Programme-Club Scene 2016


H4, 0.00 – Alternative dance music from jamaica, through jungle, funk, dubstep drills to techno and genres you’ve had no idea existed. At the helm – prominent selectors, the shamans of dance rites.


reggae / dub / world

Dj bass reprodukktor xiądz maken I


The godfather of Polish sound system scene, selector, mc, performer. Usually working as a radio journalist of PR4. Co-creator of Ostróda Reggae Festival. Can be heard in records by Paprika Korps and Brain Damage. Coproducer of releases recorded in Jamaican Tuff Gong studio – „Day by Day” by Rastasize (2008) and „Jamaican Trip” by Star Guard Muffin (2011). Together with Activator he is responsible for the „Dub Out Of Poland” compilation series and Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa remixes – „Wymixowanie”. Maken will present – under the „School of Heavy Dance” slogan – a radical dub-reggae selection of pieces rarely played by other sound systems.

Maken JVSS fot. maken agency wynik


In his sets he presents an unusual fusion of world music and club sounds such as balkan, bossanova, breakbeat, reggae and jazz. The resident of Rury and Vertigo jazz clubs in Wrocław. Since 1997 he helps create SAF, he’s the host of the folk stage parties.


Dj dotyk dźwiękiem

He usually works in Kalambur in Wrocław and in French „Le Portail à Roulettes”. Vinyl collector, regular guest of “Fleszlajt” broadcast of Ram Radio. He has performed at many festivals (Podwodny Wrocław, Przegląd Piosenki Autorskiej, Brave Festival, Przegląd Sztuki Survival). On the Club Stage you’ll hear his balkan- and afrobeat-inspired Drum’n’Bass.

dj dotyk dźwiękiem fot. Maciej Przestalski wynik


mush up night / bounce / hiphop / jungle / dub


Two-time winner of Polish Beatbox Championship, one-man band and the only beatboxer-ventriloquist. Collaborated with many artists such as: Me Myself and I, Kanał Audytywny, Luc, Jamal, Mesajah, and Natural Dread Killaz. In 2011 he released his solo album „Human Beatbox”. This year he will perform on the Club Stage in collaboration with DJ Zap.

zgas zap fot. Kidd wynik

Zap Loopy Monsta
0.00- 6.00

The originator and co-founder of DiGitaL Collective from Głogów. He has been in music for ages and he has a passion for everything that sounds good. This year at SAF he will perform together with a two-time Polish Beatbox Champion, DJ Z.G.A.S. It will be the best mash-up party you have never been to!


Member of the Digital Collective and since 2015 an activist of Wrocławski Drum and Bass formation. He has performed all over Poland with various artists (Zgas, Łona i Webber, Krzyku, One Way, Neil Landstrumm, Cristian Vogel, Alex de Large). For the third time at SAF.


A young gentleman vigorously producing gallant jungles. Though he does not frequent any church, he loves places where you can hear Amen (preferably all night long). For a few years he has been attending all carousals, mastering ceremonies, shaking his head to the rhythm of drumrolls and having a champagne party. Jungle, hardtek a bit of Raggacore.

rifz fot.Anna Savina wynik

0.00- 6.00

Promoter of an Irish website about clubbing [] since 2008. His music is a minimalistic combination of heavy progressive and house sounds.

In 2009 he made his debut as a VJ in Eskulap Club EyeCombatCollective (Poznań). He is a member of AudioLobotomy Collective [Legnica] since 2010 and of Digitall Collective [Głogów] since 2011.


drum’n’bass / jungle


Drum’n’bass activists from the capital of Lower Silesia. Unceasingly active since the late 90s. They perform in clubs all over Poland and abroad, where they visited Outlook, the biggest bass festival of the world. MacBeat and DT also work as editors of the radio broadcast aired every Thursday at 10 PM in Radio Luz in Wrocław. Since 2006 the Subwena’s radio show presens novelties from d&b/jungle world, keeping track of other manifestations of broadly defined bass music. When DT and MacBeat get behind the decks together, you can expect great energy and a selection of pieces from different genres – from classical to modern experiments.

