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An extraordinary event on the Literary Stage. The „Jastrun, son of Mieczysław” meeting held by Tomasz Jastrun, the poet’s son and a poet himself. During the meeting Tomasz Jastrun will read poems written by his father and he will share his own memories of their home. We will abandon the textbook image of Mieczysław Jastrun to touch upon the truth about the late poet. Long live poetry!

Tomasz Jastrun ? son of poets Mieczysław Jastrun and Mieczysława Buczkówna. Currently working as a columnist for „Zwierciadło”. In 1977 he organised an independent literature distribution point in his apartment. In August 1980 he participated in a strike in Vladimir Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk. After the imposition of martial law he was hiding from December 1981 to November 1982. He received the Kościelski Award, an independent Polish literary award in 1986.


What are poems written with? Two days of poetry writing workshops run by Marcin Czerwiński, the head editor of the „Rita Baum” literary magazine. The number of participants will be limited to 12. The host will present different aspects of writing based on six poetic works provided by participants themselves. Sign ups coming soon.

Marcin Czerwiński ? head editor of the „Rita Baum” literary magazine and a lecturer at the Institute of Polish Studies at the University of Wrocław. His book „Smutek labiryntu. Gnoza i literatura. Motywy, wątki, interpretacje” (~Sadness of the labyrinth. Gnosis and literature. Motifs, themes, interpretations) was published by „Universitas” in 2013. His second book „Maszyna przecząca. O literaturze jako formie negacji w aspekcie performatywnym” (~Mechanical negator. On literature as a form of negation in performative aspect) was published in 2014.

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