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The festival guidebook is available here, so you can read and choose your own path through Slot Art Festival 2012! Here’s a little help from us – some recommendations we have for you.

We recommend :

Tuesday, July 10
Lao Che, 23:00 ? main stage
The unquestioned star of the first night of SAF will be Lao Che. This classic Polish alternative band is playing concerts and working on their fifth album.

Chłopcy kontra Basia, 0:30 – experiential
With minimal members, this band (re)-creates Polish folk music in an intelligent and passionate manner. Charismatic Basia will take all of us to a world of fables, amazement and secrets under the arches of the cathedral.

KidBrown ensemble, 0:30 – unplugged
KidBrown made a huge impression last year in the Pralnia. This year he?s back on the Unplugged Stage with a larger band but the same lightness.

Wednesday, July 11

Krzysztof Zanussi, 13:00 ? wozownia (Carriage House)
If you don?t know Krzystof Janussi?s films you should! And along the way you can meet him personally.

Hotel Rwanda, 18:00 ? social films
A fictional account of the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Western film critics often compare this film to Spielberg?s ?Schindler?s List?.

Dikanda, 21:45 ? main stage
Unique folk that makes your feet start dancing. A moving and unforgettable voyage through a musical world full of lively emotions and joy.

Luxtorpeda, 23:00 – main stage
With a new album and heavier sounds that have been worked out at numerous concerts plus an audience that knows the words by heart it?s gonna be a great concert!

Życie jako śmiertelna choroba przenoszona drogą płciową, 00:30 – film
It?s not easy to talk about the end of life without sounding trivial or moralizing, but Zanussi has managed to do that.

Thursday, July 12
Jacek Żakowski, 13:00 ? wozownia (Carriage House)
There aren?t many Polish journalists who have had the chance to interview people whose ideas have left a permanent mark on our world. Jacek Żakowski has done it.

Dan Hash , under the Tree – 15:00
If you didn?t make it here yesterday, do it today. It?ll be fun but also wise and real as Dan talks about life. His words will stay with you a long time!

Dan Hash

Meeting with Paweł Wysoczański. 17:00 – Cafe Cinnamon
Meet a young Polish documentary film maker and then watch his movies 'Kiedyś będziemy szczęśliwi’ (Someday We?ll be Happy) and 'W Drodze’ ( On the Way) at 0.30.

Mate.O Acoustic, 0:30 – experiential
Excellent musicians and texts that you can?t ignore. Mate.O will present new material from his latest album, 'Usiądź przy mnie / na żywo’ (Sit With Me/Live).

Friday, July 13

Tomáš Sedláček, 13:00 ? Carriage House
Is it possible to write a book about economics that sells better than Harry Potter or Dan Brown? Tomáš Sedláček has done it. Come and hear about economics in a totally different way than you?d expect.

Afryka Nowaka, 21:00 ? Eastern Tent
Come hear the story of one of the most interesting Polish bike trips ever.

Holly Blue & Soundpetersburg, 21:15 ? pralnia (Laundry)
Young, excellent sounds and… you?re going to hear a lot about these guys! If someday you want to tell your friends, ?I was at a Holly Blue concert before it was cool? you need to be here.

Gooral, 23:00 ? main stage
Gooral- a guy who has the music of the mountains and electronics mixing in his head. Every time he plays a huge amount of energy is expended.

Saturday, July 14
Bollywood, 11:00 ? Indian Courtyard
The Indian Courtyard is open daily from 11.00 am. You can find out more about various aspects of Indian culture, including its film industry.

Janusz Margański – 17:00, cafe cinnamon
Janusz Margański is the screen writer of the film, 'Wymyk’ (Slip). You can meet him at 17:00 in the Cinnamon Cafe and then watch his movie at 00:30.

Eye for an Eye, 21:00 – HC Punk Club
An experienced group who has been playing since 1997. They play lively and melodic Hardcore Punk, in other words- music like it should be.

Me Myself and I, 23:00 ? main stage
We can say with pride that SLOT was one of the places that formed their musical vision. Today they are mature and adored by masses of listeners. MMI has great contact with their audiences and their concerts are a lot of fun.

Joachim Mencel, 0:30 – experiential
Joachim Mencel is a valued jazz musician. We propose that you spend your last few hours at SAF 2012 in the cathedral listening to his piano.

joachim mencel

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