Programme-Experiential Stage 2013

The Experiential Stage is something that happens only late at night in the ArtCathedral. This year, every night, incredibly talented young artists will present their music. They will transport us to the world of amazing sound in which we will experience unusual impressions and great chemistry. Unique music in a unique place. The Cathedral ? Midnight ? Experience.


Nextpop publishing is partnering with this stage.





A must see! 9 July, 12am, Experiential Stage

Hania Malarowska – voice, acoustic guitar
Asia Komorowska – violin, voice
Mateusz Szemraj – guitars
Denis Dubiella ? bass guitar
Wojtek Lubertowicz ? percussion

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Kasia Golomska and Kamil Durski form an amazing duet which embraces deeply rooted American folk music.

Their debut single ?Youth? was noticed by American radio KEXP and the British magazine, NME.

LILY HATES ROSES was recognized in the second edition of the Make More Music competition. Their original sound and charismatic voice pulls us into another world. Soon, they will be coming out with their first album.

Reserve it: 10 July, 12am, Experiential Stage





The band of a Dutch singer and guitarist, Olivier Heim, also known as 1/3 of the acclaimed group Tr?s.b. After independently releasing the album ?The Eternal Now? in 2012, ANTHONY CHORALE evolved into a three-person band with a new CD, ?Ambitions of the Son?. The new material brought together the voice and guitar of Olivier Heim with Karolina Rec?s cello and zithers and Thomas Pettit?s percussion. This group?s music creates a rich atmosphere in which the delicate interactions of the intstruments are filled in with Heim?s moving vocals.

Listen: 11 July, 12am, Experiential Stage


Olivier Heim ? voice, guitar

Karolina Rec ? cello, zither

Thomas Pettit ? percussion




Anthony Chorale

fot. Maciek Agrasiński


An exceptional young artist and excelent guitarist. He studies classical guitar at a well-known school in Poznan, and is the first person to simultaneously be both a student and a teacher there. His debut this year was noted by musicians and journalists alike. His first album, ?At Glade? is due to be released in June by the NEXTPOP Songwriters? Label. In describing his own music, Fismoll says ?the sounds are not there to inhibit, but to be missed?.

Mandatory program: July 12, 12am, Experiential Stage

Fismoll ? voice, guitar

Kacper Budziszewski ? guitar, guitalele

Joanna Glensk ? cello, voice

Kristine Harutyunyan ? violin

Robert Amirian ? guitar, bass, voice, elektronica



fismoll 2

The musicians will be accompanied by the group WOOOM.

Fascinated with what happens when the digital and analog worlds collide, they attempt to widen reality using their tools and technology. They are inspired by the world of architecture, dance, and poetry, to create visuals using elements of mapping, design stage sets and interactive instalations.


Jakub Guzik, Marcin Michalak, Jędrzej Guzik i Jakub Michalak





Plejs grew out of a heart-felt need. Excellent musicians Barbara Włodarska-Fabisiak (soloist with TGD, New Life?m), Joanna Gajda (pianist with Billy Harperem, Urszulą Dudziak, Natalią Przybysz, Maciejem Sikałą) and bassist Piotr Nosal (has played with Mikromusic, Natalią Lubrano, Piotrem Baronem, TGD) form the band. Their passion is to take old songs, dust them off and give them a new soul-funk life. David Fabisiak on violin and Michał Piotrowski on drums will join them at SAF.

Come enjoy July 13 at midnight on the Experiential Stage



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