Manual workshops 2017

ABC – 3D carton letters

turn 1 / E5 / 25 people / level 1

Carton, adhesive tape and your imagination – that’s enough to make a three-dimensional letter ready to be decorated with whatever you want. Besides individual projects we will prepare together one signboard referring to the SAF DNA.

Justyna Sandecka – artist, cello player, teacher in a music school. She has been running various manual workshops at SAF for years.

Stop motion

turn 2 / E10 / 20 people / level 1

Stop motion is a method for animating matter. The participants will discover how to turn ordinary household objects into brilliant actors and how to create their own animated films without the use of computer programs!

Dominik Kostka – film enthusiast, self-taught film and music video maker, reporter.


turn 2 / B4 / 12 people / level 1

Have you ever wondered how to make a balloon swan? Or maybe you want to surprise your friend with an original gift? During the workshop you will learn how to make basic balloon figures that will impress not only the youngest.

Angelika Stasiak – animator, loves traveling and working with children. Volunteer of the PROJEKTOR program.

Kamila Oktawia Piskorz – graduate in visual arts, volunteer of the PROJEKTOR program.

Soutache jewellery

turn 3 / E1 / 15 people / level 1

Soutache is fabulously colorful strings that – interwoven by thread and needle with beads and stones – turn into magical compositions: earrings, pendants or brooches. We will learn the basics of the technique and make decorations according to a tutorial and the brave will be encouraged to improvise.

Agnieszka Grabałowska – a cultural psychologist, a graduate of a silver jewellery making course in Amalgam Art Studio in Atlanta, USA.

Fruit and vegetable carving

turn 3 / H3 / 25 people / level 1

Basic techniques for carving and cooperative making of figures and shapes of swans, dogs, butterflies, various kinds of flowers and leaves. We will use apples, cucumbers, carrots and cauliflowers. Perhaps we will make one big composition together !

Magdalena Kusior – medicine and biotechnology student, enthusiast of fruit and vegetable carving.

Sequin decorations

turn 3 / F8 / 15 people / level 1

During the workshop we will decorate Styrofoam shapes with pins and colorful sequins in order to obtain multicolored, fancy patterns. Workshop for those who want to have an extraordinary hand-made souvenir from SAF for their close ones.

Madona Shildelashvili – EVS volunteer from Georgia participating in a project of OSTOJA association. She is currently finishing her studies in medieval history.

Elżbieta Skiba, Marzena Kita – participants of the „OSTOJA” Association.


turn 2 / G7 / 20 people / level 1

Participants will go through all stages of pottery initiation: clay shaping, bisque forms glazing and firing in a ceramic furnace. Everyone will take their works with them!

Bernardeta Gołąb – master of fine arts, graduate of a course for pottery instructors and an art therapy course. Teacher of art and technology, runs her own creative atelier.


turn 3 / E5 / 25 people / level 1

Decoupage means using paper napkins for decorative purposes. We will decorate wooden objects that will later please our eye or become gifts for our close ones. Each day we will make a different decoration.

Agata Stępień – a student, for 5 years engaged in decoupage that she found interesting during a SAF workshop a couple of years ago.

DIY tulips

turn 2 / B4 / 12 people / level 1

Make something for yourself or for your friend! Your tulip can be as original as you are so make an inimitable template for it! Exercise your patience and you will love the end result.

Agnieszka Jaworska – volunteer of the PROJEKTOR program.

Klaudia Gajtkowska – student of Professional and Personal Counselling. Volunteer of the PROJEKTOR program.

Ebru – painting on water

turn 1 / G7 / 10 people / level 1

A workshop on the traditional Turkish technique of painting on water. We will show the participants the oriental way of thinking about art and present the Asian culture from a little-known perspective. Every day the participants will create from a few to over a dozen of works.

Marta Puchłowska – visual artist, art teacher, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; participated in a student exchange program in Istanbul (faculty of traditional arts).

Tie-dye – T-shirt dyeing

turn 2 / G8 / 20 people / level 1

We will show you how to obtain the 'hippie’ effect using tie-dye technique for decorating T-shirts. You will learn how to prepare dyes, how to fold and dye T-shirts in various ways. T-shirt dyeing is a simple and cheap method and a very fun one at that. Please, bring a white T-shirt with you.

Wiktoria Rajca – workshop leader at SAF since 2012.


turn 3 / F7 / 10 people / level 1

During the workshop we will make colourful dreadlocks, brooches, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. First all the elements will be prepared from felt so we will need just a needle and a thread to make our own jewellery.

Agnieszka Koszelnik – participant in OSTOJA Occupational Therapy Workshops, fascinated with felting, workshop conductor for the last three years.

Marcin Pomczyński, Katarzyna Zimniak participants in OSTOJA Occupational Therapy Workshops.

