Programme-Experiential Stage 2014

EXPERIENTIAL STAGE Art Cathedral, location 28 ; 0:30

Experimental Stage is something, which may occur only late at night in ArtCathedral. It is here that every night musicians transfer us into an unrepeatable world of sounds, in which we will experience extraordinary sensations and good chemistry. Between experiment, jazz, classical and improvisation. Unique music in an unique place. Cathedral ? Midnight ? Experience.

Tuesday, 8 July


This great and sought-after accordionist, sometimes visiting Poland, will open with his concert the Experimental Stage of SAF2014! He is not only an exceptional instrumentalist, specializing in Argentinian tango and contemporary music, but also a composer and musician, who eagerly improvises and feels great in the whole musical spectrum. He is a musical director of Oslo theatre, gives concerts and record all over the world. In Poland he is known for taking part in such projects as Solidarity of Arts or Karuzela (carousel), collaborates with the World Orchestra.



Wednesday, 9 July


Grzech Piotrowski – saxophonist , producer , publisher, composer, laureate of many prestigious prizes. Performs with leading names on the world?s jazz and light music scenes. He balances on the edge of jazz, folk, nu impressionism and film music, he draws from Polish tradition, eastern and Balkan folklore and classics. He initiated creation of such bands as among others: Oxen, Freedom Nation, Alchemik (alchemist) and currently the most important, international project: World Orchestra ? musical travel full of space, subtle emotions and magic.
Sebastian Wypych is a double bass player, performing all over the world as a soloist, chamber and orchestra musician. He is a founder and an artistic director of THE NEW ART ENSEMBLE, co-founder of TANGATA QUINTET, lecturer at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk and the Musical university in Warsaw. He collaborated among others with such celebrities as Joshua Bell, Zubin Mehta, Misha Mayski, Roby Lakatos, Sinfonia Varsovia. He also takes part in the World Orchestra project.
During the concert night in ArtCathedral on the Experimental Stage both musicians will take us into the magical world of space and sounds.
Attention! Chosen participants of the workshops lead by the musicians as a part of SAF on 9 July will be invited to take part in the concert. All willing are welcome!



Thursday, 10 July


Blackberry Hill presents music from the borders of Indie and Folk. They create in solitude, confronting ideas. They combine elements fitting together, lyrics with melody, music with image. They value authenticity and simplicity of melodies. Exquisite characteristics of the project are the images, closely connected with lyrics and atmosphere of the piece, constituting a bridge between the world of sound and the world of image. Their debut EP Silence Speaks For me recorded in 2013 proposes simple arrangements, coloured here and there with electronic sounds. The band?s concerts are out-of-ordinary occurrences, creating a completely new world of imagination, atmospheric place far away from commercial turmoil. At night at Experimental Stage that music will sound outstandingly! Blackberry Hill are: Małgorzata Żwikiewicz ? vocals, lyrics, graphics,
Paweł Wiśniewski ? guitar, piano, compositions, Marta Wierzbiańska ? cello,
Piotr „Pepek” Szczepańczyk ? fretless bass, Wojtek Szachnowski ? percussions

Bleckberry Hill 0 

Friday, 11 July


BUSLAV (Tomasz Busławski) was until lately widely known only as great saxophonist, for years collaborating with many artists and projects in the country and abroad (among them Marika, Mieczysław Szcześniak, TGD, Team Horn Selection NYC, Derrick McKenzie ? Jamiroquai).
From his search for his own unique means of expression a new, original project was born, which is a fusion of everything, he has fed on for years. Excellent, heart and imagination moving vocal-instrumental project, revealing everything which music should be: truth about us ourselves.
Soon the world will see the first album and meanwhile on Experimental Stage he will be accompanied by equally great instrumentalists: Paweł Bzim Zarecki on keyboard instruments and Marcin Ułan Ułanowski on drums.

Saturday, 12 July


Klara is a young and talented composer, instrumentalist and songwriter. She debuted with an original album Away (2012) released by Polish Radio. The producer of the material was Artur Gadowski (IRA). The artist chooses minimalism and delicate melodic lines, at the same time not trying to escape graceful refrains. So far the most important live performances were a concert in the Agnieszka Osiecka Music Studio of Polish Radio broadcasted live and performing at TOPTrendy Festival in Sopot in May 2014.
Marek Niedźwiecki has written about Klara: Delicate, cute, lyrical, phenomenal, acoustic, ephemeral, feminine. Sings about herself being a witch. I however think, she is an enchantress. She has a beautiful and real sadness in her voice, but also the joy of youth? An exceptional artist is being born on our music market.

Klara online:

?Enchanted? single:

A concert for Polish Radio:

KLARA, fot Ewelina Durma, scena doswiadcz

KLARA, fot KAWKA, scena doswiadcz

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