Main Stage 2018

TUESDAY, 10.07

20:30 Less is Lessie

Laureate of SLOT’s contest stage in 2017. Polish band from Wrocław creating illustrative music with elements of progressive rock. They make music for those who like to get lost in sound and sight ? their concerts are inseparably accompanied by video materials, deepening the experience of dynamics and journey. The concerts are also an attempt to record the real acoustic space of Wrocław.

21:15 Max Bravura

Created 5 years ago by Maciej Wachowiak ? vocalist, formerly a frontman of the electro-punk group SLUTOCASTERS. In 2016 the band was honorably mentioned at the FAMA festival, a year later the cover of „How Bravura” gained the title of „30/30” cover of the year during the Enea Spring Break in Poznań. In winter 2017 studio sessions for the album „Too Bravura” took place. This year they perform together with Nik Makovic (synthesizers).

22:30 2Tm2,3

Formed in 1996, and its name is a reference to a fragment of second letter of st. Paul to Timothy ? ?Bear your share of hardship along with me like a good soldier of Christ Jesus?. The musicians create in a wide stylistic spectrum ? from metal, through hardcore punk, reggae, folk rock to electronica. In 2006 they performed at Przystanek Woodstock, they have released six studio albums.


20:30 Laureate of Contest Stage

21:15 Paula i Karol

Eight years ago they took the Warsaw independent scene by storm, performed in gardens, on sidewalks and in great concert halls, seducing the audience with cheerful vibrancy and enthusiasm.. They soon became the pioneers of fast-growing indie folk scene in Poland. Lately they released a new eclectic and much more electronic album than the last ones: ?Our Town?.

22:30 Luxtorpeda

Formed in 2010 by initiative of Robert Friedrich, guitarist and vocalist, who invited for collaboration guitarist Robert Drężek, bass guitarist Krzysztof Kmiecik and drummer Tomasz Krzyżaniak as well as vocalist Przemysław Frencel. Their debut album is a mixture of garage-punk-rock sounds and in 2012 a second album ? „Robaki” („Worms”) ? was released and gained the title of a „golden album” after a month.


21:15 Coals

Young duo ? Katarzyna Kowalczyk & Łukasz Rozmysłowski. British magazine The Quietus described their music as ?dreamy, etherical pop, drawing both from electronica and elements of folk?, and American Under the Radar wrote: ?they use hip-hop beats to help them create the atmosphere of dirty clubs and dark city streets?. After only just a year of existence the group was invited to the OFF Festival, now its gaining more and more ground abroad. In 2017 their debut album ? „Tamagotchi” ? was released.

22:30 Gooral

Mateusz Górny ? music producer born in Bielsko-Biała, who became known thanks to originally blended electronic, drum’n’bass and dubstep music with ethnic highlanders’ music.. He performed i.a. at: Sziget Festival, Colours of Ostrava, Before Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Open?erze, Live Festival, Przystanek Woodstock, Orange Warsaw or Exit. He’s working on the album ?Etno Elektro 2?.

FRIDAY 13.07

21:15 L.Stadt

A musical group from Łódź ? their name is a reference to the city’s name from the time of occupation: Litzmannstadt. They already gave concerts at festivals all over the world, incl. SXSW in Austin (USA). They gave more than 200 club and open-air concerts in Poland and abroad. Their new album „L.Story” is surprising and varied, on stage you can see i.a. Chorea Theatre Choir from Łódź, and the eclecticism of the material is bound together by texts written by Konrad Dworakowski.

22:30 Laboratorium Pieśni

The Songs Laboratory arrange traditional polyphonic songs ? i.a. Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Belorussian, Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian, Polish, Georgian, Scandinavian and Occitan ? usually brought back by the members of the band. They sing both a capella, as well as accompanied by ethnic instruments ? there’s also space for vocal improvisations, often intuitive and wild.


21:15 Cat O?Nine Tails

First Christian pirate metal band from the coast of Finland going out to international waters. They started their adventure in 2012, when bass guitarist Tuomas Kannisto and guitarist Samuel Savander started creating in this genre. They’ve been joined by Janne Heiskanen and drummer Eetu Pesu. The album ?Under Catpain?s Flag? was released together with the first concert of the band during the Immortal Metal festival.

22:30 Łona, Webber & The Pimps

Łona is not afraid of strong words and is always spot on There are no incidental sounds here, and the collaboration between the rapper and the producer is a handbook definition of creative chemistry and instead of exploited convention of „rapper & DJ” we get Łona & Webber with the musicians of The Pimps project, so an elaborate form, that is a completely new musical story.

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