s shoes.
Agnieszka Olzacka ?– cultural manager by education, works in the Youth Collaboration Centre and „Vitava” community day care centre in Gdynia. She is interested in problems of identity and multiculturalism.

24. Tea brewing
turn 2 / A3 / 8 people / level 1

Tea doesn’t know how it is supposed to taste… the most important is the moment over the cup. Meeting over a cup of tea, that is aimed at contemplating the moment. We will learn how to make tea and what difference the way we choose makes.
the Laja Tea Hose crew – they create a place to drink and brew Tea in Cieszyn and the Tea Holiday festival.

25. Let’s sign together
turn 2 / E10 / 50 people / level 1

During the workshop we will simply learn to sign – basic signs and constructing a sentence. All of it in an atmosphere of fun and reacting to the Slot reality, that will inspire us to use the language we learn.

Marta Bilczewska – graduate of a four-level sing language course for teachers. Currently working in a lab.

26. Inventive tiny tot
turn 3 / C1 / 12 people / level 1

This workshop, by joyful and creative games, little massages, songs, dances are to awaken the cognitive curiosity, motor skills of tiny ones and help the inventiveness of the parents. Through experience, activation of senses and own experiments little participants will develop social and communicative behaviours and grown-ups will accompany them in this adventure. Workshops for parents with children aged 1,5–3 years.
Anna Matyja-Bielska – teacher, philosopher, creativity trainer. Founder of the KreoTeam Creative Learning Association. For 10 years now has been working in the Odyssey of the Mind Foundation. Enthusiast of upbringing in accordance with the Attachment Parenting and Nonviolent Communication ideas.

27. Game designing
turn 1 / G6 / 30 people / level 1

Games are everywhere, they’re created for various reasons and touch upon many topics. To create a game you need certain technical skills but without the idea and design phase they won’t do anyone any good. During the workshop we will try creating the game’s project and also try our hand at making prototypes of paper and other materials.
Konrad Gadzina ?– Information sciences at JU graduate, specializing in Videogames Production. Programmer and team leader in the GameDesire company.

28. Station internet
turn 2 / G5 / 20 people / level 1

How can we present our actions in the Internet and what can we gain from it? Do you want to unravel the mysteries of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram and Youtube? Come join us! During the workshop we will discuss the potential of various places on the Internet and help you find your way in them.
Dobra Strona Internetu (Good Side of the Internet) – a group created within the WOŚP (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity), consisting mainly of volunteers of the Peace Patrol.I n 2013 we organized two big conferences about NGO activities in the Internet (called Now! Go Online) for years we have worked for the Internet successes of the WOŚP finals and Station Woodstock festivals.

29. Bicyclely
turn 1 / G11 / 15 people / level 1

The workshops aim is to take a closer look at the construction, mechanics of a bike and to learn how to diagnose basic malfunctions and how to repair them. We’ll have grease, we’ll have dirtl and lots of anecdotes from bike mechanics.
Paweł Jadczak – enthusiast and practitioner of the bike. He led many workshops including at the Homeless Art Festival, Alternative Days in Krzeszowice and at Slot.

30. Cool life on plants
turn 2 / A2 / 15 people / level 1

Some think that living without meat, dairy and sugar sucks. But its quite the opposite. It’s living full-throttle, surrounded by colours, tastes and smells. During the workshops we will talk about the benefits of a plant diet. We will prepare and taste delicacies from seasonal fruits and vegetables. The workshop is primarily for those who look at vegans with lack of understanding and for those who’d want to start, but don’t know how.
Angelika Jasiulewicz – editor, cultural manager, ecology educator, activist. Polish studies and cultural animation student. Enthusiast of plant cuisine, collaborates with numerous organizations like Buy Responsibly Foundation, Giving Waste Away Association, The Cultural Office Foundation.

31. Sales not for salesmen
turn 3 / E9 / 20 people / level 1

Sales psychology is something extremely valuable not only for salesmen but also for leaders of various undertakings, people working in groups or people just presenting their ideas to others. Workshop and mini-lectures will help us seek solutions to exemplary problems and take a closer look at specific situations.
Grzegorz Kawałek – sales manager of All. Bizz S.A, with 10-year experience in sales and 5-year experience in managing the sales team.

