PRO zone 2017

PRO ZONE – G6 and H1, H5, E3, E4, G14

Wednesday – Saturday 10:00–2:00


G6, Wednesday – Saturday, 5–8.07, 10:00–11:00

It is a series of interviews with people who pursue a great variety of professional activities and follow diverse career paths. This year we invite you to have breakfast with the Business Intelligence team. To all participants who decide to have the most important meal during the day with us, we offer comfortable conditions as well as all necessary equipment, and an almost unlimited amount of free mustard! You don’t need to eat breakfast huddling in front of your tent. Come, bring your breakfast with you, eat and get inspired with the experience, know-how and creativity of our guests.

Wednesday 5.07

Beer in the morning”

Michał Kochaniewicz, co-founder of the Fabrica Rara craft brewery, will tell us what it takes to change a DIY hobby into a fully-fledged craft brewery and what a day-to-day work on such a project looks like.

Thursday 6.07

Is corporation hell and self-employment paradise?”

Angelika Chimkowska, author of a book on the psychology of change in life and business (Psychologia zmiany w życiu i biznesie) and member of the Association of Professional Speakers, will crush the myths and unfold the facts about working environment, seen from the perspective of a person who has been on either side of it.

Friday 7.07

Hot Barbecue”

Ryszard Sierotnik and William Scott Shaw, a duo responsible for Dziki Bill, a Polish brand of hot sauces, will tell us how a culinary passion can turn into extra income and what it takes to conquer an untapped market in Central Europe.

Saturday 8.07

„The power of a quiet room” (Siła z pokoju)

DJ Feel-X, aka Sebastian Filiks, a legend of Polish hip hop music, will tell us how the passion of cutting sounds led him to create a recording studio and a record publishing company. How much does a stage artist in Poland earn and is it a nice, easy and pleasant job?


G14, Wednesday – Saturday, 5–8.07, 5:30 PM-19:00

We offer a series of lectures on business and work. We are going to consider whether business and values can go hand in hand at all. And whether profitable projects can be about something else than cash.

Wednesday 05.07

Values in business: 7 deadly sins”

What are the most common mistakes in running a business? What impairs fruitful cooperation? Pride, greed, lust… They may be a trap which ends up not only with you losing your conscience, but also your reputation and opportunities for development. Come and hear how to avoid it.

Piotr Lusina – entrepreneur, business consultant, coach.

Thursday 06.07

Values in business: employee and employer values”

What kind of ethical system should an employer choose to follow in order to avoid becoming a hateful tyrant, but still achieve his or her objectives? What values should employees embrace, so that their work does not turn into curse and anguish?

Małgorzata and Wojciech Nowicki – authors of the book ‘Uzdrowienie Finansów. Jak z Bożą pomocą wyjść z długów?’ (Healing your finances. How to get out of debt with the help of God?)

Friday 07.07

Workplace ergonomics or spine not only moral”

A lecture on how to respect yourself and your body while doing your work, i.e. how to make your workplace more ergonomic. How to arrange a workplace and how to work to avoid ruining your health?

Maciej Żłobiński – company owner (Activus) , a passionate specialist in the fields of workplace design for optimal ergonomics and working environment.

Saturday 08.07

Values in business: management through values”

Do ethical rules serve only to maintain the psychological well-being of the employees and peace at the workplace? Or maybe embracing values can help achieve the company objectives and increase team productivity as well as profit? How to shape the value system of the company and all its employees?

Cezary Rutka – member of Business Centre Club, president of the consulting firm Alnair. High-profile management expert.

„Why together?” PANEL DISCUSSION

G14, Saturday, 8.07, 13:00–15:00

During the discussion we will try to find out why entrepreneurs associate in groups, why they join their businesses and cooperate? Is it worth considering this path when starting a new business project?

The panel guests include: Cezary Rutka member of Business Centre Club, and Łukasz Kasprzyk, who works at the Made In Śląsk cluster of creative businesses


G6, Wednesday – Saturday, 5–8.07, 6:30 PM-20:00

Are you thinking about setting up your business? Are you wondering how to develop your business? Would you like to change your career path? If you look for advices concerning your present or potential future professional activity, this is the place to get them. Our seminar speakers and workshop trainers are waiting to give you individual consultations.


G6, Tuesday – Saturday, 4–8.07, 00:30–2:00

It is a networking event for people who are involved in diverse projects or just have unique talents or skills. Are you looking for new contacts, peers and colleagues of your profession, help, subcontractors, employees, work, part-time job, or maybe you are trying to turn your hobby into a profitable business? Come and bring your business cards and/ or the portfolio, pictures or samples of your products or services.


A1, Friday 7.07, 20:00 – Magda Kosterkiewicz, p…


WEDNESDAY – SATURDAY || 5-8 JULY || 11:00-17:00 || G6, E3, E4, H1, H5

TURN 1 11:00 –13:00

Thinking in projects! – Wojciech Michalski,

How to make money from your passion? – Piotr Lusina,

Is time really money? – Piotr Nabielec,

TURN 2 13:00 – 15:00

Creative thinking – theory and practice. Turn thinking on! Monika Dołębska,

Find an idea for yourself – Arkadiusz Nepelski,

Sales not for salesmen – how to pass our ideas on to others. – Grzegorz Kawałek,

Effective writing – not only cat photos – Anna Łagowska,

TURN 3 15:00 – 17:00

Four projects and a funeral – secreats of business creation. – Krzysztof Burzyński,

Secrets of a full moneybag of a Slot participant – Małgorzata i Wojciech Nowiccy,

Raising money for artistic projects – Anna Soin,

Psychology of change – progress not perfection – Angelika Chimkowska,

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