Music workshops 2017

Bass rules – learn to play a bass guitar

turn 1 / D4 / 50 people / level 1

Every day we will learn new bass-playing techniques, learn home-recording of music and discover the secrets of performing on stage with professional equipment including guitar effects. You don’t have to bring your own guitar!

Daniel Dębniak – guitar player, for 18 years a member of the OX band; they give concerts together all around Poland and have released several albums. He collaborates with other bands as well.


turn 1 / B7 / 15 people / level 1

An art of playing on the smallest instrument of the world. Discovering new talents in the field of sound imitation. Workshops both for complete newbies and those who want to hone their skills and bring them to the next level.

Allen” – a rapper/beatboxer from Cieszyn, his human beatbox fixation started more than a decade ago and since then he’s been successfully passing it on to others. Member of the F.A.F, Nie bo rap, Jeden za wszystkich groups, music producer.

DJing – turntablism

turn 3 / B7 / 15 people / level 1

Vinyls? Scratch? Beatjugling? Drumming? These are the characteristic parts of turntablism which is an art of using gramophones at parties. Here you can practice on DJing equipment and listen to guys who do it professionally.

DjChedeRac – young Dj, turntablist. On Warsaw scene for 2 years now. He performed together with DIOX HIFI, Proceente, Mosad, Kolah, Łapa TWM, Miejskie Fascynacje and others.

Vocal improvisation

turn 1 / G12 / 15 people / level 1

Improvised voice workshops, based i.a. on scat – the jazz improvisation technique. With voice and various objects we will learn to sing, create our own compositions and work with microphone. In the end we will prepare a little concert.

Katarzyna Bazgier – musicology and Wrocław School of Jazz and Popular Music graduate, Polish philology student, she teaches music.


turn 3 / B3 / 15 people / level 3

The participants of the workshop will summon the rain with instruments they’ll create for that purpose. The workshops require patience and commitment for minimum of 2 or 3 days. It seems the summer will be hot!

Katarzyna i Kuba Zajączkowscy – for years a part of Slot, specialists of rainsticks creating and playing.

A song circle

turn 3 / G12 / 30 people / level 1

We will learn mono- and polyphonic Polish songs, learn how to use our breath, relax our body, search for our natural musicality. A mat to sit on would be a good thing to take for the workshop.

Magdalena Iwińska – State Music School (piano) graduate, and Musical Academy (jazz vocals) student. She completed a course of sound massage with Peter Hess method. She created and directs the House of Voice, she works in the Kraków Art Foundation, teaching singing.

Better side of djembe

turn 2 / C7 / 20 people / level 2

If you already play, you want to start or you look for inspiration – come. During the workshops you will learn accompaniments, breaks and interesting solo phrases. Everything so that your playing sounds nicer, more impressively and is listened to with pleasure.

Rafał Chrebela – musician, cultural manager, leads workshops and teaches drum playing. For three years directs his own school „Pedigreed Rhythms” („Rasowe Rytmy”)


turn 3 / D4 / 21 people / level 1

Song writing may be easier than you think. Learn what do professionals pay attention to and try to create your own piece. With an instrument or without it – come!

Kamil Rzońca – guitar player and singer, song-writer. Involved in music for 14 years.

The pulse of rhythm – improvised music

turn 2 / G12 / 30 people / level 1

The participants will use simple instruments (claves, hand bells, tambourines, drums) to create an original piece. We will be divided into two sections – vocal and instrumental. Everything will be preceded by a vocal warm-up and presentation of the instruments.

Krzysztof Kołodziński – self-educated musician, inspires others leading the Pulse of Rhythm in Wrocław and a course on music theory. Member of one of the choirs of Wrocław.


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