dt macbeat fot. Geometry Productions wynik


DJ, Beatboxer, promoter, creator of the Scream Music company and of The Quiet Killers group. Since 2009 he’s resident of the INQbator club, in which he organizes events from the „Scream Music Presents”, „Dygresja w Szarości” and „Open Decks” series. Krzyku likes to surprise the audience in his sets by playing from deep, classical sounds of Drum’N’Bass through Neurofunk to Hard DNB and HC. Transmitting as much emotions as possible, playing fast mixes on 3 CDJ, combined with Beatbox, which is an inseparable element of his every performance.

krzyku fot.Szept Getta Piotr Nowak wynik


Trip2Space is a music project founded in 2007 in order to promote deep and spatial variants of drum’n’bass. During 9 years of their activity Vexam, Gulek and Palgi have had a chance to present their selection of broken sounds in many Polish cities as well as in PR4. They are also responsible for organization of dozens of events with participation of Polish and foreign producers such as: Redeyes, Dave Owen, LM1, Malaky, Silence Groove, Radicall, Satl.

Trip2Space fot. Geometry Productions wynik

FRIDAY 08.07


My Head Is Duby

The name of the team was taken from a subtitle of the 'My Dub Is Heavy’ broadcast aired on LUZ Radio since 2004 by Wuj, one of the founders of the MHID. MHID was a pioneer in popularization of dubstep in Poland, making their star when hardly anyone had heard about this genre. Thousands of participants attended the events organised by MHID, among them the greatest stars of this genre – Scuba, Reso, Conquest, Silkie, Headhunter, Youngsta, Hatcha, Rob Sparx and many many others. At Slot session we will hear: Vester, Wuj, P500, Q600.

my head is dubby fot. mhid wynik


techno / house

Podaj Kabel

It is a project promoting audio-visual arts, gathering the DJs and VJs from Poland and Czech Republic. They experiment with broadly defined electronic music supported by visual sensations. This year at Slot they will perform in a smaller but still reliable line-up:

KRTL – DJ and promoter from Cieszyn, active since 2006. One of the founders of Podaj Kabel team animating the club stage in Silesia. Originator of the City Vibe project which aims at transferring art from audio-visual space into urban spaces. Organizer of a thousand crazy events, he has had a chance to share stage with the forefront of Polish electronic music. Music appearing in his sets is a deep mixture of house and techno genres.

krtl fot. mateo wynik

Heller – DJ and a music fanatic probably since always. He comes from Cieszyn but lives in Cracow now, where apart from music he creates wooden inscriptions. Co-founder of Podaj Kabel audio-visual collective. Music: deep/tech/funky

Mazubar – Bartłomiej Mazur – a dj from Cieszyn fainated with drone music. Participant and co-creator of several projects, he propagates the idea of pure sounds. Music he plays is: techno, tech-house, deep, nudisco as well as footwork, juke, future bass.

mazubar fot.butlon wynik

Insomnia – Young and promising DJ from Silesia, whose first contact with DJ hardware was at SAF 2014, where he took part in DJ-ing workshops. Since then she supported artists like Kuba Sojka, Dominik Muller or Max Tresher. She represents the Scream Music collectiv at the INQbator, Katowice.


Every year at the club stage DJs are accompanied by VJs with their live-mixed pictures. This year you will see images shined by:

VJ Olila – Creating video material for her is the best way to express her love for music. Music is her greatest inspiration and motivator. VJ-ing frees spontaneity.

Wojtek M. – synaesthesia The relation between picture and sound fascinates him since he learned more about it. When he creates video to music, he simulates this experience and explores it. Thanks to VJ’ing he can do it in real time – he plays with form and content and creates a plot. From the beginning his activity has been connected with „Podaj Kabel” collective.

KiddLucky – Connected with Digital Collective, shines in Eskulap club (Poznań) and others.

Kiddlucky wynik

Dawid O. – Vj Deus aka DOCTOR inDEEvisual He is a social anomaly in which two extreme needs clash: To put blocks in a logical order and to slip the leash of logic. A lover of good picture, poetry and audiobook. He looks for inspiration in nature, in the underground climate of the streets as well as in city geometry and architecture. Connected with Slot since 2001. During his adventure with picture, he has exhibited his skills in many places in the country and abroad.

Dawid O. Vj Deus fot.Barbara Kościańska wynik

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