32. Scottish gaelic for beginners
turn 2 / H2 / 20 people / level 1

Unique opportunity to meet the oldest language of Scotland. Learn to pronounce weird Celtic words and learn more about history, culture and future of this language almost unknown in Poland. We will work in pairs and groups, we’ll have dialogues and scenes, songs and recordings that will help us get acquainted with the sound of the language.
Sylwia Słaby ?– cultural anthropology and Gaelic Studies student Lives in Aberdeen, Scotland

33. The boardgame world
turn 2 / G6 / 25 people / level 1

Board games are something more than just Monopoly and Ludo. Its a whole range of products from which everyone regardless of age can choose something for themselves. We will learn different types and methodologies of board games, we will develop various skills needed to gain satisfaction from playing, we will discuss about differences and values of board games.
Anna Wachowicz – pedagogue, cultural manager, co-founder of the K Respublica board game club in which she organizes tournaments, meetings and boardgame projects.

34. Turkish
turn 1 / A3 / 16 people / level 1

Turkish language will be an excuse to learn about the culture. We will talk about the interesting facts of grammar and about the basics of Turkish savoir-vivre that hide essential cultural differences: dynamics of contacts and world view.
Patrycjusz Miazgowski – English teacher in a private school in Turkey, where he’s lived for two years.

35. Awareness awaking your senses
turn 3 / G7 / 20 people / level 1

Is our hearing sensitive to rustles or whispers? Can our sight pick up things happening in a blink of an eye or drawn into infinity? Can we smell the faintest aromas? We will learn to be „here and now”, discover the world in an unusual way, fading some of our senses out to sharpen the others.
Łukasz Mizeracki – psychologist, trainer, author of awareness workshops for people with depression, nature and travelling lover.

36. Hungarian  
turn 3 / A3 / 20 people / level 1

Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages of the world, compared in that aspect to Polish. If you know one of the hardest languages, why not start to learn another? You will learn the basics of Hungarian, learn about living in the country of wine and pepper, learn some historical facts and cultural trivia.
Maciej Czerwiec – Hungarian studies graduate, lives and works in Budapest

37. Your own company
turn 3 / E6 / 25 people / level 1

One’s own company is a way of life! During the workshop you will learn what you carry inside you, who can be interested in that and how, using Internet, you can create your knowledge and products. We will work in groups and individually to prepare a plan of your own company connecting personality with abilities.
Krzysztof Burzyński – coach, counselor, journalist, blogger, author of guides and books about recruitment and human resources.

38. Setting them upon a journey
turn 2 / E4 / 30 people / level 1

The aim of the workshop is to present the essence and principles of coaching and key tools that a coach uses in the process of supporting and coaching others. The participants will hear, see and practice their coaching skills. They will learn an outline of the coaching dialogue that they will be able to use in their activity, regardless of what they do in life.
Dawid Wawrzyniak – Coach, trainer, consultant, lecturer and conference speaker. Head of the PROCA Foundation. He is a mentor of young entrepreneurs, invents and leads original development programmes. Supports leaders in different fields of social and business life.

39. Design yourself a logo
turn 2 / H3 / 30 people / level 1

A company without a logo is like a man without a face! The goal of the workshop will be to look at the creative part of a process of logo designing: looking for inspiration, choosing the font, principles regarding colours, composition and consistency with chosen area of activity.
Adrian Baranowski – student of 3rd grade of Advertisement Organization Technician course, intern at the „trzypunkty” advertising company and participant of many workshops and trainings organized also by the SWPS.

40. Change in diet
turn 2 / E9 / 20 people / level 1

Do you want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? You think healthy food is boring and hard. This workshop is 0 calories of boring lectures and 1000 calories of learning through fun and practice. You will learn, what good eating habits are and how to get inspired to change. You will create your own good food pyramid and learn to „eat locally, think globally”. Workshop also welcomes younger Slotters and their parents.
Beata Stawarska – psychologist and psychonutritionist. She leads psycho-educational and developmental workshops also with children and young people and writes the „Zmieniam na dobre” („I change for the good”) blog about eating habits and sense of well-being.

41. Living latin and greek
turn 1 / H2 / 25 people / level 1

Learning Latin and Greek is mainly associated with endless browsing of dictionaries and mindless declamation of grammatical forms. I want to show, that you don’t have to strip antique texts of their greatness to read Plato, Julius Ceasar or the New Testament with a smile on your face. We will learn the alphabet, study pronounciation principles, read texts and discuss interesting translation problems.
Jan Sądecki – Indian Studies graduate, law and classic philology. For several years has been running linguistic workshops at SLOT.

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