Literary stage 2014

Literary Stage

“The literary stage is where we heal the victims of boring polish lessons.”

90 faces of literature

This year, in one week – like around the world in 90 days – we’ll look at 90 faces of literature. We invite you to a wild carnival of poetry, followed by a “fast” and a “come-down”. We’ll sum up “the total cost of everything” reflecting on a smashed up monitor of cybernetic poetry and expose the pixels of prose, and your eardrums will be banged on by the “words, vowels, hums and crackles” of 8-bit music rushing like a rollercoaster with a nutritious “tomato” of metaphysics waiting on the finish.

Lectures, 15:00, ArtRoom location 6

Wednesday, 9.07
Marcin Czerwiński „Words, vowels, hums and crackles. A short story about sound-poetry”
During the lecture we’ll learn about an experimental current siginificant for the european poetry of XX century. The subject in question will be the poetry made not to read, but to listen. The lecture will be followed by workshops and a competition for the best sound-poem that each of the participants will prepare on their own.

Thursday, 10.07
Rafał Gawin „Meta and physical poetry. Subjective choices of faith” –
Latest Polish poetry from the point of view of the unnamed and the unspoken. Various faces of metaphysics and searches and doubts related with it. Maximum of practice, minimum theory – poems above all.

Friday, 11.07
Jadwiga Skowron „Literature in the state of translation”
About different aspects of literary translation, both technical and theoretical; about literary translation in the polisystem of literature, metaphors of translation and the influence of politics on the artistic translation.

Saturday, 12.07
Eunika Nowakowska „ Women read poems to women” WOMEN ONLY! About the place where poetry grows out of. For the meeting we invite women: those who write and those who read. In the sisterly circle they can share the intimate experience of writing poems. Bringing your own works is very welcome.

Readings, 17:00 cafe Gafa, location 38

Tuesday, 8.07
Performance of Eunika Nowakowska – poetry, image, sound.

Wednesday, 9.07
17:30 the poetry of the ‘90s generation: Tomasz Bąk, Oliwia Betcher, Rafał Różewicz i Marcin Sierszyński.
18:30 meeting the author – Agnieszka Kłos.

Thursday, 10.07
17:30 p.m. Bartosz Sadulski reading
18:15 p.m. seconds Maciej Taranek.

Friday, 11.07
17:30 p.m. prosaically Ziemowit Szczerek and Sławomir Shuty
18:15 p.m. a set of cybernetic poetry with Leszek Onak and Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak

Saturday, 12.07
17:30 p.m. poetry of Zuzanna Ogorzewska.
18:00 p.m. – SLAM!


Tomasz Bąk – poet, author of “Kanada” (Canada) volume. Nominated twice for the main prize of Jack Bierezin Competition. Studies and lives in Wrocław, where he teaches English.

Oliwia Betcher – Author of many reviews, columns, pieces of poetry and prose. She published both in literary magazines and emigration press. Lives in Wrocław, where she occupies herself teaching English.

Marcin Czerwiński – editor-in-chief of “Rita Baum” quarterly and lecturer at the Polish Philology Institute of Wratislavian University; in 2013 his book came out – Smutek labiryntu. Gnoza i literatura. Motywy, wątki, interpretacje” (The sadness of a maze. Gnosis and literature. Motifs, plots and inspirations) (pub. Universitas); his next book will be published this year.

Rafał Gawin – poet, occasionally critic, editor and proofreader of “Arteria”, master of ceremonies and reanimator of culture. He published “Przymiarki” (the fittings) sheet and bilingual poetry book WYCIECZKI OSOBISTE / CODE OF CHANGE. Lives in Łódź, where he works as an instructor in the event department of the Literature House.

Agnieszka Kłos – writer, art-critic, photographer. The author of “Całkowity koszt wszystkiego” (The total cost of everything) – a book that already was published twice. She regularly publishes in all kinds of literary and art magazines, edits art magazine “Rita Baum”.

Eunika Nowakowska – student of life-giving secrets of delight in the Wratislavian School of Jazz and Entertainment Music and extinct languages on the Wratislavian University. Desires truth, freedom and authentic beauty. She tries not to make empty promises.

Zuzanna Ogorzewska – polish poet, copywriter and slammer. She published a volume of poems – “Pomidor i inne techniki przetrwania” (Tomato and other techniques of survival)

Leszek Onak – word-machine, intermedia creator, editor and administrator. He belongs to Perokarta and Cichy Nabiau (Silent Dairi Products) groups. Co-producer of wgraa volume. Founder of several literary portals such as,, co-initiator of the creation of Rozdzielczość Chleba (Resolution of Bread)

Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak – intermedia artist, visual poet, sociologist. Published Marsz na ROM (March on ROM) and assembled ? / ZBIÓR PUSTY (? / EMPTY SET). In his works he problematizes the break-up of technological and social systems. The editor of Rozdzielczość Chleba.

Rafał Różewicz – the creator of poetry texts, journalist. Co-editor of Inter.-Literatura-Krytyka-Kultura (Inter.-Literature-Criticism-Culture) and website –, where he publishes his feuilletons. His first collection of poems Product Placement will be published soon.

Bartosz Sadulski – poet, journalist. In 2012 was published his first poetry book Post, that got him nominated for Literary Silesius Prize in the ‘debut’ category. Cooperates with and Author of Malta and Bornholm guidebooks.

Sławomir Shuty – intermedia artist, writer, film director, photographer and perfomer. Author of books such as Zwał (come-down), Jaszczur (The Lizard), Dziewięćdziesiąte [The nineties]. Winner of the Passport of “Politics” in the Literature category. Born in Nowa Huta, lives in Kraków.

Marcin Sierszyński – poet, literary reviewer. Editor-in-chief of, activist in Wratislavian Club of Political Criticism. Lives in Wroclaw.

Jadwiga Skowron – lecturer of Institute of Slavic Philology of Wratislavian University. Among others, gives lectures about the Theory of artistic translation. Soon he’ll finish writing a PhD thesis on polish translations of latest ukrainian literature.

Ziemowit Szczerek – journalist, author of novels, interested in East Europe and geopolitical, historical and cultural oddities. Visits weird places and writes about it. Recently he gets inspired by gonzo and travelling literature/journalism. Laureate of the Passport of “Politics” for his book Przyjdzie Mordor i nas zje, czyli tajna historia Słowian (The Mordor will come and eat us – the secret history of Slavs).

Maciej Taranek – poet, student of creative writing. Published his first poetry volume Repetytorium (Review), that got him nominated to the Silesius Literature Prize in the debut category


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