Mobile photography

turn 2 / F8 / 20 people / level 1

Good photos are taken by a person, not by equipment. During workshops we will document the life at SAF using smartphones and other mobile devices The basics of photography, inspiration and field work!

Mirosław Górski – a self-taught photographer, administrator of street photography hubs, author and participant in various photography projects; exhibition organizer and member of The Way of Phoetry collective.


turn 3 / F4 / 15 people / level 1

Photograms are photographical pictures made without a camera Very interesting commemorative work will be created We will smear our mouths, ears, noses, hands and feet with a greasy cream and press them against photosensitive material. After developing very interesting unusual works will be created

Ewa Żukowska – occupational therapist in the pottery studio of OSTOJA, photography student at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań.

Magadalena Hęćka, Dorota Szopiany – participants in „OSTOJA” workshops.


turn 3 / F8 / 15 people / level 1

The Holender (Dutchman) game came from the Michael College in Breda, the Netherlands. Perfect game to train your concentration, accuracy and hand-eye coordination. It teaches friendly competing, arouses positive emotions and brings a lot of joy.

Krzysztof Puchyra – a photographer, musician, contemplative of the reality. Works as a disabled person assistant in the OSTOJA Association.

Grzegorz Łopata, Piotr Kaczmarek – participants of „OSTOJA” workshops.

Flat embroidery

turn 2 / F7 / 8 people / level 1

The participants will become familiar with the basic embroidery stitches. Presentation of examples, inspiration, creation, exchange of feelings. Participants from 15-year-olds up.

Jadzia Korzeniowska – master of fine arts, graduate of the course of arts and crafts: embroidery and weaving; runs the ArtKo atelier.

Wooden houses installation

turn 3 / F9 / 15 people / level 1

Everyone will have their chance to cocreate a wooden, painted world! Wooden blocks, paints, ribbons, buttons and nature’s treasures will be at your disposal. At the end of the workshop all wooden creations will be used to make a great, common installation.

Emilie da Silva – EVS volunteer from France, participant of a project in „OSTOJA”, social worker.

Daniel Stankiewicz, Miguel Herlo – participants of „OSTOJA” workshops.


turn 1 & 2 / D7 / 20 people / level 1

The participants will have a chance to try their hands at working with metal, hammer and anvil. Under supervision of the teachers everyone will have an occasion to make a unique, wrought object and become familiar with tools and basic techniques used in blacksmith’s work.

Agnieszka Pasek – since 2009 together with her husband she has been running their artistic metalwork atelier Kuźnia Skarbów (The Smithy of Treasures).

Basics of tailoring

turn 2 / E3 / 10 people / level 1

The participants will be introduced to basic functions of a sewing machine. Some will sew a bag, the others – pillowcases. Everyone will have a chance to use a machine, try basic stitches and learn about tailoring techniques and supplies.

Justyna Wójcik – graduate of TWP Wrocław tailoring course and an application course at Patchwork Wrocław. Tailor by profession and by passion, sewing since she was 5. She works in Na Maszynie company.

Creative photography techniques

turn 1 / H6 / 15 people / level 1

How to make a portrait, a landscape or a reportage in a simple way, using analogue techniques? Through multi-exposition, long exposure time, taking photos through a pinhole, making reflections in a camera lens, or use of foil or glass! Practice enriched by theory!

Mariusz Fijka – student of photography, graduate of numerous photography courses, works as a commercial photographer.

Bath bombs

turn 2 / H2 / 50 people / level 1

The workshop on preparation of ecological beauty products and cleaning agents. The aim of our workshop is to have great fun as well as to eliminate harmful ingredients and unnecessary chemicals from our lives. Everyone will leave the workshop with a bubble bath bomb made with their own fair hands.

Martyna Majewska – pedagogue specializing in professional and personal counselling, healthy life style enthusiast, co-author of the Naturalnie Naturalni (Naturally Natural) blog.

Land art

turn 3 / P5 / 15 people / level 1

The workshop will be a time of creative meeting in a close contact with nature. The participants will learn how to create pictures/constructions and make their own installations. The workshops will end with making a large-format installation in nature together.

Karolina Michalak – pedagogue/special educator, PhD student at the University of Lower Silesia. She is involved in alternative education and educational-artistic activity.

Ink landscape painting

turn 2 / H6 / 15 people / level 1

We will learn how to use ink and water to paint from observation. We’ll experiment to test the the qualities of ink material to get the knack of using brushes, ink, water and paper. We will work in stages, painting from observation and focusing on the landscape of SAF, to develop gradually our ink painting technique.

Abraham Stroer – American artist, currently living, teaching and painting in Jerusalem.


turn 1 / F2 / 20 people / level 1

Every participant will get a fragment of linoleum and with the use of a chisel will make a picture. The templates thnus obtained will be covered with printer’s ink and impressed on paper sheets, which will result in unique postcards from SAF.

