Programme-Cinema 2013



(Carriage House 00:30)

FILM DISCUSSION GROUP (DKF) + meeting with a special guest

(location 4, 13.00-15.00)
This year we’re making SLOT films even richer by holding film discussion groups (in Polish DKF) as well as the nightly movies in the Carriage House. Each day after the film will be a meeting with special guests and time for discussion. All this will be led by Lukasz Nadolski who has led DKFs for 7 years in Gdynia. 

Tuesday July 9

About Elly

Dir. Asghar Farhadi, France, Iran 2009, length 1:59
The film presents the modern face of Iran which until now has been rarely seen. It’s a film about the dangers of sending inappropriate signals in a society that, above all, values keeping the clearly defined rules of behavior. Farhadi builds this psychological drama with a master’s hand, uncovering layer after layer of truth about his heroes. He strips the characters bare after revealing the web of lies they’ve woven for themselves.

DKF + meeting with traveler Lukasz Kaleta Wednesday, 13.00, location 4


Wednesday, July 10

The Optimist

Dir. Kryspin Pluta, Poland 2012, length 0:45
8 year old Mateusz enrolls in a sailing school for children. When he sets sail alone in his small boat out onto the Baltic Sea he fights not only the waves, but most of all, his own fear. Sailing school is actually a difficult school of character building. Will Mateusz defeat his own weaknesses and pass this first exam in the school of life? The Optimist is an emotional and subtle story of how little courage we have but how much we can gain when we become courageous.
DKF + meeting with Kryspin Pluta Thursday, 13.00, location 4

Thursday July 11


Dir. Andrzej Jakimowski; France, Poland, Portugal, Great Britain 2012, length 1:45
A new instructor of spatial orientation, Ian, arrives in a well-known eye clinic in Lisbon where he will lead classes for blind patients. His unconventional methods, however, raise concerns among the staff. Ian doesn’t find the senses very important. In his opinion it’s the mind and imagination that allow people to move around freely and live an active life. This film won awards at the Warsaw Film Festival in 2012.
DKF + meeting with cameraman Adam Bajerski Friday, 13.00, location 4

Friday July 12

Powrót (Return)

Dir. Andriej Zwiagincew; Russia 2003, length 1:45
The film tells the story of two teen-age boys whose father returns home after a long absence. The following day he takes his sons on a long journey. With each day the boys become more curious about the purpose of the voyage and the time spent with their father after so long apart develops into a test of their maturity and masculinity. This debut film by Andriej Zwiagincew has won many awards, such as the Golden Lion and a special award at the Venice Film Festival. It was also nominated for a Golden Globe.

DKF Saturday 13.00, location 4

Saturday July 13

The Kid with a Bike

Dir. Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, France 2011, length1:27
A film about 11 year-old Cyril whose one dream is to find his father. When he once again runs away from the orphanage he meets Samantha, a hair-dresser. This meeting becomes the turning point of his life and slowly the two form a bond. This film by the Dardenne brothers was awarded the Grand Prix at Cannes and also won the European Film Award,

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