Programme – Cinema 2014


SLOT FILMS, Carriage house, location 62, at 21:30

Just like last year the SLOT FILMS section will be enriched by a DKF (meetings of a film society)! Right after the screening you are welcome to stay in the Carriage house to participate in a discussion about the film and a meeting with our special guests. The meetings will be led by Łukasz Nadolski who has been a DKF leader in Gdynia for the past 8 years.

Tuesday, 8.07


dir. Rufus Norris; Great Britain 2012, runtime: 1:30
Broken is a film examining the force of an idealised, unrequitted, disappointed and unconditional love which always remains strong and overwhelming.
This is a picture of how the fates of people living in the same street tangle with each other in tragic, funny and often unexpected ways. This is a film revealing a twisted and broken identity of men. It has been nominated for the British Independent Film Award in 9 cathegories.

Film society meeting after the film.

Wednesday, 9.07

Fill the Void

dir. Rama Burshtein; Israel 2012; runtime: 1:30

Hasids always fascinate us by their difficult to understand ability to combine the orthodox traditions with the requirements of life in the modern Israeli society. Fill the void takes us into the most intimate space of a Hasidic family. This is a picture of the society seen by a young woman who has to choose between the desires of her heart and family duty. A plot as in Jane Austen’s novels but settled in the reality of the orthodox Jews from Tel Aviv. In the world of strict rules and centuries-old tradition.

Film society meeting after the film.

Thursday, 10.07


dir. Haifaa Al-Mansour; Saudi Arabia 2012; runtime: 1:40

The filmmaking is gorgeously subtle, revealing in layer upon layer the underpinnings of a culture without being didactic or formulaic. The Filmmakers Magazine

Wadjda is 10 years old and she lives in Rijada. At school she is regarded as a rebel since she wears sneakers and tries to play with boys. Her biggest dream is a bike. Unfortunately, in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive cars and girls are not supposed to ride a bike. In order to get money for a bike and to convince the grown-ups of her piety Wadjda decides to…

Film society meeting with a traveler Łukasz Kaleta and friends from Azerbaijan after the film.

Friday, 11.07

Life Feels Good

dir. Maciej Pieprzyca; Poland 2013, runtime: 1:47

Inspired by real-life events, moving, radiating with optimism and humor story of a handicapped Mateusz who, despite the difficulties in communicating with exterior world and numerous adversities, proves how much can be achieved with the strength of a human spirit.
As the lead – Dawid Ogrodnik, known from You Are God, who created one of the most unique and moving characters in the Polish cinema of the past years. The film has been qualified for the exclusive selection at the Montreal World Film Festival. It was also nominated for the prestigious Golden Lions at the Gdynia Film Festival.

Film society meeting with the director – Maciej Pieprzyca, producer – Piotr Derewenda and cameraman – Paweł Dyllus after the film.

Saturday, 12.07

The Rocket

dir. Kim Mordaunt; Laos 2013, runtime: 1:36

Laos has been presented as a wrecked country. This is a place suspended between the damages caused by the Americans during the arm conflict and the destruction in the name of progress caused by international concerns. Mordaunt tells the story of people who have modest needs and a little is enough to make them happy. But these are the people who have been most severly afflicted. Their pain and their tragedies mark all the corners of Laos with the bomb crater’s scars.

Film society meeting after the film.

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