Ewa Makowska – graduate in art education at the University of Silesia, art teacher in a primary school with integrated classes. She runs workshops for children and adults.

Bag painting

turn 1 / B4 / 12 people / level 1

Use professional painting and fabric decoration supplies to design a bag of your dreams and make your dreams come true. The workshop, led by a group of enthusiasts from Poznań, is based on a make&take rule: make your own eco-bag and take it with you!

Agnieszka Banaszak – focuses on development, people and passion. Volunteer of the PROJEKTOR program.


turn 1 / F3 / 15 people / level 1

Monotyping is a graphic technique where a drawing is made with a pencil, stick or a sharp tool and then covered with printer’s ink to be impressed on a sheet of paper. During the workshop we will make our own monotypes, both in black and white and in color.

Daria Pyrchała – student of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, author of several individual exhibitions and participant in collaborative exhibitions. She runs workshops for children, teenagers and adults.

Social mural

turn 1 / A9 / 10 people / level 1

This workshop may take longer than one turn!

Under careful supervision of BIG POSTER group members we will make sketches and drawings. The participants will be presented with a brief introduction to illustration and poster art. At the end all the ideas will be combined into a form of one mural on the territory of Lubiąż.

Bartosz Mamak and Grzegorz Myćka – co-founders of the BiG POSTER group involved in running workshops on artistic poster and publishing the BiG POSTER ZIN magazine.


turn 2 / E1 / 15 people / level 1

Workshop on plotting the patterns on materials such as T-shirts or bags brought by the participants with the use of an original technique. The patterns will be prepared in advance but the participants will learn how to prepare them on their own in the future. The participants bring their own T-shirts or bags!

Dominika Zarówna – design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

(Not) templated

turn 3 / H2 / 10 people / level 1

During the workshop the participants will make and use a template representing a well-known and popular person or another form. We will work with photographs, cut out the layers of templates and then, using spray paints, put the graphic form on a chosen object.

Oskar Gackowski – an architect and enthusiast of templates and manual work.


turn 2 / H3 / 20 people / level 1

Our starting point is a rectangular sheet of paper that cannot be cut, glued or decorated Spatial figures are creating by folding paper. You will be also introduced to the history of origami originating in the Far East. Each participant will learn the basics of origami and make a kusudama-origami.

Roman Wirth – ethnologist, works with the youth; since 2010 he has been running workshops on origami.

Handmade paper

turn 1 / G8 / 20 people / level 1

We will learn techniques for paper pulp preparation, techniques to dye it and ways to make paper sheets of it. Using various accessories we will conjure up colourful pictures, illustrations, watercolour and graphic art papers.

Artur Szabatowski – teacher in Autorskie Licea Artystyczne and in Autorskie Studium Designu ABRYS. Lecturer in Univeristy of Lower Silesia. Runs art therapy workshops, his occupations include interior and graphic design, floristics.

Paper wicker

turn 1 / F6 / 10 people / level 1

Do you want to get rid of piles of useless, old newspapers in your house? Come to this workshop and learn how to make little marvels of them! We will use paper tubes to make various shapes that will then be painted and varnished.

Jane Pacheco – missionary, for several years running workshops at SAF and other places. She learned the paper wicker technique in Paraguay.


turn 3 / F2 / 15 people / level 1

Workshop on creating original, colourful badges. You may create one for yourself or for a close person, based on your own idea, your favourite colour or pattern.

Agata Rosiak – pedagogue, occupational therapist in the wickerwork-gardening studio in WTZ “Ostoja”.

Dorota Wyjadłowska, Martyna Czyżniejewska – participants of WTZ „OSTOJA”.

Knitting with fingers

turn 1 / F7 / 50 people / level 1

Workshop on knitting with your own fingers! Under supervision of the leader the participants will make some elements of wool jewelery and the more advanced will make some pieces of clothing as well.

Barbara Palewicz-Ryży – she runs workshops on knitting at all levels. She writes the blog and has created the Sztrykowanie na Ekranie (Knitting on Screen) show in TV Imperium in Gliwice.

Architectural drawing

turn 1 / F8 / 30 people / level 1

Basics of front-view perspective drawing in a sacral object – the main nave of the Cistercian monastery. Explanation of architectural terms and issues associated with interior design. Preparation for drawing and discussion of the participants’ works.

Andrzej Kabat – lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Autorskie Studium Projektowania Plastycznego i Fotografii Artystycznej ABRYS, designer in MEWA STUDIO project studio.

Sebastian Płaszewski – graduate of ABRYS Studium. Interior decorator and renovator.


turn 2 / E5 / 25 people / level 1

During the workshop we will learn how to make cards for various occasions. The participants will be introduced to various techniques for decorating with scraps of paper, buttons, ribbons, using a die-cutting machine and a plotter.

