Programme – Art Room 2017

ArtRoom – D6 – D7


„The art of living or the art as life? This year in ArtRoom we’ll carefully observe, experience and consciously design. Each one of us will become a part of the art of everyday”.

Every day, all day: a library, a reading room, a thoughtsifter, a live gallery, co-creation, a talking space, a relaxing spot and the Tygodnik Powszechny reading zone.

Tuesday 4.07

What will grow out of this? A DIY workshop: the pots and the Plants

D6, 15:00–17:00

Ola Sieńko and Weronika Muszkieta – we call ourselves the Plants. We fill space with green and create plant compositions.

You’ll have an opportunity to decorate a pot, where a seed of a chosen plant will be sown. The plant can remain in the ArtRoom until Saturday.

How to Slot – workshops for first-years

D7, 17:00–19:00

Wojtek Michalski

Is it your first time at Slot and this whole program makes you unsure what best to choose? Are you tired of randomly running between workshops, concerts and other events? Come by and join our workshop – allow Slot to adjust to your needs! Bring something to write with.

Wednesday–Saturday, 5–6.07

Mystery Reads

D7, 10:00–10:45

Joanna Wrońska (for 20 years she has been leading trainings and working with non-governmental organizations) and her daughter, Zuzia.

Together with ”Zakamarki” publishing house, we have prepared a visual presentation of ”The Whodunit Detective Agency“ book series and creative mini-workshops. New adventure every day! For 4+ years old children with their parents.

Colors’ flavours – breakfast

D6, 11:00–13:00

Mery&Joanna — this year’s ArtRoom directors.

A joint meal to satisfy not only your hunger but also an opportunity to meet, talk, and share the taste. The palette schedule: Wed – yellow, Thu – red, Fri – green, Sat – pink. Bring something with you but also come by and see what the ArtRoom serves today!

Workshops: Workshops: Pantomime and physical theatre — Beata Tyrcha

D7, 11:00–13:00

Workshops: Socrates Cafe – Jakub Kocikowski

D6, 13:00–15:00

Green Slot

D7, 13:00–15:00

Literary Stage — Between the Lines workshops

D7, 15:00–17:00

Loesje — creative writing workshops

D7, 17:00–19:30

Jasiek Lipecki, Wanda Grudzień – the moderators of Loesje Polska.

Playing with connotations and common writing of short mottos concerning important, current subjects. It boosts creative thinking, inspires playing with language and expressing one’s thoughts in form of unconventional texts which will be placed on characteristic black&white posters.

Closing ArtRoom up


Join us for the end of the ArtRoom day!

Mery&Joanna — this year’s ArtRoom directors. A merry duo that sees the flavors and eats the colors. They drag the high art to the ground, tame and water it. Come and see what will grow out of it!



You can’t imagine Slot without a good read? Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of books! Pop in to the ArtRoom Library where you can borrow something interesting or share your own book with other Slotters.

Reading Room

Memories, quotes, stories — real reading treats from Slot creators and participants — true rare pearls! It is worth to return to the already read works as comments and additional notes are allowed — this is an interactive co-reading process! Bring your own book or open yourself to whatever you find here. We provide comfortable deckchairs too!


Overwhelmed by too many thoughts in the world full of stimuli? Drop them into the thoughtsifter and experience the festival enjoying the moment of freedom! And if you’re curious what do others think — have a look into the jar;)

Live Gallery

The art created permanently, all the time, every day. Each moment of life can become a small artwork. Let’s try to experience it together!

Strangers’ Mail — send a good word into the world!

Is there still a place for a written word in the computer era? For a heart trembling when you open the envelope? We hope there is! Come to the ArtRoom, write a letter to a stranger and our mailmen-detectives will surely deliver it to the right person!

Buddy Bench

Why don’t you… loose yourself in a conversation with someone who so far has just been passing you by with a smile?

Come and sit, smile and meet a new Slotter. A simple jar full of questions everyone has their own answers to may be of little help.

How much can we learn from one another?

This is an invitation from another Slotter


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