Maria Płóciennik – culture manager, pedagogue, art therapist, runs workshops for people of different age groups.

Medieval calligraphy

turn 3 / H6 / 10 people / level 1

Visit the world of letters for a while and you will never want to go back. We will become familiar with a round and beautiful cursive called uncial used in the Early Middle Ages period. We will talk about the history of writing and the beauty of letters, learn about tools and materials and make our own works.

Aleksandra Brambor – graduate in editing and in many courses of calligraphy, illumination and italic writing. Writing enthusiast, copywriter in an advertising agency.

Decorative candles

turn 3 / F10 / 20 people / level 1

During the workshop we will use special forms to make decorative candles. Necessary materials will be provided but you can also bring your own elements (dried fruits, beads, pasta) to sink into a candle.

Łukasz Antoniszyn – occupational therapist in OSTOJA.

Zbigniew Hajdrych – graduate of Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. OSTOJA volunteer.

  1. Bartosiewicz, J. Kot, B. Kluczka, M. Traczyński – participants of WTZ „OSTOJA”.

Crazy structures

turn 3 / B4 / 12 people / level 1

A few colorful straws and plastic „pluses” joined with puzzles or a model that you will transform. If you want to know how to make a bridge, train or house big enough for 20 people with just two simple elements, come and join us!

Justyna Stanisławiak – student of management. Volunteer of the PROJEKTOR program.

Wioletta Pępek – volunteer in the PROJEKTOR program.


turn 3 / F6 / 15 people / level 1

During the workshop we will make plaster moulds: figurines, frames, pictures, candlesticks – all souvenirs you can paint and take home. Spectacular results guaranteed!

Marta Hajdrych – a special education teacher, specialized in pedagogical therapy, cultural manager, art therapist. Occupational therapist in WTZ OSTOJA.

Ola Rudzińska, Klaudia Rusinowska – participants of WTZ “OSTOJA” workshops.


turn 3 / F3 / 15 people / level 1

We will be blowing into ink stains and drawing them in many directions with sticks, feathers etc.. We will join, tangle and scratch the lines, spots and stains, looking for interesting forms and compositions. At the end of the workshops we will present our works on a „inkmaniacs” exhibition.

Anna Pichler – art historian, cultural manager (art therapist, pedagogue), occupational therapist in OSTOJA.

Marcin Dąbrowski, Dominika Konior – participants in WTZ “OSTOJA”.

Solo – an artistic-social activity

turn 1 / F4 / 10 people / level 1

The participants will work on their own thoughts and images collections, filling the sketches prepared for them in advance. This activity, very popular among bloggers and graphic designers, allows one to observe reality, invent catchy slogans and original statements. A permanent group of participants is required.

Natalia Gołubowska – graduate form the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, runs the OZArt atelier and other educational, artistic and social projects.

Program a robot

turn 1 / F5 / 20 people / level 1

The participants will learn the basics of programing, create and test their own programs. Using the mobile application they will program robots built from blocks to make them follow scheduled routes and overcome obstacles.

Monika Pawłowska – graduate in interior design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, works in PROJEKCJA audiovisual company.

Krzysztof Żmuda – specialist in interactive audiovisual solutions.

Design a logo

turn 3 / P2 / 25 people / level 1

The aim of this workshop is to show a process of logo designing: searching for inspiration, choosing font, colour scheme and composition so that it will be consistent with a particular domain of activity. The participants will design their logos both in groups and individually.

Adrian Baranowski – graduate of a technical school (specialization: advertisement management), apprentice in trzypunkty advertising agency, participant of many worshops and courses.

Batik technique: egg decorating

turn 1 / E1 / 20 people / level 1

Our tool will be a pencil with a pin stuck into it. We dip a pin in wax and put it quickly on an egg drawing a pattern. Then we immerse the egg in a dye and repeat it until we get a beautiful, colourful pattern. We scratch the wax off, polish the egg and take it home.

Bibianna Dawid – culture manager, activist, volunteer and workshop conductor at SAF for many years.


turn 2 / F6 / 30 people / level 1

How to make a lampshade, Christmas ball, vase or mug in an easy and cheap way? This workshop consists in creating objects using strings, glue and dyes. With our advice and help each participant will go through several steps, from choosing the size and kind of an ornament, material and colour to the final construction.

Andżelika and Dariusz Sandecki – weave at home and during workshops for many years.


turn 1 / H3 / 6 people / level 1

This workshop on making animal toys from unpaired socks will take us back to the memories of our childhood. During the workshop we will discover how to make something „from nothing”.

Dorota Jagodzińska – graduate in Polish philology, freelancer, workshop conductor in cultural centres in Lublin.


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